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Disability Camps Publications

Summer Camps Promote Altruism in Children
Research team shows how participating in summer camps helps develop valuable socio-emotional skills in children.
Publish Date: 2022/11/08 - Updated: 2023/01/04

See the Future: Summer Programs From Lighthouse for the Blind, Saint Louis
Lighthouse for the Blind-Saint Louis See the Future programs are provided at little or no cost and are open to blind and visually impaired residents in Missouri and southwest Illinois (Announcement / Notification).
Publish Date: 2018/06/14 - Updated: 2023/09/11

Summer Camps Take Action to Protect Children from Tick Bites and Lyme Disease
This summer Global Lyme Alliance and Ivy Oaks Analytics implement tick prevention program to more than 100 summer camps (Announcement / Notification).
Publish Date: 2018/05/01 - Updated: 2023/10/01

OHEL Diverse Programs for Children and Adults with Disabilities
OHEL programs, diverse camps, and activities provide fun, inspiration, and personal growth for us all.
Publish Date: 2017/10/20

Camp Inspire for Ventilator-dependent Children
The Woodlands Camp Inspire is a camp specifically for ventilator-dependent children from July 16 to 21, 2017.
Publish Date: 2017/07/07

Camp Little Giant Now Accepting 2017 Registrations
Camp Little Giant therapeutic recreation camp offers children and adults of varying abilities and disabilities a great summer camp experience.
Publish Date: 2017/03/02

Special Needs Summer Camp - Who is Teaching Who?
At summer camp special needs students teach us about the important things, innovation, persistence, courage to overcome obstacles, joy, laughter, patience and compassion.
Publish Date: 2016/05/03

Camp Little Giant Registrations Now Open
Camp Little Giant summer camp for children and adults of varying abilities and disabilities is now accepting registrations.
Publish Date: 2016/04/15

Easter Seals Summer Camps for Kids with Disability
Easter Seals offer transformative programs and services at the local level, the best known of which are Easter Seals camp programs.
Publish Date: 2016/03/04

Camp Hooray: Fully Accessible Camp for Kids with Disability
Camp Hooray to be first-of-its-kind, fully accessible overnight camp for children and young adults with developmental disabilities.
Publish Date: 2015/12/21

Lilly Diabetes Donates to Diabetes Camp Scholarships
Lilly Diabetes supports American Diabetes Association summer camp program by donating $92,000 for camp scholarships.
Publish Date: 2015/02/03 - Updated: 2023/04/18

Expanded Camp Royall for Autism Society of North Carolina
Camp Royall offering more day camp spots in 2015 so more individuals with autism can enjoy the life-changing experience of summer camp.
Publish Date: 2015/01/12

Scoliosis Summer Camp
Scoliosis 5 day early stage scoliosis intervention summer camp for patients with spinal curvature under 25 degrees and 10 day Scoliosis Boot Camp program for patients with curvature of the spine over 25 degrees.
Publish Date: 2012/03/11

Facing Fears to Send Children with Disabilities to Camp
The focus of these programs is to foster independence self confidence and create access to recreational opportunities for children with disabilities.
Publish Date: 2011/08/26 - Updated: 2018/08/13

International Summer Camp for Deaf Children
International Teens Week for young cochlear implant users organized by The Ear Foundation.
Publish Date: 2011/08/12

Summer Camp Fun for Kids With Epilepsy
Children with epilepsy in Florida are packing their bags for summer camp fun thanks to the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida.
Publish Date: 2011/06/10

Camp Lighthouse: Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind
Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind Camp Lighthouse for children 6 - 12 who are blind or visually impaired.
Publish Date: 2011/06/06 - Updated: 2022/03/14

Climbing for Deaf Children
Sixty climbers set off from Heathrow Airport at the end of January for what was to be a life-changing experience.
Publish Date: 2011/05/13 - Updated: 2022/04/04

Summer Day Camps for Children with Special Needs
Innovative Summer Day Camps for Children With Autism Aspergers and Other Special Needs.
Publish Date: 2010/07/22 - Updated: 2017/03/02

Easter Seals Coastal Fairfield County Celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Camp Hemlocks
Camp Hemlocks summer camp for children and adults with disabilities and special needs.
Publish Date: 2010/07/21

Surf Camp for Children with Autism - Disability Camps
The autism camp is one day and free the organization provides lunch to all that participate.
Publish Date: 2010/07/09

Prevent Common Illnesses at Summer Camp
Ten Steps to Help Prevent Common Illnesses at Summer Camp as Educating your camper is always important especially for sports camp.
Publish Date: 2010/06/07 - Updated: 2010/07/14

Meningitis Vaccinations Recommended for Children At Summer Camps
VNA is stressing the importance of vaccinating children for meningitis prior to their participation in summer camps.
Publish Date: 2010/05/31 - Updated: 2022/08/07

Asperger's and Autism Summer Camps Opens for Kids with Special Needs - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Horizons Center 2010 Summer Camps for Kids with Special Needs schedule.
Publish Date: 2010/05/09 - Updated: 2017/12/24

Special Needs Camps Complement Home and School
Special Needs Camps Serve as Important Complement to Home and School.
Publish Date: 2010/04/04

Bike Camp for Kids with Disabilities
Lose The Training Wheels teaches kids with disabilities to ride a two wheel bicycle and become lifelong independent riders.
Publish Date: 2009/04/17 - Updated: 2016/04/15

Camp Winston - Camps for Disabled - Ontario Canada
Camp Winston exists for kids with complex neurological disorders who need highly specialized support to be successful at camp.
Publish Date: 2009/02/04 - Updated: 2015/01/12

Quests Camp Thunderbird Florida
Since 1969, Quest's Camp Thunderbird has been dedicated to providing recreational programs for adults with developmental disabilities.
Publish Date: 2009/02/04 - Updated: 2020/04/06

Camp Oakhurst - Camps for Disabled - New York
Camp Oakhurst operated by the New York Service for the Handicapped serves children and adults with physical disabilities.
Publish Date: 2009/02/04 - Updated: 2015/01/12

Camp Summit - Camps for Disabled - Dallas Texas
Camp Summit provides barrier-free outdoor experiences that promote personal growth and foster independence for children and adults with disabilities.
Publish Date: 2009/02/04 - Updated: 2015/01/12

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