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Modern Drummer Joins Pat Gesualdo for Groundbreaking Disability Column

  • Synopsis: Published: 2009-12-13 (Revised/Updated 2013-08-01) - Monthly column based on Gesualdos recent breakthrough Drum Therapy techniques. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Modern Drummer at DAD World Headquarters at 973-725-5150.

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Quote: "This venture will help even more Doctors, Parents, Teachers, and Drum Instructors to implement the techniques of Drum Therapy."

Modern Drummer, the world's most popular drum magazine, has joined forces with award winning drum virtuoso/Drum Therapy pioneer Pat Gesualdo. The venture will feature a monthly column based on Gesualdo's recent breakthrough Drum Therapy techniques.

Numerous Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Teachers, Drum Instructors, Behavioral Therapists, and Physical Therapists throughout the world use Gesualdo's breakthrough Drum Therapy® techniques, to help Autistic and Special Needs children develop vocal communication, retention, coordination, and physical and cognitive functioning. Drum Therapy® is brought to schools, hospitals, and community centers on a Global basis via Gesualdo's non-profit organization DAD (Drums and Disabilities).

"We at Modern Drummer magazine are thrilled to be working with Pat Gesualdo on this new series," says Modern Drummer magazine editorial director Adam Budofsky. "The DAD Program is unique, but more importantly, it's effective, and we believe there's a significant number of drummers and drum instructors who will find great inspiration and useful information in these articles."

"It is a great honor to join forces with Modern Drummer," says Pat Gesualdo. "This venture will help even more Doctors, Parents, Teachers, and Drum Instructors to implement the techniques of Drum Therapy.® As a result, even more special needs children and adults will be able fight the effects of disabilities, via the drumming art form."

About Modern Drummer

Modern Drummer is the oldest and most highly regarded international publication for drummers. Since its debut in 1977, it has been known as "the drummer's bible" and has featured every major drumming figure of modern times within its pages. Modern Drummer Publications is also known the world over for producing the Modern Drummer Festival, the most prestigious event of its kind on the planet as well many historic drum tutorials, such as Joe Morello's Master Studies, Gary Chester's The New Breed, and The Drummer, the first full-color, hardcover publication to tell the full tale of the modern drum-set masters.

About Pat Gesualdo

Pat Gesualdo is an award winning drum virtuoso-author-clinician, and the pioneer of Drum Therapy.® He has performed and recorded for various Columbia, Warner Brothers, Atlantic, RCA, and Paramount Pictures artists and special projects, and was nominated to Who's Who In America.

Gesualdo, who beat his own severe battle with a disability, is the Founder/CEO of the celebrated non-profit organization DAD (Drums and Disabilities). DAD is the first and only organization legally allowed to offer training and certification in Drum Therapy.®

Numerous celebrities, sports stars, politicians and fortune 500 companies have joined forces with Gesualdo and his DAD Program. Some include Senator Anthony Bucco, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Administration, the NY Giants, the WWE Superstars, the NJ Nets, Borders Books, Pepsi-Cola, the Morris County Park Police, The New Jersey Department of Education, Hasbro Toys, Zildjian Cymbals, Fuse Marketing, Sony Music Entertainment, Live Nation, Autism Speaks, and Modern Drummer Magazine, among others. Gesualdo is an artist/clinician for Vater Percussion and Zildjian Cymbals, and is the Author of "The Art of Drum Therapy.®

For more information please contact, DAD World Headquarters at 973-725-5150, or

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