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Free Fun Online Jake Cribbage Game with Great Graphics, Sound, and Voice

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Published: 2010/11/14 - Updated: 2024/02/25
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Synopsis: Fun free online Cribbage game with great graphics, sound, and voice where you play against Jake the computer Crib player. Cribbage or crib, is a card game traditionally for two players, but commonly played with three, four or more players, that involves playing and grouping cards in combinations which gain points. Our Cribbage game is mobile-friendly and playable on both computers and mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, and Android platforms.


Cribbage Jake is BACK!

Our online Jake Cribbage game is back online! Featuring great graphics, sound, and voice where you play against "Jake" the computer Crib player. The game below is for single person play against "Jake", your computer opponent. The game is totally free to play, family friendly, and suitable for all ages from children wishing to learn cribbage, to experienced adult cribbage players.

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Play a Game of Cribbage Against Jake

NOTE: If the game is not showing, click the big orange "play" arrow below to load the game.

Jake is an excellent Crib player, though the scoundrel has been known to cheat due to some programming errors beyond our control - as we are not the original programmers of the game. We have had players tell us the game is too hard and should be replaced. On the other hand, we have players contact us saying the game is "perfect" as it is, and "leave it alone", and "it's a great game for teaching the rules and play of Cribbage".

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How to Play Cribbage (Crib)

Scoring Rules for Cribbage
Typical cribbage scoring wooden pegboard.

The game of Cribbage can end at either 121 points or 61 points. The play ends the moment one player reaches the agreed total, whether by pegging or counting his/her hand. If a non-dealer "goes out" by the count of his/her hand, the game immediately ends and the dealer may not score either his/her hand or the crib. When play ends, the hands are counted in this order: non-dealer's hand(s) (1st), dealer's hand (2nd), and then the crib (3rd). Cribbage Scoring Combinations: Crib scores between 0 and 29 are all possible - except for 19, 25, 26 and 27.

Points Earned
CardsDuring PlayHand or Crib
Jack turned by dealer as starter card 2 -
Jack in hand or crib of same suit as starter card - 1
2 of a Kind (Pair) 2 2
3 of a Kind (Triple) 6 6
4 of a Kind (Quadruple) 12 12
Straights of 3 or more cards: per card 1 1
15-count (sum of any combination of cards) - 2
4 card flush (only in the hand) - 4
5 card flush - 5
Reaching a 15 count exactly 2 -
Reaching 31 count exactly 2 -
Go (without reaching 31 count) 1 -
Final card played (without reaching 31 count) 1 -
What the Cribbage Terms Mean
Crib 4 cards (2 from each player) set aside for the dealer to score after the dealer's hand
Cut card (1) The starter card or (2) the card cut by either player at the start of the game or match to determine the dealer
Flush 4 cards of the same suit held in the hand count 4 points - 5 cards of the same suit (including starter card) count 5 points in the hand or crib
Game hole Hole number 121
Go Called by a player who cannot play a card without exceeding the cumulative count of 31 - the opponent scores 1 point - 2 points if reaching exactly 31
Hand The 6 cards dealt to each player - or the 4 cards remaining after discarding to the crib
His Heels (Nibs) Jack, when it is the starter card, counts two points for the dealer
His Nobs Jack of the same suit as the starter card, either in the hand or crib, counts as 1 point
Judge A person authorized by the ACC or the tournament director to answer questions and settle disagreements between players relating to the rules of play
Match 1 or more games between 2 players, the outcome of which is a match winner and a match loser. The play of one or more games between two players during tournament qualification, play, does not constitute a match.
  • 1 - A small marker that fits into the holes of a cribbage board and is used for scoring.
  • 2 - To record a score by advancing the rear peg in front of the front peg.
Pegging The recording of scored points by advancing the rear peg in front of the front peg and releasing it.
Score Any points earned by a player.
Skunk To win by 31 or more points.
Double Skunk To win by 61 or more points
Starter card The card that is cut and placed on the remainder of the pack and is used in counting the value of each hand and the crib.
Stink hole Hole number 120 - which is one short of the game hole.

Cribbage board card game with Jake screenshot.

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