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Disability Hunting Information for the Disabled

  • Published: 2009-04-07 (Revised/Updated 2010-07-13) : Author: Disabled World
  • Synopsis: Information on hunting with a disability including locations to hunt and obtaining hunting permits.

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People with disabilities are involved in many areas of recreation, including hunting.

Each year there are more people with disabilities enjoying nature. Government; on Federal, State and local levels, is providing easier access to thousands of acres of trails, parks and wilderness areas. There are organizations and clubs with programs for persons with disabilities who want to participate in hunting activities. A number of volunteers donate many thousands of hours each year so that others can enjoy areas that were once thought to be unreachable.

The Missouri White Tails

One organization for people with disabilities who are involved in hunting is Rick is a member of their team, and is an accomplished hunter, as well as an avid outdoors-man. Rick has an extensive knowledge of the sport and is passionate about inspiring other people with disabilities to extend their lives through getting back to nature. Rick, who has adopted the nickname, 'Chairman,' is a moderator of the organizations, 'Hunting with a Disability,' topic on the organization's forum where there is a lot of good information available and people to interact with. You can find Missouri White-Tails at:

The Physically Challenged Bow-hunters of America (PCBA)

The Physically Challenged Bow-hunters of America is a nonprofit organization that was founded to help persons with disabilities who want to participate in bow-hunting training confessions. The UN has called for the abolition of this system and compliance by Japan with internbow-hunting or archery. They invite people with physical disabilities who want to participate to join. The PCBA provides newly injured and inexperienced sports-persons with information and services through its organization and members, demonstrating how to shoot a bow and hunt, regardless of a person's impairment.

The PCBA also serves as a national clearinghouse on the opportunities, techniques, and adaptive equipment for archers with disabilities. They provide information to individuals, organizations, manufacturers, and archery dealers at no charge upon request. The PCBA promotes fellowship through promoted social events and hunting opportunities. They continuously seek the assistance of manufacturers, hunting and archery organizations, as well as from experienced hunters, so that they can work together in order to improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities through bow-hunting. The PCBA works with rehabilitation facilities and hospitals and the people who work in these institutions in order to introduce bow-hunting in a positive manner. You can visit the Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America website at:

The United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania

Another organization serving people with disabilities interested in hunting is the United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania's Disabled Hunters Program. Ernie Kramer began the idea for The United Bowhunters in 1999 and presented his idea to the UBP leadership, gaining approval to move forward with it. He was encouraged by David Sullivan of Buckmasters Disabled Hunter Services, and they agreed to supply a hunt if Ernie could raise the funding required for the transportation. The Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America (PCBA) ( and Buckmasters ( provided the applications for the first year, each year the program grew, and before too long a dedicated committee was created. Every year the United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania has a fundraising banquet which has become one of the premiere sportsmen events in the area, commonly selling out each year. You can find the United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania at:

The South Dakota Department of Game, Fish & Parks

The South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks has purchased various tracts, referred to as, 'Game Production Areas (GPA's),' across the state which are open to public access for both hunting and wildlife viewing. Four of these GPA's have been designed and modified as areas for individuals qualifying as, 'hunters or outdoor enthusiasts with disabilities.' These areas include:

Badger GPA (1,160 acres) in Lawrence County near Spearfish. This area is located 3 miles west and 2 miles south of Spearfish. Outdoor enthusiasts may enjoy the areas scenic beauty and seek deer, elk, and turkey.

Carpenter GPA (1,209 acres) in Lyman County near Chamberlain. This area is adjacent to the Missouri River (Lake Francis Case) 1 mile west, 1 mile south, 2 1/2 miles west, and 3 miles south of Oacoma. The area has a combination of row crops, grassland, shelter-belts, and river breaks. Outdoor enthusiasts may enjoy the areas scenic beauty and seek deer, pheasants, grouse, and coyotes.

Long Lake GPA (358 acres) in Jerauld County, near Wessington Springs. This area is located 7 miles west and 6 miles north of Wessington Springs. Outdoor enthusiasts may seek deer and waterfowl.

Mydland Pass (Lynn Lake) GPA (1,470 acres) in Day County near Webster. This area is located 9 miles west and 2 miles north of Roslyn. Outdoor enthusiasts will be able to view a great variety of waterfowl, shorebirds, and song birds during their yearly migration periods. Hunters may seek deer and waterfowl in the area. If you would be interested in fishing, the lake is known for its crappie and walleye fishery.

These four designated, disabled access areas permit access with all-terrain vehicles (ATV's), or other vehicles on designated trails and roads for persons with a disabled hunter permit. The trails have been selected for ease of access, adequate pull-off areas, and they are located in areas where a person is more likely to have an opportunity to view a number of wildlife species. Hunters in these areas are responsible for judging their own access abilities.

The South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks department also has a unit for the West River firearms deer season, Unit 358D - Stanley County in central South Dakota, for persons with disabilities who use wheelchairs. The hunt takes place on a specified weekend in November. The department allows successful applicants to hunts with volunteers from blinds in a forested area below the Oahe Dam. You can download an application for this hunt at: The application deadline is the first Friday in August. You can visit the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks website at:

For many people with disabilities, the opportunity to either become involved in hunting or remain involved is one that is not only recreational, it is one that builds bonds between friends and allows for contact with the natural environment. The social events surrounding disability hunting help to build community and establish friendships as well. To many people with disabilities, hunting is much more than just a sport.

Disable Hunt S.A.

The mission of Disable Hunt S.A. ( is to identify farms that are disabled friendly and assist these game farm owners in order for them to make their farms more user friendly to people with disabilities & special needs.

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