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Powerfish'n Hybrid Electric Reel for Anglers with Disabilities

Published: 2012-02-16 - Updated: 2019-05-16
Author: Rock Island Equipment Company | Contact:

Synopsis: Powerfishn Hybrid manual and electric fishing reel suitable for anglers of all ages with disabilities makes reeling in fish easier.

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Introducing the Amazing Powerfish'n Hybrid Reel. It helps Anglers of all ages with Disabilities catch The Big Ones.


Like all anglers, every one of the millions of fishing enthusiasts with disabilities has strong opinions - on the best places to fish, the best equipment to use, the most effective lures and techniques, the best types of fish to catch, even the best times of day to fish. But one thing they can all agree on is the benefit of having choices. Now there's a new choice that makes "catching the big one" even more enjoyable and less tiring: manual or motorized. Anglers of all ages with disabilities are choosing the remarkable new hybrid fishing reel that gives them that choice.

The PowerFish'n Pro from Rock Island Equipment Company is the first in a new line of remarkable hybrid reels for fresh water fishing.

The PowerFish'n Pro features a traditional Shakespeare spinning reel fitted with a strong, quiet, electric motor to enhance the fishing experience. It gives users the choice between manually hand-cranking the line in or retrieving it automatically with the touch of a switch. Users can now fish longer without getting arm or shoulder fatigue, have more options and techniques for trolling, bass fishing, ice fishing and generally enjoy their fishing experience even more.

Nationally recognized angler John Fox, Fishing Hall of Famer, winner of Ten World and National Bass Fishing Championships and popular host of the TV series The Senior Outdoorsman, uses the Powerfish'n Hybrid Fishing Reel to catch up to 13.5 pound bass and catfish. He says "This incredible spinning reel performs flawlessly and is a "MUST HAVE for all disabled fishermen."

In addition to being able to conveniently purchase the PowerFish'n reel, visitors to are also able to get daily Fishing Almanac information, learn to tie various knots, see detailed Fish of the Day information and study a comprehensive Fishopedia.

The site also features a video demonstration of the Powerfish'n hybrid reel along with links to environmental organizations and some of America's best charter fishing boats.


Powerfish'n Hybrid Electric Fishing Reel
Powerfish'n Hybrid Electric Fishing Reel

The Powerfish'n Reel Features

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