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Wheelchair Accessible Container Farm

  • Published: 2016-04-04 (Revised/Updated 2017-12-24) : Author: Indoor Farms of America : Contact:
  • Synopsis: Container Farm specially designed to be fully operated by a person in a wheelchair.

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"Working in one of our farms is a pleasing experience, being around the plants is simply really satisfying, whether disabled or not, says Martin."

Indoor Farms of America announces wheelchair accessible container farm - discounts for veterans...

Indoor Farms of America, maker of patented indoor agricultural equipment showcasing high density vertical aeroponic growing, is pleased to announce the arrival of a new farm model to their product line, a state of the art Container Farm specially designed to be fully operated by a person in a wheelchair, bringing an amazing work experience to a population that can now enjoy the fulfillment of operating a vegetable farm that can produce a substantial income virtually anywhere.

"This farm, at a capacity of 4,550 plants, has higher yield potential than any other container farm, using our unique vertical equipment, which we have customized to be operated 100% from the position of a wheelchair. Every task, from daily record keeping, farm monitoring, seedling tray preparation, transplanting and harvesting, every aspect is operable by a disabled person who still has the use of their arms and hands, with certain tools we use in the farm," states David Martin, co-founder and CEO of Indoor Farms of America, LLC.

"With the ability to grow many varieties of leafy greens, peppers and other items, this farm will satisfy a growing number of folks seeking to be involved in providing natural, healthy locally grown food for sale in their communities," says Ron Evans, co-founder and President.

"Working in one of our farms is a pleasing experience, being around the plants is simply really satisfying, whether disabled or not," says Martin. The company is finalizing designs for an automated feature that will make the farm even easier to operate, and will announce production readiness on this feature soon, according to Martin.

Wheelchair Accessible Container Farm From Indoor Farms of America (Image Credit: Farms of America)
About This Image: Wheelchair Accessible Container Farm From Indoor Farms of America (Image Credit: Farms of America)

Martin added that "with this new design, we are excited to announce special lower pricing for Veterans and other people in the public service sector, as well as students. We want to give a bit back, and if we can make it easier to own and operate one of our small farms for veterans, police, fire fighters, those who are currently active military with a family back home that can operate a farm, and students who may consider indoor farming as a career, well, we want to do that." The company website has details on the discounts available to these groups who have given so much to all of us, and who are the future of our nation. "We know there is a lack of young people coming into farming, we want to encourage them to look into this form of sustainable agriculture that uses many areas of technology to function, something they definitely are interested in."

"This is a means of bringing more high quality local food production right into the hands of the community, anywhere, all year long," says Evans.

The company is exhibiting the unique patented vertical farm equipment this week on April 5th and 6th at the major industry show in Las Vegas, called Indoor AgCon, being held at the Convention Center.

For those that would like to see this innovative equipment first hand, the show is a great way to do that, or book an appointment with the company to visit and tour their demonstration farm and showroom, located near the Las Vegas Strip.


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