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Scrapbooking Ideas

  • Published: 2008-12-30 (Revised/Updated 2017-12-24) : Author: Liza Arwati
  • Synopsis: Scrapbooking has become one of the most popular hobbies around and is an excellent pastime for people with disabilities.

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Scrapbooking has become one of the most popular hobbies around and is an excellent pastime for people with disabilities.

For people who are still looking for a scrapbooking idea, here are different types of scrapbook themes that will surely interest people into getting started.

1. Portrait photograph album

This is a modification of the good old school album theme. This is best for people who are in the habit of having portrait packages taken. Extra photos can be utilized to make the album look special. Select a large-sized album and try to keep the decorating simple. Along with basic journal entries, you only need stickers to enhance the appearance of its page. One great tip: Pocket pages can be created in the back of the album to keep duplicate pictures.

2. Recipe album

Here is a scrapbook theme for those who wish to have their recipes organized. First, go through the collection of recipes and eliminate those that aren't needed anymore. A simple way to create the scrapbook is to sort the recipes by food category, in alphabetical order, then attach them using a ring binder. To add a nice touch, index the recipes then type them using the computer, then attach it to the front or back of the book.

3. Special events scrapbook

Keep memories alive by chronicling them into a scrapbook. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and engagements can be the subject of the book. Aside from the photos, memorabilias used for the event such as place cards, invitations or even napkins can be included.

4. Travel scrapbook

When on a vacation, stock up on all the memorabilia available, and of course, that means lots of photos. You should snap pictures every chance available, of landmarks, signposts, and the hotel room. Past trips can still be made into a scrapbook, by simply gathering all photos that are still available and making them into a great album.

5. Heritage photo scrapbook

This book consists of old black and white or sepia photographs that are attached on some photographer's cards. Extreme care should be exercised to remove and paste the photos since they could be damaged, given their age.

6. Kids' scrapbook

This is the perfect scrapbook for doting moms and dads. Let the children have duplicates of their photos and let them work on the book, using their own design. This will enable them to explore and develop their own creativity. Later on, when they get older, they will cherish this scrapbook because of all the memories stored.

Vacations and out-of-town trips provide opportunities to take photos.

Aside from these, everyone has to deal with birthday celebrations, wedding anniversaries, Halloween parties and Thanksgiving get togethers. After all the festivities, most people are left with stacks of photographs and memories tucked away in the attic to be organized later.

Due to the popularity of scrapbooking, many people have taken up the hobby as a way to preserve their memories. While some go order ready-made custom designs from the internet, most have taken the DIY or do-it-yourself route, which is more fulfilling.

There are thousands of websites that offer ready-made materials for your scrapbook. DIY scrapbook enthusiasts prefer creating decorations from scratch. This way, they are sure that the designs for their scrapbooks are unique and personal.

While some DIY-ers create designs from normal colored paper, tape and markers, some take it a step further by using natural material such as leaves, dried and pressed flowers, rocks, wire, egg shells, and the like.

Though you are only limited by your creativity when designing your personal diary, there are some considerations for the diarist who prefers to preserve his memories using photographs.

1. Use acid-free, PVC-free and photo-safe paper

Many companies put "acid-free" on the label to indicate that it can be used to for a scrapbook. Paper that is not acid-free fade fast, and may not be safe to be used with photographs. Acid can lead to the yellowing and deterioration of photographs.

2. You can print straight from the computer

Those who are not too confident of their designing skills can use their PCs to design their layouts, but it is important to note that not all printers can be used to print the designs. Non-laser printers use ink that is water-soluble, which may bleed into the paper. It is therefore advised that you use laser or ink-jet printers in printing custom designs, or to use printers sparingly to minimize deterioration of scrapbook pages.

3. Use of materials which are not photo-safe

Again, while there is no cut-and-dried rule regarding the use of materials which aren't photo-safe, it is advised that they be used sparingly. There is an invention called an Archival Spray, though, that will let anyone create photo-safe and acid-free decorations for scrapbooks. It is inexpensive and works like a spray laminate. The Archival Spray is useful if you wants to include brochures, menus, and tickets in the layout.

Font-free scrapbooking

A font is described as a digital typeface. Therefore it follows that font-free scrapbooking is creating a scrapbook without the use of a computer.

It is relatively easy to create a scrapbook page using downloaded and printed fonts, but it would be more personal and unique to write journal-style entries for your scrapbook. There are some who aren't confident with their penmanship, though, but with the popularity of scrapbooking, they can now choose from wide selection of templates and stickers to create great-looking pages.

There are four basic items that a scrapbooker can use if he or she wishes to do a font-free scrapbook.

1. Templates

You can choose from several variations of alphabet templates. They are available in different sizes, and you just need to select the most appropriate template for your scrapbook. Once you have selected a theme, you can layout the page first and trace the letters from the template using a pencil. After making sure that you have created a good layout, you can then use a marker with archival quality ink to trace the letters permanently.

2. Stickers

There are several companies that produce letter stickers that you can use for the scrapbook. Some companies create sets of words for theme pages, such as "It's my birthday," or "Graduation day," for the more common themes. All you have to do is select the design to match the theme in mind and stick the labels in the appropriate places. It should be mentioned though that not all companies produce acid-free stickers, so you should check the label for "acid-free."

3. Stamps

Stamps are created in a variety of designs. Most stamps also use archival-quality ink in different colors. You need to make sure that you are using acid-free paper for the photos and the stamp designs, because even if you are using scrapbook-safe ink, the paper may easily deteriorate and become brittle if it is not photo-safe or acid-free.

4. Die-cut designs

Similar to stickers, die-cut designs are glued onto the scrapbook page. There are several die-cut designs available online. The designs are printed on thin sheets of paper, plastic, or thin rubber matting, and you only need to cut the design and paste it onto the scrapbook page.

While these materials are easily available online and at various arts & crafts stores nationwide, you can also "go commando" and write your entries using markers or special pens to make your scrapbooks more special.

Scrapbooking is a great hobby for all people, not just the disabled, because these books holds stuff and information that is a part of a people's lives.

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