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Published: 2009/01/07 - Updated: 2019/05/19
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Synopsis: Information regarding disability fishing locations and clubs in the United Kingdom including Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. There are a number of organizations worldwide that promote angling for disabled people. Wheelyboats provide their disabled users with the dignity of their own independence...


This article takes a look at disability fishing locations and clubs in the United Kingdom.

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Today there are a number of organizations worldwide that promote angling for disabled people and encourage fisheries to provide suitable access and facilities.

Most disabilities do not prevent people from still going fishing as there are now aids and equipment that range from a simple extension to a landing net to reach the water to hand-built specialist aids for amputees that enable even the most severely disabled person to participate very successfully in this recreational sport.

British Disabled Angling Association

BDAA works with its partner organizations to develop new and exciting opportunities in angling participation, from grass roots to competition levels.

The BDAA is a national registered charity and the lead disability angling organization in the UK. Angling continues to be the largest participation sport with an estimated four million people fishing each year, of which tens of thousands have a disability.

Angling is unlike most active sports.

As an activity it is open to children and adults with physical, sensory or learning impairments to participate, regardless of severity of disability. Angling can be a recreational activity or sport specific; offering a variety of experiences. The largest barrier to participation, which is being addressed by BDAA, is physical access to the sport and classification.

Angling has been popular for centuries as a recreation.

As a competitive sport for disabled people it is still in the embryonic stage.

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Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus) - (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Photo Library)
Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus) - (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Photo Library)

The BDAA is progressively developing classification systems in partnership with various disability organizations. "Adaptive angling" being developed by the BDAA, has the potential to open angling to many disabled people who may never have had an opportunity to experience any sport.

Competitions are mainly organized by independently run disabled clubs and various organizations throughout England, Wales and Scotland. There are 'Governing Bodies' for angling in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. England has one for each discipline, with development being managed by a joint Angling Development Board (ADB). Opportunities to access elite sport are limited and not universal across disciplines. The BDAA is currently pressing all Governing Bodies to improve opportunities and equity in the sport.

For those in Britain wishing to become involved in the sport of fishing the contact details are: British Disabled Angling Association - 01922 860912 -

English Disabled Fly Fishers

If you are a fly fisher and you feel your enjoyment has been curtailed by disability, or you would like to try fishing for the first time, the English Disabled Fly Fishers may be able to help.

The English Disabled Fly Fishers were founded in 1980 by a small group of disabled fly-fishing enthusiasts from the Leicester area.

Since 1980 the organization has grown steadily, with members from almost every county in England joining.

Scottish Disabled Fly Fishing Association

SDFFA can be contacted for advice on any aspect of angling for the disabled.

Although the name suggests 'game' angling they also work closely with Scottish coarse and sea angling associations.

Contact John Brice on 01475 568607 or email

The Wheelyboat Trust

A registered charity dedicated to providing disabled people with the opportunity and freedom to enjoy waters large and small all over the UK.

Wheelyboats provide their disabled users with the dignity of their own independence: they make the entire water accessible, are simplicity itself to board via the roll-on, roll-off bow ramp and the level deck provides access to every corner of the boat including the helm. (

Reels on Wheels

Their primary aim is to help and encourage disabled and less able anglers to get back into fishing and to encourage as many people as possible to take up fishing as a recreational, outdoor activity.

Their secondary aim is to help and encourage clubs and commercial fisheries to improve access for all anglers, irrespective of their (dis)ability, wherever practicable. (

Essex Disabled Angling Club

The club has been running for five years and is now a registered charity.

Their aim is to make fishing available for everybody by not discriminating between gender, age, creed or disability.

They also encourage able bodied persons to fish and help those less fortunate than themselves. (

The Wey Valley Disabled Anglers Association

Formed in 1985 and became a registered charity in March 1986.

The association, founded by disabled anglers for both disabled and able-bodied helper anglers, provides fishing and fishing competitions for our disabled and able-bodied members alike and promotes Disabled Angling wherever possible. (

Scottish Lame Ducks

Club run by disabled anglers for disabled anglers.

Organizes competitions and fun days.

Members represent the club at all major Scottish angling competitions.

Tel: 01383 881476

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