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LOVE LAND Film Features a Breakthrough Cast with Disabilities

  • Synopsis: Published: 2013-08-22 - LOVE LAND endorsed by the Disability Cinema Coalition is an independent film focused on the disability rights movement that challenges disability stereotypes. For further information pertaining to this article contact: at PH. 432-978-1527 - Email:

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Texans are no strangers to movies shooting on their turf, but this Summer, LOVE LAND, a unique independent feature film focused on the disability rights movement, is turning heads in the Lone Star State.

LOVE LAND challenges disability stereotypes commonly found in the media and holds a rare commitment to "inclusive casting" practices in an effort to encourage people with disabilities to represent their own community on screen.

The movie is endorsed by the Disability Cinema Coalition, a diverse alliance of disability advocacy organizations such as VSA Texas, Down Syndrome in the Arts and Media, the Dionysus Theatre of Houston, ADAPT of Texas, and Community Now.

After running a nationwide casting campaign in March, the production team hired a cast composed primarily of Texas actors and committed to filming in the Corsicana area. Actors and crew were brought in from as far as Los Angeles, but most of the team hailed from cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin, and smaller towns like Edinburg, Texarkana, and Alpine.

LOVE LAND follows Ivy, a young woman with an intellectual disability, who faces a crisis of identity after being placed in a State Supported Living Center for being a danger to herself and others. Set on reuniting with a boy in the community she came from, Ivy will stop at nothing, and hurt anyone, to escape her label and return to her normal life.

Scene from the film teaser Love Land
About This Image: Scene from the film teaser Love Land
After months of hard work getting the movie "in the can," the Love Land Team is announcing the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for finishing touches such as sound mixing, color grading, and music recording. The campaign is running now and ends Sunday, September 8th at 5:55 PM CST.

LOVE LAND is reaching out to communities throughout Texas to ask for support in spreading the word about the project and its message. For more information and to see a teaser trailer, please visit

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