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Music by Prudence - An Oscar Winning Documentary Film

  • Published: 2011-01-06 : Author: Music by Prudence
  • Synopsis: Music by Prudence tells the self-empowering story of Zimbabwean singer songwriter Prudence Mabhena who was born severely disabled.

In the past year, the Oscar-winning documentary Music by Prudence has inspired thousands of people.

The self-empowering story of Zimbabwean singer-songwriter Prudence Mabhena, who was born severely disabled, has become the cornerstone of an advocacy campaign, and has been embraced by the UN, Human Rights Watch, UNICEF, the US State Department, and the international disability community.

About the film

Music by Prudence tells the self-empowering story of Zimbabwean singer-songwriter Prudence Mabhena, who was born severely disabled. Overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds, Prudence, together with her band, conveys to the world that "disability does not mean inability."

Prudence's poignant, inspiring and irreverent message of hope has received an amazing response from press and audiences all across North America, and has won the 2010 Academy Award® for Best Documentary Short and several other awards as it continues drawing in more audiences.

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About the DVD

Music by PrudenceAbout This Image: Music by PrudenceOscar winner Music by Prudence is now available on DVD: loaded with tons of wonderful extras! The DVD features the Academy Award-winning documentary short, plus an hour of wonderful extras, including a live concert by Prudence and her band Liyana, music videos and deleted scenes. In addition, there's an awesome commentary by Prudence and director Roger Ross Williams.


Concert by Liyana (25 minutes) Hair (deleted scene) Witch Doctor (deleted scene) Pru's House (deleted scene) Healers (deleted scene) Morning Rituals (deleted scene) Going Nowhere (music video) Dates and Girls (deleted scene) iThemba (music video) KG6 (music video) Commentary by Prudence and director Roger Ross Williams Total playing time: 91 minutes

Music by Prudence documentary short 33 minutes total playing time of DVD: 91 minutes USA/Zimbabwe color English with English subtitles Winner of the Academy Award® for Documentary Short 2010 Rated: Ev - Everybody NTSC Widescreen Region 1 (North America)

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