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Fitness & Nutrition: Information for Disability & Health Conditions Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Fitness and Nutrition Information category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2016-02-01The Phases of Starvation - What Happens When We Starve
2015-12-28Overeating of Health Foods Perceived as Less Filling
2015-09-10Sugar Substitutes: General Information on Sweeteners
2015-04-03Man Drinks 10 Cokes a Day - Then 10 Diet Cokes a Day
2014-12-23Change to a Healthier Lifestyle in 2015
2014-07-10Add Years to Your Life with a Healthy Lifestyle
2014-05-12Dehydration - Information and Prevention
2013-10-15Adding Citrus Fiber to Meatballs Improves Nutritional Quality
2013-06-17Associated Health Risks of Eating Fast Foods
2012-07-06Abnormal Posturing and Potential Causes
2011-09-30Eating Farm-fresh Produce Benefits Families and Communities
2011-08-08Are Eggs a Healthy Breakfast Choice
2011-06-15American School Milk Battle Won by Jamie Oliver
2011-06-03Lowfat Chocolate Milk - Post Exercise Recovery Advantages
2011-05-20Obesity Crisis and Its Impact on the Workplace
2011-04-28Most Americans Want Health Coaching
2011-02-07Lifestyle Affects Life Expectancy More than Genetics
2011-01-10American Women Speak Out About Weight Loss and Healthy Eating
2011-01-03Most Significant Fitness Trends For 2011 - Extreme Fitness
2010-12-24Rice Bran Revolutionizes Modern Nutrition
2010-12-22Eat Healthy Live Longer
2010-12-20Tips for Burning More Calories
2010-11-30Battle the Bulge This Holiday Season - TurboSonic
2010-11-18What are Revive Mints and Why are They So Popular
2010-10-25Is Tap Water Safe to Drink
2010-10-11Distinctions Between Obesity and Waist-Hip Ratio
2010-10-05Is Your Job Making You Fat
2010-10-04Bill Clinton Credits Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn for Weight Loss and Heart Health Benefits
2010-09-12Safety of Gastric Banding Weight-Loss Surgery in Question
2010-09-08Energy Drinks May Give Young Sports Teams an Edge
2010-08-25Moderate Drinking - Health Benefits or Risky
2010-08-24Has your Child Eaten Fish Today
2010-08-19Women with Active Lifestyles More Confident, Sexy and Ready to Say Yes!
2010-08-17Study Examines Risks and Rewards of Energy Drinks
2010-08-17Americans Begin to Embrace Heart-Smart Nutrition Trend
2010-08-11Power Your Child's Brain with a Smart Breakfast
2010-07-14Fluoride Level in Tea Higher Than Thought
2010-06-19U.S. School Wellness Policies Outdated
2010-06-09What Should Your Daily Sodium Intake Be
2010-06-06Anti Aging Tips to Look and Feel Younger
2010-06-02Barilla Helps Families Believe in Meaningful Meals Again
2010-06-01How to Live Longer and Healthier - Leave America
2010-05-17Reducing 1.5 Trillion Calories by 2015
2010-05-14Belly Fat or Hip Fat it's in Your Genes
2010-05-05InTune Wellness Program Pays You to Get Healthy
2010-04-22Ethnicity Key to Accurate BMI Measurements
2010-04-17Americans Urged to Upgrade Family Meals
2010-03-29Under-diagnosis of Obesity when Using Body Mass Index (BMI)
2010-03-08Farm to School Program - School Food Service
2010-02-25World Pistachio Day - Health Information on the Pistachio Nut
2010-02-16Legislating to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity in Canada
2010-02-01Red Wine Good for Heart - White Wine Good for Lungs
2010-01-19Wellness ToolBox: Technology for Self-Health and Wellness
2010-01-06More Calories than Nutrition Label Indicates Possible in Restaurant and Packaged Foods
2009-09-22Genetically Modified Food: GM Foods List and Information
2009-09-17Wine Flavored Yogurt Chocolates Creams and Face Masks
2009-09-14Enriching Junk Food Project Abandoned
2009-08-31Can we Change Society
2009-08-10Food Stamps Linked To Weight Gain
2009-08-07Study Shows Drinking Beetroot Juice Boosts Stamina
2009-08-05What you Eat Depends on with Whom you Eat
2009-07-29Organic Food Not Nutritionally Better than Conventional
2009-07-15Health and Wellness - Education and Self-Discipline
2009-06-07Fatty Foods Not Empty Stomach Cause Hunger
2009-05-19Excessive Cola Consumption can Lead to Super-sized Muscle Problems
2009-02-25Fitness and Nutrition Needs in Forties and Older
2009-02-22Nutrition and Exercising
2009-02-10Fitness Tips for Women
2009-02-10Cardiovascular Fitness - Cardio Workouts
2009-02-06Bowflex Fitness Exercise Machines

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