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Childhood Obesity: Information and Health Concerns Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Childhood Obesity category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-10-11More Obese Children and Adolescents Than Underweight by 2022
2017-08-22Childhood Obesity - A Psychological Disorder?
2017-02-22Trend Reversal in Childhood Obesity - BMI Decline in 8 Yr Old Boys
2016-12-09Higher Childhood BMI May Affect Cognitive Function in Midlife
2016-10-17Obesity Rate Difference in Children With and Without Autism
2016-06-17Teen BMI Weight Linked to Heart Failure Risk in Early Middle Age
2015-01-15Obesity Not a Disability According to Most Doctors on SERMO
2014-11-20How Teenage Boys Perceive Their Weight
2014-07-10Obesity Can Shorten Life Expectancy by 14 Years
2014-03-21Depression and Obesity in Adolescent Girls
2012-11-08Talking to a Teenager About Being Overweight
2012-08-15Calorie Calculator for Child Obesity
2011-12-07Managing Overeating in Children - A New Approach
2011-12-01Unhealthy Food Served in Children's Hospitals
2011-11-16Americans On Track to Getting Even Fatter
2011-08-15The Nag Factor Convinces Parents to Buy Unhealthy Foods
2011-08-02What's in a Fast Food Kids Meal
2011-07-25Grocery Retailers Commit to Fight Childhood Obesity
2011-07-15Agreement On Child Directed Food Advertising
2011-07-12Healthy Habits Linked to Chinese Child Obesity
2011-06-01Childhood Obesity is Much More Than What Children Eat
2011-05-24123GoTV - Gives Children Exercise While Watching TV
2011-05-02Tests to Diagnose Diabetes in Overweight Children
2011-04-29Overweight Adolescents Often Lacking Vitamin D
2011-04-06BMI in Teens Associated with Early Occurrence of Diabetes and Heart Disease
2011-03-21Time with Obesity Linked to Mortality
2011-02-07Users of Facebook Prone to Eating Disorders
2011-02-04Children's BMI Rises the Longer Their Mothers Work
2010-11-26High BMI in Childhood Linked to Heart Disease Risks in Adolescence
2010-11-07Overweight Children Have Different Eating Patterns
2010-10-28Georgia Children Facing Deadly Health Crisis
2010-10-25Obese Children Have Signs of Heart Disease Seen in Middle-aged Adults
2010-10-23Making School Cafeteria Lunches Smarter
2010-10-16Big Blood Pressure Impact with Small BMI Change in Overweight Children
2010-10-04Pennsylvania Schools Accept the Challenge to Fight Childhood Obesity
2010-10-03Global Overweight and Obesity Reach Alarming Levels
2010-10-01Flow of Empty Calories into Children's Food Supply Must be Reduced
2010-09-20Too much TV, Video and Computer Can Make Teens Fatter
2010-09-20Childhood Viral Infection May be a Cause of Obesity
2010-09-17Effective Child Weight Control Strategies Urgently Required
2010-08-24School Lunches Linked to Childhood Obesity
2010-08-18Overweight American Children and Adolescents Becoming Fatter
2010-08-09Schools, Communities Share Responsibility for Child Nutrition
2010-07-21Overcoming Childhood Obesity Means Addressing Mom's Weight Issues as Well
2010-07-12Tools Help Parents Understand Child's Risk of Obesity
2010-07-09Higher Risk of Reflux Disease in Extremely Obese Children
2010-06-15Pediatricians Can Help Parents Recognize Overweight Preschoolers
2010-06-02Program Improves Eating Habits of Low-Income Children
2010-05-26Lack of Exercise Key to Increased BMI in Children
2010-05-25Parents Physical Inactivity Influences Children
2010-05-25Obese Bmi Does Not Harm Current Health of Young Adults, Study Says
2010-05-20Reducing Niacin Intake can Prevent Obesity
2010-05-18Double Calamity of Childhood Obesity Ignored by Parents
2010-05-11Link Between Obesity and Federal School Nutrition Programs
2010-05-04Childhood Obesity and Sleep Patterns
2010-04-24Obesity Rates for American Adults Stable but Child and Minority Obesity Rising
2010-04-12Childhood Obesity Linked to Stiff Arteries
2010-03-18Child Obesity Affecting Younger Children
2010-02-09Overweight Teens Who Have Gastric Banding Lose Significant Weight
2010-02-02Teenager Heart Disease Risk
2010-01-26Childhood Obesity as Young as Seven Increases Cardiovascular Disease Risk
2010-01-25Fast food Menus with Calorie Information
2010-01-13High Body Mass Index among Children Remains Steady
2009-12-15Psychotherapy Provides Obesity Prevention for Teenage Girls
2009-12-14Study Levels New Criticisms at Food Industry
2009-12-01Back Pain and Spinal Abnormalities in Overweight Children
2009-11-10Teenage Obesity Linked to Increased Risk of MS
2009-09-26Intervention Program Helps Kids Eat Healthier
2009-09-25Teenage Diet Depends on Social Background
2009-09-11Children with Emotional Problems at Higher Risk for Adult Obesity
2009-09-10HHS Joins Ad Council and Warner Bros. Pictures to Combat Childhood Overweight and Obesity
2009-09-09America has Reached Obesity Tipping Point
2009-08-31Childhood Obesity: The Increasing Vascular Drama
2009-08-23Exercise and Healthy Eating Habits in Young Adults
2009-08-08Parents Can Help Stop Childhood Obesity Epidemic
2009-07-30Risk Factors of Childhood Obesity
2009-07-28Active Children Benefit Later in Life
2009-07-15Parents Fail to Recognize Children's Weight Problems
2009-07-02Overweight Children Experience More Loneliness and Anxiety
2009-06-12Lap Band Surgery Reduces Teens Risk for Heart Disease and Diabetes
2009-04-14Junk Food Makes Kids Fat... and Happy
2008-04-12Students Fail BMI Obesity Test

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