123GoTV - Gives Children Exercise While Watching TV

Author: KidExerciser
Published: 2011/05/24
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Synopsis: 123GoTV device provides a home fitness solution to children to help fight obesity and encourages more physical activity and less TV watching.


123GoTV launches in the consumer market today, providing an at-home fitness solution to children as well as a method for parents to encourage more activity and less TV.

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123GoTV includes a bike trainer, generator, transmitter, and receiver. When installed using your child's own bike and your own TV, the TV screen will be paused. When the child pedals the bike, a small generator senses the motion and turns on a signal that tells the TV to allow the programming. If the child stops pedaling, so does the programming.

Founder Margie Mullen devised the idea for 123GoTV after observing her son's two great passions. "My son loves to bike and he loves to watch TV. We often find ourselves saying, 'Ride your bike outside when the sun is shining, and then you can watch TV later,' using both together as reward and incentive."

"Behaviorists coined this 'Grandma's Rule.' For example, Grandma might say, "You can have your dessert after you finish your supper!" says Dr. Stephanie Peterson, a behavioral professor at Western Michigan University.

The bike trainer is manufactured by Huffy, makers of children's bikes. It is the only bike trainer in the market for children; the primary difference being it is smaller and engineered to securely hold a child on a child-sized bike.

Although everyone has different television set ups, most have some kind of programming feed coming into the house - cable, satellite - and the 123GoTV receiver installs simply between the programming cable coming into the house and the cable / satellite box that is attached to the TV.

123GoTV retails for $249 and is available exclusively at 123GoTV.com. In addition to product information 123GoTV.com also hosts a blog dedicated to discussion on keeping children fit.

123GoTV is a product of KidExerciser, Inc. KidExerciser's mission is to fight childhood obesity by keeping children fit - www.123GoTV.com

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