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How to Get Rid of Cooked Cabbage Odor in House

Published: 2014-04-08 - Updated: 2017-03-18
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Synopsis: Provides helpful hints and tips on how to eliminate the smell when cooking cabbage.

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Fortunately, the strong odors that often fill a kitchen when you are cooking cabbage do not have to drive you away, try these tips to neutralize the bad odors instead.


Cabbage is an excellent source of Vitamin C, however, it is often overlooked by cooks because they associate this inexpensive and long-keeping vegetable with an offensive cooking odor.

When cabbage is cooked, the sulfur that it contains actually multiplies! The longer it is cooked, the more it multiplies. It is this sulfur smell that gives off the strong cooked cabbage odor.

The trick to eliminating offensive cooked cabbage smell is to create as little of it as possible. Cooking the cabbage quickly in an open pan will help cut back on the smell. The longer the cabbage cooks, the stronger the smell it emits. Therefore, cooking cabbage all day long in a crock-pot is likely to leave the strongest odor.

NOTE: You should not use aluminum cooking pans when you cook cabbage as aluminum reacts strongly to the isothiocynates present in fresh cabbage leaves, which in turn creates sulfur compounds while the cabbage is cooking. You can help minimize these odors by using stainless steel pots and cooking cabbage as quickly as possible.

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