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Dieting: Diets & Diet Plans for Weight Loss Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Diets and Dieting category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-11-06Can Beer Consumption Be Part of a Healthy Diet?
2017-01-23How the Western Diet Leads to Overeating and Obesity
2016-07-05Pasta Not a Fattening Food - Consumption Associated With BMI Decrease
2016-05-26Diets That Mimic Fasting May Also Reduce MS Symptoms
2015-01-05Fexaramine: Diet Pill Tricks Body Into Thinking it has Eaten
2014-12-30Super Shred Diet by Dr. Ian Smith
2014-12-285 Bite Diet Plan - Dr. Alwin Lewis
2014-12-18How Often Should You Weigh Yourself When Dieting
2014-12-16What is the Paleolithic or Caveman Diet
2014-09-25Low-Carb Diets vs. Low-Fat Dieting Study Results
2014-09-09Low-Carb Dieting: Information, Results and Risks
2014-07-14The Mediterranean Diet: Facts and Information
2014-06-15Fasting Causes Stem Cell Reboot of the Immune System
2014-06-12Drug for Obesity Not Far Away
2014-04-14Not Eating or Skipping Meals Can Actually Make You Gain Weight
2014-01-13Eating Slower Reduces Hunger and Affects Calorie Consumption
2013-01-18Weight Control Extends Beyond Exercise and Diet
2012-08-28Weight Loss After Menopause
2012-08-11NuShape Natural Weight Loss Pill
2012-07-13A Food Journal Can Help You Lose Weight
2012-06-27A Calorie is Just a Calorie - Low-glycemic Load Diet More Effective
2011-08-22Why We Eat More When Stressed - Link Between Stress and Appetite
2011-08-08Does Eating Before Sleeping Make You Gain Weight
2011-08-02Starved Brain Cells Eat Themselves
2011-06-06Yo-yo Dieting Healthier than Lifelong Obesity
2011-05-19High Protein Breakfast Reduces Food Cravings and Prevents Overeating
2011-05-17Fat-to-Fit Weight Loss Challenge
2011-05-10The Party Girl Diet - Lose Weight and Keep it Off
2011-03-18Does Your Dieting Make You Cranky
2011-03-10Healthy Diet - One Day at a Time
2011-03-02Top Health and Nutrition Products -
2011-02-09What Makes Fructose Fattening
2011-01-31High Fiber Diet Benefits
2011-01-17Does Eating a Big Breakfast Help You Lose Weight
2011-01-10Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle Challenged
2011-01-01New Weight Loss System Pays Individuals to Lose Weight
2010-12-29No More New Year's Weight Loss Resolutions
2010-12-27Weight Management Theory Proved with Einstein's Equation
2010-12-27Revolutionary New Metabolic Max Program Personalized to Metabolism - Jenny Craig
2010-12-13Eating Carbs and Losing Weight - The CarbLovers Diet
2010-10-03Loss of Nutrients Following Gastric Bypass Surgery
2010-09-23Why am I Gaining Weight Again After Weight Loss
2010-09-21Drink Milk and Lose More Weight
2010-09-20The Dieter's Paradox - Adding Negative Calorie Food to a Meal
2010-09-07Weight Watchers Campaign to Help Fight Obesity and Hunger
2010-09-03Americans Struggle with Long-term Weight Loss
2010-08-25Moment on the Lips - A Lifetime on the Hips
2010-08-18Modest Weight Gain Can Harm Blood Vessels
2010-08-18Moderate Chocolate Consumption Linked to Lower Risks of Heart Failure
2010-08-12Drinks Containing Sugar do not Cause Weight Gain
2010-07-28Why Fad Diets Work for Some People and Not Others
2010-07-13Can our Brain be Tricked into Satisfying Hunger
2010-05-16When You First Start a Diet: Things You Need to Know
2010-05-16How to Lose Weight by Eating More Often
2010-05-04Managing the Emotions Behind Eating
2010-04-29Low Calorie Diet Boosts Immune System
2010-04-28The Reality of The Biggest Loser
2010-04-26Stealthy Leads to Healthy Improved Diet
2010-04-11Losing 40 lbs in 40 Days
2010-04-01Binge Eaters Program Benefits
2010-03-21Sensa Slims On-The-Go - Sensa Weight-Loss System
2010-03-09Moderate Female Drinkers Gain Less Weight than Non-drinkers
2010-03-01Open Call for Season 10 of NBC's Hit Series the Biggest Loser
2010-02-05How People Perceive their Weight and Ability to Manage it
2010-01-26Low Carb Diet lowers Blood Pressure
2010-01-26Leptin-based Weight-loss Pill to Control Hunger Proven to Work
2010-01-06Lose Weight - Eat Less - Exercise More
2010-01-04Mayo Clinic Diet - Lose Weight and Keep it Off
2009-12-16Food Smells may Prevent Overeating and Obesity
2009-12-09Greater Heart Risk with High-fat Low-carb Diets
2009-11-03How to Get Slim - 10 Easy Steps to Lose Weight
2009-10-05Slimming Tips for Losing Weight Easier
2009-09-01What is the Best Alcohol to Drink When on a Diet
2009-07-09Diets Bad for Teeth Also Bad for the Body
2009-06-25Nutritional Authority David Wolfe Shares Important Diet Information
2009-06-12Exenatide Promotes Weight Loss with Diet and Exercise
2009-06-12Reduced Carbohydrate Diet Keeps Full Feeling Longer
2009-05-01Drinking White Tea for Weightloss
2009-04-20Low Sugar Drinks Help Stem Obesity and Diabetes Epidemics
2009-04-20Losing the Last Ten Pounds is the Hardest
2009-04-08Chinese Slimming Pills can be Health Risk
2009-04-02Beverage Consumption a Bigger Factor in Weight Loss
2009-03-14Fiber Rich Diet for Weight Loss
2009-03-02Why Women Store Fat Differently than Men
2009-02-25Rachel Ray Diet to Stay Fit and Healthy
2009-02-25Calorie Shifting Dieting Plan

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