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5 Bite Diet Plan - Dr. Alwin Lewis

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Published: 2014-12-28

Synopsis and Key Points:

Information and example of the 5 bite diet plan by Dr. Alwin Lewis as seen on the Dr Oz show.

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Lose 15 Pounds In a Week? Creator of the 5 Bite Diet Plan, Dr. Alwin Lewis, says you can...

Lose 15 pounds in just one week and then continue to lose even more weight over the long term. That's what one doctor promises on The Dr. Oz Show. Dr. Lewis suggests the 5-bite diet plan adds up to about 800 calories a day, which is less than half of generally recommended amounts, even for people trying to lose weight.

The 5-bite diet has recently been sweeping the world, thanks to its creator, Dr. Alwin Lewis, MD, and Television show Dr. Oz. The 5 Bite Diet is supposed to work like a gastric bypass without the surgery.

Dr. Alwin Lewis says the thinner you are, the healthier you are and the longer you will live, which is why he came up with an extreme way to lose 15 pounds in one week as part of a plan to reach your ideal body weight.

The secret to losing 15 pounds in one week is eating any type of food that you want, but only consuming 5 bites a meal, as long as you get at least some protein each day and take a multivitamin capsule.

The 5 Bite Diet:

On this diet, you skip breakfast and are allowed only five bites of food at lunch and five bites of food at dinner. You can also drink as much as you want as long as you stick to beverages without calories.

This is not a good way to manage weight and get healthy.

Dr. Oz believes the 5 Bite Diet makes you conscious about what you are eating, but his concern is that it can throw the body out of balance.

"Though Dr. Lewis suggests people take a multivitamin and make sure their 10 daily bites includes at least some protein, this is simply not enough to get people all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients they need to support all the functions that the body needs to perform on a daily basis", say's Dr Oz on his blog. "Study after study has shown that well-balanced diets like the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet not only help people with safe weight loss, but also dramatically decrease the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and dementia, among other diseases."

One of Dr. Lewis' goals for his patients is to obtain a BMI of 18.5. This is not healthy for most people. Dr. Oz himself said that this puts him at a staggering 140 pounds.

Another healthier alternative to the 5-bite diet would be to follow the USDA's MyPlate program, simply fill half of your plate with non-starchy vegetables and fruits and divide the other half between whole grains and a lean protein source. Top off your meal with a glass of non-fat milk or another source of calcium.

In other words, don't get on the 5 Bite Diet no matter how desperate or eager you are to lose weight. The promise that you'll be allowed to eat whatever you want (albeit in such small quantities) should not make you forget that nutrition is also important.

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