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Weight Loss: Tips for Losing Body Belly Thigh & Hip Fat Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Weight Loss Information category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

  1. Better to Be Shaped Like a Pear Than an Apple
    Waist circumference is a stronger predictor of heart disease in diabetics than either overall body weight or body mass index - Published: 2016-04-04
  2. Belly Fat - Heart Failure Risk Increases With Waistline
    Research on obesity combined with an ageing population shows clear correlation between higher BMI, waist circumference and risk of heart failure - Published: 2016-04-03
  3. Obesity Treatments: Ways to Lose Excess Weight
    Information regarding types of obesity treatment for those who have trouble losing weight and keeping it off - Published: 2015-08-06
  4. The Health Risks of Obesity
    Article looks at the health risks of obesity including obesity related diseases and healthy lifestyle changes - Published: 2015-08-01
  5. Obesity: Health Dangers of Being Overweight
    Information regarding some of the health conditions often caused by improper eating and being overweight - Published: 2015-06-22
  6. Diet Soda Increases Belly Fat in Seniors
    Study seeks to fill age gap by exploring adverse health effects of diet soda intake in individuals 65 years of age and older - Published: 2015-03-17
  7. Hormone Levels & Weight Gain During Menopause
    Information regarding why many women often gain weight due to menopause and body hormonal changes - Published: 2014-07-09
  8. Getting Rid of Flabby Loose Skin After Weight Loss
    Information to help you rid your body of sagging loose skin often aquired after sudden or major weightloss and dieting - Published: 2014-05-27
  9. How to Lose Body Fat Fast: Targeted Weight Loss Solutions
    From head to toe Daniel Murray takes us through a number of ways and exercises that assist in losing fat in various parts of the body - Published: 2013-05-31
  10. Belly Fat and Thigh Fat Differ Genetically
    Researchers find genes active in belly fat are significantly different from those in thigh fat so instead of banishing it we may relocate it - Published: 2013-01-11
  11. Higher Risk of Death for Normal Weight People with Belly Fat
    Study finds people of normal weight but have fat concentrated in their belly area have higher death risk than those who are obese - Published: 2012-08-28
  12. Alcohol Consumption and Body Weight Increase
    New research information provides an extensive review of the association between alcohol consumption and body weight - Published: 2011-08-17
  13. Soluble Fiber and Belly Fat
    Study shows you can reduce visceral fat by eating more soluble fiber from vegetables fruit and beans and engage in moderate physical activity - Published: 2011-06-27
  14. Lose Face Fat, Double Chin, Loose Jowls and Look Healthier
    Ways to help you lose face fat and a double chin as well as look fit with glowing healthy facial features - Published: 2011-01-31
  15. Belly Fat puts Women at Risk for Osteoporosis
    Having too much internal abdominal fat may have a damaging effect on bone health - Published: 2010-11-30
  16. Upper and Lower Body Gain Weight Differently
    Accumulation of abdominal fat happens by individual cells expanding in size whereas fat gain in the femoral or lower body it is the number of fat cells that increase - Published: 2010-10-04
  17. TurboSonic! Shakes Stubborn Belly Fat Off Women and Men
    For dieters it seems impossible to lose belly fat no matter however carefully they watch what they eat or how many sit-ups they do - Published: 2010-08-27
  18. Relacore Belly Fat Pill May Be Anti-Aging Breakthrough
    Herbal belly fat pill called Relacore® from The Carter-Reed Company helps reduce the signs of aging - Published: 2010-08-04


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