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Eating Carbs and Losing Weight - The CarbLovers Diet

Author: Health

Published: 2010-12-13

Synopsis and Key Points:

Who would have thought you could eat your favorite carbohydrate-rich foods and still lose weight.

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People Across the Country are Eating Carbs and Losing Weight With 'Health' Magazine's Bestselling Book, 'The CarbLovers Diet'.

Who would have thought you could eat your favorite carbohydrate-rich foods and still lose weight

If your New Year's resolution is to lose weight in 2011, Health's bestselling book, The Carb-Lovers Diet by Ellen Kunes (Editor-in-Chief, Health) and Frances Largeman-Roth, RD (Senior Food & Nutrition Editor, Health), may be the solution.

The Carb-Lovers Diet debuted in August 2010 and hit The New York Times' bestseller list one week later, proving that the diet immediately resonated with people across the country who were tired of trying to stick with the low-carb diets of the past two decades. Five months later, Carb-Lovers is a proven success, with dieters losing as much as 50 pounds - without feeling hungry! (Oxmoor House; $24.95).

After decades of being told that our favorite foods - including bread, pasta, pizza, potato chips, and more - would make us fat and sluggish, The Carb-Lovers Diet, which introduces a groundbreaking ingredient called Resistant Starch - the carb that melts fat - asserts that eating carbs is the only proven way to get and stay slim.

Carb-Lovers rules to kick-start your weight-loss in 2011:

1. Eat a CarbStar at every meal. CarbStars are your secret to losing weight without hunger or cravings. Resistant Starch is a miracle ingredient found only in carbohydrate-rich foods. The Carb-Lovers Diet maximizes your intake of this fat-flusher by sneaking the top 11 Resistant Starch foods into every meal.

2. Balance your plates. Depending on where you are in the diet, CarbStars should take up roughly one quarter of your plate. The rest of your meals will be filled with great weight-loss boosters like lean meats and low-fat dairy products, good fats, and fruits and veggies.

3. Never let yourself get hungry. Probably the biggest New Year's diet pitfall? Following a plan where you feel starved; you're sure to fall off the wagon after a day or two. With The Carb-Lovers Diet, you'll lose weight without ever feeling hungry and research shows that when you feel full you're much more likely to stick with a new weight-loss plan. Meals on this diet are filling and completely satisfying.

4. Enjoy what you love to eat. Chocolate desserts, pastas, wine, bread pudding, even potato chips are on The CarbLovers Diet menu. Why? When you're forbidden to eat your favorite foods, you end up binging on those same foods - and consequently packing on the pounds.

The CarbLovers Diet features a step-by-step 7-Day CarbLovers Kick-start Plan, which shows readers how to lose up to six pounds in one week. The book also includes a 21-Day CarbLovers Immersion Plan, complete with 75 easy-to-prepare recipes, as well as quick bites, the best convenience foods and restaurant choices so you can continue to lose weight even when you go out to eat.

The CarbLovers Diet is available for $24.95 wherever books are sold. For more information, visit, "like" the Facebook page, or follow the @carbloversdiet Twitter handle.

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