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How to Get Slim - 10 Easy Steps to Lose Weight

Author: Audrey Makepeace

Published: 2009-11-03 : (Rev. 2013-06-06)

Synopsis and Key Points:

Getting slim is just that easy with these few changes you can make to your food intake.

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What if an ad on the television offered the claim that by taking just ten easy-to-do tips and incorporating them into your daily eating plan, you could slim down without dieting.

Well, you can take that one to the bank... Getting slim is just that easy with these few changes you can make to your food intake.

(1) Are your serving sizes too large We can readily admit that we are served far too much when dining out and eating at home as well. With just a minute reduction of less than 25% in serving sizes, the results will be weight loss.

(2) Are parties off-limits Absolutely not! It all comes with planning ahead and making good choices while there. How to get slim is a process of plans. There will always be better choices in food and beverages, i.e. water. It might be a good idea to snack before leaving home to take the edge off the appetite.

(3) What are you drinking It is wise to evaluate your beverage choices. There are many low-calorie beverages that would be good choices, sparkling water with a wedge of citrus for flavor, small serving of fruit juice or a low-calorie vegetable juice (consider the low-sodium variety).

(4) Does the fork trick work This tip is just one way to get people to slow down when eating. It is not a contest to win! By placing the fork down after each bite, it is allowing less food to be taken in and you can savor the taste as well.

(5) What about fasting Moderate fasting is practiced routinely in many other cultures. There are claims that it is truly a fast way to get slim by cutting the cravings for certain foods. It is always prudent to check with your doctor before embarking on this practice.

(6) Can I eat all I want This is a tough one. It might be wise to re-direct your mind set and ask how much can I do without. If you decide to stop before you reach that full point, you will see the weight loss as a result.

(7) What about plate size If portions are smaller, why not think of the smaller size in plate...luncheon size? You will have a full plate but eating less on your journey of how to slim down without dieting.

(8) Do we need breakfast Resounding, YES! Benefits are lower BMI's and eating less throughout the day.

(9) Does stress cause my overeating There are many issues that we all deal with daily and getting to the bottom of the problem might assist us in why we do the things we do.

(10) Can I eat in front of the TV Let me state my case...not a good idea! You will tend to eat more than needed because your mind is pre-occupied with the show on TV. Smaller plates and bowls can offer assistance if you simply have to watch that show.

Discover how to get slim safely with the very best methods at the slimming resources website ( Regularly updated with some of the very best weight loss tips and information on the Internet. This truly is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to lose weight and keep it off.

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