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The Party Girl Diet - Lose Weight and Keep it Off

  • Synopsis: Published: 2011-05-10 - Guide for people who have tried every fad diet and are looking for a realistic and permanent solution to their weight management needs - INSIDE LOOK TV, LLC.

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Author Aprilanne Hurley Reveals a Fun and Easy Way to End Yo-Yo Dieting with "The Party Girl Diet" - a Revolutionary New Lifestyle that Lets People Lose Weight and Keep it Off - While They're Having the Time of Their Lives.

"The Party Girl Diet" is more than a diet, it's a way of life," Hurley reports. It is a "Survival Guide" for people who have tried every fad-diet out there and are looking for a realistic, permanent solution to their weight management needs. And while the PGD plan is a ton of fun - providing people with a "license to party," Hurley emphasizes, "it is a healthy, sustainable plan for weight loss and weight maintenance."

At last, a weight loss plan that actually allows you to have a glass of wine, eat chocolate, enjoy a wide variety of delicious foods, and in essence - "keep the party going while you lose the weight!"

Hurley notes, "Research shows that dieters typically lose weight and gain it back once they go off a fad-diet. This is because they revert back to the same 'lifestyle choices' that led to their weight issues to begin with."

Based on the best weight loss research to date - Hurley's Lifestyle Plan is the perfect diet to go on after the "crash" or fad-diet to keep the weight off permanently!

Special features include PGD's 3-Day Kickoff Plan, two weeks of delicious 10-Minute Recipes, and The Party Girl Fitness Guide offering easy and effective 10-Minute Workouts.

Hurley, who makes TV appearances to talk about her weight loss book and demonstrate PGD's Signature "Mocktails" for viewers adds, "my mission is to help people get healthy, lose weight, and enjoy their lives and the foods they eat 100% in the process!"

Aprilanne Hurley SFN is a Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, author, and Health Expert for INSIDE LOOK TV, LLC's California Living TV -The Bay Area's original lifestyle show featuring California's trends in food, travel, and healthy living.

The Party Girl Diet and Kindle Edition (e-book) are available on

ISBN-10: 1453764496

ISBN-13: 978-1453764497

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