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Health and Wellness - Education and Self-Discipline

  • Synopsis: Published: 2009-07-15 (Revised/Updated 2016-04-07) - It makes sense to eat and drink things that naturally sustain health and extend life span. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Ani Kei at

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Quote: "It makes sense to eat and drink things that naturally sustain health and extend life span and the key word here is natural."

Healthy life-style is the fundamental reason to be winning in life.

Achieving life goals always goes side by side with the on-going self-improvement process. It takes efforts and brings results. It looks hard but forms good habits. It's sane to do just because the rewards are great but the contrary, however, is pain.

Doing well equals succeeding which stems from being in good health that means having no need in dopes and additives. What could be more important than health? Money? Career? Relationship? - If you got the first you'll get the rest and even though it's not always easy, it is always a game.

Wellness is a state of optimum mental and physical health and involves two major factors:

(1) knowledge

(2) self-discipline

It is crucial to know what is healthy and what is not. It makes sense to eat and drink things that naturally sustain health and extend life span and the key word here is natural. Just think, our bodies consist of more than 50 per cent of plain water same as, say, our four-footed friends or birds or even trees and grass. Most of the earth species including humans have blood, others - water or something of this sort. Don't we just all have something in common- Mother nature.

The 20th century was the dawn of biochemical inventions in the field of human nutrition such as fast food, artificial cattle and even fish feeding, all kinds of additives etc. Add to this list the daily car smoke, cigarettes and sitting in an office for 5-10 years and that is enough to get seriously sick.

First of all educate yourself on natural organic foods, high quality vitamins, exercising and managing stress. Get a good piece of advice from a good wellness doctor, get a good book on the subject and start spending 30 minutes a day on getting information and remember: "The game is worth the candle".

Second, discipline yourself on what you need to do and what you must not do and follow the rules. If you fail, don't blame yourself and never abandon your new schedules and menus, just keep doing and soon you'll get your rewards.

Teach your children everything that you learn on your way to better health and prosperous life. - This is quite a bit of responsibility, so make it happen. Have a nice journey!

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