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Disability Exercises: Exercising for Persons with Disabilities Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Exercising with Disability category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Disability Exercises: Exercising for Persons with Disabilities Publications

2018-02-15 : Climbing Stairs Lowers Blood Pressure and Strengthens Leg Muscles : Study demonstrates stair climbing not only lowers blood pressure but also builds leg strength, especially in postmenopausal women with estrogen deficiencies who are more susceptible to vascular and muscle problems.

2017-12-27 : Exercise May Improve Thinking Ability and Memory : American Academy of Neurology guideline shows exercising twice a week may improve thinking ability and memory in people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI).

2017-02-09 : Seniors Who Exercise Regularly Lower Chance of Severe Mobility Problems : Study reveals exercise may help adults prevent or delay disabilities that interfere with independent living.

2016-10-03 : Wheelchair Exercising Book: Zero Assistance Resistance Training by Dan Highcock : Paralympian launches bespoke wheelchair-based workout book to help chair users become fitter, healthier stronger and more independent.

2015-10-07 : Wheelchair Fitness: Invictus Active Trainer : The Invictus Active Trainer is an exercise device designed specifically for wheelchair users.

2015-03-12 : Criptaedo: Martial Arts Designed for People with Disabilities : Criptaedo is a martial art designed to educate the community of people with disabilities on self-defense and fitness.

2014-12-17 : Benefit of Hospital Based Arthritis Exercise Programs : Study finds seniors experienced less pain, reduced stiffness and less fatigue after participating in a hospital exercise program.

2014-12-14 : Exercise Pamphlet for People with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) : How-to guide for home-based exercise program offers a way for people with MS to stay more physically active.

2014-06-12 : YMCAfit - Training Courses to Promote Exercise and Disability : YMCAfit qualification and Instructability course designed to support disabled people to become gym instructors at REPs level 2 and 3.

2014-05-30 : Chronic Disease Related to Inactivity in Adults with Disabilities : Inactive adults with disabilities are 50 percent more likely to report at least one chronic disease.

2014-05-28 : A Walk in the Park - Maintaining Mobility in Seniors : Study proves physical activity can help elderly people maintain their mobility and dodge physical disability.

2014-01-25 : Health Benefits from Low Intensity Activities : Study findings demonstrate importance of minimizing sedentary activities and replacing some of them with light-intensity activities.

2014-01-22 : New Elliptical Exercise Device Promotes Activity While Seated : Compact elliptical device lets you exercise and helps keep the weight off while sitting at a desk or watching TV.

2013-12-14 : Rehabilitation: Exercising at Home : Feasibility study of interval training both in a clinical context and in home-based cardiac rehabilitation.

2013-11-06 : Senior Center Exercise Programs Help Reduce Pain and Improve Mobility : Hospital for Special Surgery study shows exercise programs help reduce arthritis pain for senior participants.

2013-08-16 : Physical Therapy Gymnastics and People with Disabilities : Information relating an adaptation of mainstream gymnastics that can be recreational or lead to competitive opportunities for people with a disability.

2013-06-25 : Exercise of Benefit to People with Type 2 Diabetes : Exercise induced fat reductions are of particular importance to people with type 2 diabetes many of whom are overweight or obese.

2013-02-27 : ChairMaster - Resistance Training and Cycling While Sitting : Innovative fitness chair combines low impact cycling with resistance training to provide a total body workout.

2012-01-17 : Exergames Provide Cognitive Benefits for Seniors : Exergaming - Term used for video games that are also a form of exercise in which virtual reality enhanced exercise, or exergames, combine physical exercise with computer simulated environments and interactive video gaming..

2012-01-07 : Keeping Children with Disabilities Active and Healthy : Parents with children with disabilities need to be a little extra creative sometimes to make sure that physical activities are part of their kids diet just like health foods.

2011-10-29 : Manual Wheelchair Exercise and Calorie Burning : Article shows that people with disabilities in wheelchairs that they can obtain health enhancing benefits when they exercise moderately or vigorously.

2011-09-20 : Symptom Specific Exercise for Parkinson's Disease : An array of exercises designed to target specific motor symptoms caused by Parkinsons disease.

2011-05-05 : AllTernative Gym for Persons with Special Needs : Fitness and therapy programs for those with special needs such as cerebral palsy autism and other neurological disorders.

2011-03-17 : Tai chi Helps Depression in Seniors : When researchers combined weekly tai chi exercise class with standard depression treatment they found greater improvement in level of depression with improved quality of life better memory and cognition and more overall energy.

2011-03-10 : Flo Fusion Fitness System Combines Yoga, Pilates and Resistance Training : Flo Fusion Fitness is a new exercise program offering a refreshing powerful and energizing core body workout.

2011-02-19 : Stretching Before Running Does Not Prevent Injuries : Stretching before a run neither prevents nor causes injury according to a study.

2011-02-04 : Benefits of Outdoor Exercise Confirmed : Benefits to mental and physical well-being from taking exercise in the natural environment.

2010-12-09 : Madonna to Open Hard Candy Fitness Center in Moscow : Madonna announced the opening of the second Hard Candy Fitness Center in Moscow which is projected to open in mid-March 2011.

2010-10-29 : Overexertion: Exercise Induced Rhabdo : Of the rhabdomyolysis causes one of the most common is overexertion brought on by exercise.

2010-10-25 : Madonna to Open Hard Candy Fitness Centers : Madonna announced establishment of Hard Candy Fitness global gyms which will open in major cities around the world.

2010-10-04 : American Adults Must Step it Up by Walking More : U.S. adults take thousands fewer daily steps than foreign counterparts.

2010-09-30 : Love Handles for Chair and Wheelchair Exercises : Love Handles RX is the First Exercise Product made for Wheelchairs and Chairs so You can get Cardio while Seated.

2010-09-24 : BMI Increase in People Who Moved to be Closer to Outdoor Recreation : Study shows BMIs increased in those who chose to move to be closer to outdoor recreation.

2010-09-16 : Health Benefits of Swimming for Exercise : Swimming one of the best weapons to combat the obesity crisis that threatens our future generations.

2010-08-26 : Walking Boosts Brain Connectivity and Function : Walking for 40 minutes three times a week can enhance the connectivity of important brain circuits associated with aging and increase performance on cognitive tasks.

2010-07-07 : Increased Lower Body Strength Promotes Independent Lives for Seniors : Research study suggests a significant number of residents living in retirement communities have deficits in lower body strength.

2010-06-23 : Fitness First Commits To Inclusion : Fitness First has been recognized for its determination to include disabled people.

2010-06-02 : Core Muscles and Exercises for Core Muscle Groups : Examines the core muscles in the belly area and mid and lower back includes core muscle exercises.

2010-05-01 : Green Exercise for Good Mental Health : Green exercise produces the greatest improvement in mood and sense of personal well-being.

2010-04-09 : Mild Exercise Benefits Critically ill in Intensive Care : Sedatives reduced so mild exercise programs can be introduced to critically ill patients in intensive care.

2010-03-12 : No Time to Exercise? New Exercise HIT Involves Exercising Less! : Benefits of short term high-intensity interval training (HIT) as time-efficient safe alternative to moderate long term exercise.

2010-01-28 : What you Eat After Exercising Makes a Difference : Many health benefits of aerobic exercise are due to recent exercise sessions and benefits are affected by food we eat afterwards.

2009-11-08 : Using Exercise Stability Balls at Work : Using a stability ball as an office chair strengthens core muscles similar to use of a backless chair or stool.

2009-10-28 : Exercise Good for Lymphoma Patients : A healthy dose of exercise is good medicine even for lymphoma patients receiving chemotherapy.

2009-09-05 : Abdominal Exercises for Back Pain and Psoas Muscles : To improve psoas functioning a different approach to abdominal exercises than the one commonly practiced is necessary.

2009-08-09 : Physical Inactivity Poses Health Risk to Americans : Research has shown approximately 25 percent to 35 percent of American adults are inactive.

2009-07-14 : Effective Ways of Promoting Physical Exercise : Promoting physical activity through mass media campaigns are the most cost-effective in terms of the money spent.

2009-04-17 : Safe Exercise for Migraine Sufferers : Exercise program that can improve fitness among migraine sufferers without aggravating this painful condition.

2009-04-13 : Walking and Biking to Work - Attitudes and Obstacles : Walking or biking to school or work can be an easy way to integrate physical activity into the daily exercise and fitness routine.

2009-04-04 : Knee and Hip Replacements - Exercises After Surgery : knee and hip exercises should take into consideration the date of surgery your overall medical condition and age.

2009-03-24 : Exercises to Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles : Pelvic floor exercises that provide the correct exercise to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to prevent incontinence.

2009-03-18 : Exercise Reduces Depression Improves Self Esteem in Overweight Children : Less than an hour of daily exercise reduces depressive symptoms and improves self esteem in overweight children.

2009-03-17 : Moderate Intensity Walking Means 100 Steps per Minute : It is recommended that people engage in 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity physical activity.

2009-02-27 : Using an Exercise Ball for Fitness : Many people owe their fitness and health to exercise balls including people who suffer from muscular dystrophy and have balancing problems.

2009-02-27 : Accessible Fitness Enhances Abilities : When he ventured out to the gyms again he found out that they were not accessible to a person in a wheelchair.

2009-02-12 : Yoga Aerobics and Pilates Fitness Routines : Exercises and lessons in Yoga Aerobics and Pilates fitness routines for individuals with disabilities or chronic health conditions.

2009-02-10 : Exercising Programs For People With Disabilities : The benefits of working a consistent exercise program and weekly routine are the same for the disabled as for anyone else.

2009-02-10 : Older Runners Postpone Disability : Older men and women who exercise regularly less likely to suffer any form of disability than people who do not exercise.

2009-02-10 : Wheelchair Exercises and Fitness : Regular wheelchair exercise will help increase strength flexibility improve mobility and strengthen heart and lungs plus help control your weight.

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