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Disability Exercises: Exercising for Persons with Disabilities Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Exercising with Disability category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-02-09Seniors Who Exercise Regularly Lower Chance of Severe Mobility Problems
2016-10-03Wheelchair Exercising Book: Zero Assistance Resistance Training by Dan Highcock
2015-10-07Wheelchair Fitness: Invictus Active Trainer
2015-03-12Criptaedo: Martial Arts Designed for People with Disabilities
2014-12-17Benefit of Hospital Based Arthritis Exercise Programs
2014-12-14Exercise Pamphlet for People with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
2014-06-12YMCAfit - Training Courses to Promote Exercise and Disability
2014-05-30Chronic Disease Related to Inactivity in Adults with Disabilities
2014-05-28A Walk in the Park - Maintaining Mobility in Seniors
2014-01-25Health Benefits from Low Intensity Activities
2014-01-22New Elliptical Exercise Device Promotes Activity While Seated
2013-12-14Rehabilitation: Exercising at Home
2013-11-06Senior Center Exercise Programs Help Reduce Pain and Improve Mobility
2013-08-16Physical Therapy Gymnastics and People with Disabilities
2013-06-25Exercise of Benefit to People with Type 2 Diabetes
2013-02-27ChairMaster - Resistance Training and Cycling While Sitting
2012-01-17Exergames Provide Cognitive Benefits for Seniors
2012-01-07Keeping Children with Disabilities Active and Healthy
2011-10-29Manual Wheelchair Exercise and Calorie Burning
2011-09-20Symptom Specific Exercise for Parkinson's Disease
2011-05-05AllTernative Gym for Persons with Special Needs
2011-03-17Tai chi Helps Depression in Seniors
2011-03-10Flo Fusion Fitness System Combines Yoga, Pilates and Resistance Training
2011-02-19Stretching Before Running Does Not Prevent Injuries
2011-02-04Benefits of Outdoor Exercise Confirmed
2010-12-09Madonna to Open Hard Candy Fitness Center in Moscow
2010-10-29Overexertion: Exercise Induced Rhabdo
2010-10-25Madonna to Open Hard Candy Fitness Centers
2010-10-04American Adults Must Step it Up by Walking More
2010-09-30Love Handles for Chair and Wheelchair Exercises
2010-09-24BMI Increase in People Who Moved to be Closer to Outdoor Recreation
2010-09-16Health Benefits of Swimming for Exercise
2010-08-26Walking Boosts Brain Connectivity and Function
2010-07-07Increased Lower Body Strength Promotes Independent Lives for Seniors
2010-06-23Fitness First Commits To Inclusion
2010-06-02Core Muscles and Exercises for Core Muscle Groups
2010-05-01Green Exercise for Good Mental Health
2010-04-09Mild Exercise Benefits Critically ill in Intensive Care
2010-03-12No Time to Exercise? New Exercise HIT Involves Exercising Less!
2010-01-28What you Eat After Exercising Makes a Difference
2009-11-08Using Exercise Stability Balls at Work
2009-10-28Exercise Good for Lymphoma Patients
2009-09-05Abdominal Exercises for Back Pain and Psoas Muscles
2009-08-09Physical Inactivity Poses Health Risk to Americans
2009-07-14Effective Ways of Promoting Physical Exercise
2009-04-17Safe Exercise for Migraine Sufferers
2009-04-13Walking and Biking to Work - Attitudes and Obstacles
2009-04-04Knee and Hip Replacements - Exercises After Surgery
2009-03-24Exercises to Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles
2009-03-18Exercise Reduces Depression Improves Self Esteem in Overweight Children
2009-03-17Moderate Intensity Walking Means 100 Steps per Minute
2009-02-27Using an Exercise Ball for Fitness
2009-02-27Accessible Fitness Enhances Abilities
2009-02-12Yoga Aerobics and Pilates Fitness Routines
2009-02-10Exercising Programs For People With Disabilities
2009-02-10Older Runners Postpone Disability
2009-02-10Wheelchair Exercises and Fitness

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