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Published: 2015/10/07 - Updated: 2018/05/01
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Synopsis: The Invictus Active Trainer is an exercise device designed specifically for wheelchair users.

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Designed specifically for wheelchair users the Invictus Active Trainer is the ideal solution to improve your fitness, balance and technique.

Suitable for everyone - from weight loss, building muscle strength through to improving balance and technique - also used by athletes for high intensity sport workouts and as a key training aid to increase speed around basketball court, across a tennis court or around a race track.

Features and Benefits

Invictus Active Smart Trainer

The Invictus Active Smart Trainer records your speed, distance and heart rate - connecting to all smart phones via our app, allowing you to keep track of your progress, weight loss and improved fitness over time! - with various exercise routines and workouts available.

You can upgrade to the Smart model at any time with includes bluetooth trainer sensor, heart rate sensor and phone stand / holder.

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Invictus Active Trainer Wheelchair Without User
Invictus Active Trainer Wheelchair Without User

Who invented The Invictus Active Trainer?

The Invictus Active Trainer has been invented by Paul Cooksey and Scott Smith, both full time wheelchair users and was once some rollers and wooden ramps in a garage!

After 12 months recovering from an RTA and Spinal Cord Injury in 2006 Paul knew he needed to get more active and lose some weight, in fact his first goal was to be able to push his wheelchair independently more than 10 meters.

Seeking ways to get more active Paul started to play wheelchair tennis where he met Scott, who too has a Spinal Cord Injury following a tumor in the spine at the age of 9. Paul was starting to get fitter and quicker - and it clearly wasn't his tennis skills! - what he had created was this concept of being able to push (wheel) your own wheelchair just like you would along a road, but stationary in his garage!

After showing Scott, who has played wheelchair sport for 15 years, he too could see the potential of what this could bring to a new wheelchair user being able to improve strength so they can push up a ramp into a shop - through to a top athlete being able improve their fitness and give them a competitive edge in their sport.

Several prototypes and a few years later we have created the Invictus Active Trainer - no longer with wooden ramps - but lightweight, portable and able to connect to your phone to record speed - and yes Paul still has one in his garage!

Further Information

Website: www.invictusactive.com/product/invictus-active-trainer/


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