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Longevity: Extending Life Span Expectancy Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Longevity - Life Expectancy category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-09-15Why Do We Age - Why Didn't We Evolve to Live Forever
2017-09-01Public Turns to Holistic Healthcare Models and Practices as U.S. Life Expectancy Declines
2017-08-10Longevity Preparation - No Need to Become Frail As We Age
2017-08-07Hypothalamus Stem Cells Govern Rate of Aging
2017-05-18Life Expectancy for People With Parkinson's Disease and Lewy Body Dementia
2017-04-07Epigenetic Clock Distinguishes Between Chronological and Biological Age
2017-02-21Average Life Expectancy Set to Increase in Developed Nations by 2030
2016-11-25Europeans Living Longer, But Not Always in Good Health
2016-11-22Individual Lifespans Becoming More Similar
2016-10-17Coenzyme NAD+ Has Potential to Postpone Aging
2016-06-15Why Do Females Live Longer than Males?
2016-06-09Increase in Disability-free Life Span Expectancy
2016-04-15Americans Now Living Longer - But With Disability or Health Issues
2016-04-11Inequality Linked to Large and Growing Gap in Lifespans
2016-03-30Scientific Secrets for Successful Aging
2016-02-29Anti-aging: Significant Breakthrough for New Treatments
2015-08-30Higher Life Expectancy - But More Years with Illness & Disability
2015-08-29Defeating Aging - Physics Meets Biology
2015-07-09Skin Looking Older on the Outside? You're Probably Old on the Inside
2015-03-09Can Treadmill Performance Predict Mortality
2015-02-09DNA Telomeres Predict Our Life Expectancy
2015-01-30Human DNA Clock Measures Lifespans
2014-12-05Pyunkang Korean Medicine Hospital: Vision of Doctor of Korean Medicine Banning Chemical Medicines
2014-11-13Improving Life Expectancy and Health: Workplace Health Programs
2014-09-01Modulating Age-related Decline in Musculoskeletal System
2014-05-23Drug May Slow Aging and Related Disease
2014-05-14Sense of Purpose Can Add Years to Your Life
2014-03-30Biological Age Calculator: Check Your True Health Age
2014-01-11Numbers of Centenarians Rising and Women Continue to Outlive Males
2014-01-03Slowing the Aging Process by Turning Off Human Aging Genes
2013-12-12Old Age Has a New Definition
2013-03-11Breakthrough for Anti-aging Drug
2012-12-11The Older We Get the Better We Feel - Paradox of Aging
2012-11-17Gene Helps Predict Sleep Times and Time of Death
2012-06-22United States Life Span Expectancy Lags Behind Many Countries
2011-12-24Onset of Age-related Disability and Disorders Could be Delayed or Prevented
2011-11-03Erasing Signs of Aging in Cells a Step Forward for Regenerative Medicine
2011-08-26Longevity Clinics - Information on Anti Aging Centers
2011-08-24Longevity Insurance - Income Supplement for Old Age
2011-08-22Successful Aging: How to Age Successfully
2011-08-19Temporarily Reversing Aging in the Immune System


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