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Longevity and Life Span Publications

Why Some People Live to Be a 100
Studying 176 healthy Japanese centenarians researchers learn the combination of intestinal bacteria and bacterial viruses of these people is quite unique.
Publish Date: 2023/05/31

Children of Helicopter Parents Tend to Live Less Longer
Analysis of data for nearly 1,000 participants in the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing born in the 1950s and 1960s discovered children's relationships with parents influence longevity.
Publish Date: 2023/02/06

Discovery Finds Aging Process Driven by Unbalanced Genes
Research finds that most molecular-level changes that occur during aging are associated with gene length. The finding could lead to interventions designed to slow or even reverse aging.
Publish Date: 2022/12/09

Waist-to-hip Ratio Predicts Early Death Better Than BMI
Waist-to-hip ratio measurement should replace BMI as a simple measure of healthy weight as it better predicts early death than BMI.
Publish Date: 2022/09/23

Married and Degree Educated Males Have High Probability of Outliving Females
Men have a high probability of outliving women, especially those who are married and have a degree, reveals a statistical analysis.
Publish Date: 2022/08/03 - Updated: 2023/01/04

The Importance of Elders for Societal Longevity
Researchers assert that the long human lifespan is due in part to the contributions of older adults in cultural societies.
Publish Date: 2022/07/17 - Updated: 2023/01/04

Life After Death: Reviving Light-Sensing Cells in Donor Eyes
Scientists revive light-sensing neuron cells in organ donor eyes and restore communication between them as part of a series of discoveries that stand to transform brain and vision research.
Publish Date: 2022/05/16

Link Between Sport and Life Expectancy
Study reveals in sport, boxers have the shortest life expectancy, where all other sports in the study had a life expectancy ranging from the mid-70s to early 80s, the life expectancy of a boxer was just 67.7 years of age.
Publish Date: 2021/11/15 - Updated: 2022/01/24

Study Data Shows There is No Cheating Old Age
Study comparing data reveals increase in human life expectancy is more likely statistical outcome of improved survival for children and young adults, not slowing the aging clock.
Publish Date: 2021/06/16 - Updated: 2021/06/20

Metolazone Could be Key to Increased Lifespan
Existing anti-hypertension drug Metolazone can activate mitochondrial stress response that prolongs lifespan shows potential for re-purposing into anti-aging pharmaceutical drugs for humans (Research Study Analysis).
Publish Date: 2020/12/24 - Updated: 2023/10/09

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for Anti-aging
HGH has an effect on almost all our tissues and organs, it enhances growth of various organs and tissues, muscle and bone, and increases protein synthesis.
Publish Date: 2018/11/05 - Updated: 2020/12/24

Will You Be the Same Person 50 Years from Now?
Study reveals that broad patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors - personality - do change, and this change appears to accumulate with time.
Publish Date: 2018/08/17 - Updated: 2019/12/25

Clues to Aging Found in Stem Cells Genomes
Some types of immortal cells in people may perform the same rejuvenating trick to prevent the rDNA declines that come with age.
Publish Date: 2018/02/15 - Updated: 2023/06/02

U.S. Mortality Rate Improvement Slowed by Rise in Obesity
Studies reveal rise in obesity to blame for reduction in rate of improvement in American mortality during last 30 years.
Publish Date: 2018/01/20

Population-specific Deep Biomarkers of Aging
Population-specific biomarkers of human aging: a big data study using South Korean, Canadian and Eastern-European patient populations.
Publish Date: 2018/01/11 - Updated: 2018/01/26

People Want to Live Longer - But Only If in Good Health
Research shows individually most people only want to live long lives if they will be healthy.
Publish Date: 2017/12/15

Why Do We Age? Why Didn't We Evolve to Live Forever?
Researchers make breakthrough in understanding origin of the ageing process giving evidence for how the ageing process arises as a quirk of evolution (Paper / Essay).
Publish Date: 2017/09/15 - Updated: 2023/09/20

US Turns to Holistic Healthcare as Life Expectancy Drops
For the first time in almost 25 years, the overall life expectancy for men and women living in the United States has declined.
Publish Date: 2017/09/01 - Updated: 2022/09/03

Longevity Preparation : No Need to Become Frail As We Age
Age-related frailty may be a treatable and preventable health problem, just like obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.
Publish Date: 2017/08/10 - Updated: 2020/03/24

Hypothalamus Stem Cells Govern Rate of Aging
Stem cells in the brain hypothalamus govern how fast aging occurs in the body, and could lead to new strategies for warding off age-related diseases and extending lifespan.
Publish Date: 2017/08/07 - Updated: 2020/03/24

Life Expectancy for People With Parkinson's Disease and Lewy Body Dementia
Mayo Clinic study provides answers for patients with Parkinsons disease, Lewy body dementia, multiple system atrophy with parkinsonism and Parkinsons disease dementia.
Publish Date: 2017/05/18 - Updated: 2020/10/05

Epigenetic Clock Distinguishes Between Chronological and Biological Age
Traditional clocks measure the passage of chronological time and age, an epigenetic clock can also measure biological age.
Publish Date: 2017/04/07 - Updated: 2021/03/23

Average Life Expectancy Set to Increase in Developed Nations by 2030
Study analysed long-term data on mortality and longevity trends to predict how life expectancy will change in industrialised countries by the year 2030.
Publish Date: 2017/02/21

Europeans Living Longer, But Not Always in Good Health
Europe 2016 European Commission/OECD report shows policies aimed at promoting good health, preventing diseases, and effective healthcare could save lives and billions of euros (Observational Study).
Publish Date: 2016/11/25 - Updated: 2023/09/16

Individual Lifespans Becoming More Similar
life expectancy and variation of individual lifespans tightly bound together by mathematical relationship.
Publish Date: 2016/11/22 - Updated: 2020/09/10

Coenzyme NAD+ Has Potential to Postpone Aging
Researchers find the substance NAD+ bridges gap between two main aging theories, repairs to the DNA and poor functioning mitochondria.
Publish Date: 2016/10/17 - Updated: 2021/04/30

Why Females Live Longer than Males
Longevity may relate to immune system differences, responses to oxidative stress, mitochondrial fitness or that men have one X chromosome (and one Y), while women have two X chromosomes.
Publish Date: 2016/06/15 - Updated: 2022/03/05

Increase in Disability-free Life Span Expectancy
It used to be that when you turn 70, your occupation became managing your health, now you can increasingly just live your life.
Publish Date: 2016/06/09 - Updated: 2020/10/31

Americans Living Longer But with Disability or Health Issues
Study reveals increased longevity not necessarily indicative of good health, as most age groups live longer with disability or health problems.
Publish Date: 2016/04/15 - Updated: 2022/03/05

Inequality Linked to Large and Growing Gap in Lifespans
Study reveals differences in lifespan exist along the entire continuum of wealth in the U.S..
Publish Date: 2016/04/11 - Updated: 2020/10/28

Scientific Secrets for Successful Aging
Researchers discover metabolites that are specifically related to aging and shed light on how the human body ages.
Publish Date: 2016/03/30 - Updated: 2020/10/30

Anti-aging Breakthrough for New Aging Treatments
A breakthrough in understanding human skin cells offers a pathway for new anti-ageing treatments.
Publish Date: 2016/02/29 - Updated: 2020/07/17

Higher Life Expectancy - But More Years with Illness and Disability
Increase in healthy life expectancy not as dramatic as growth of lifespan with people living more years with illness and disabilities.
Publish Date: 2015/08/30 - Updated: 2020/10/31

Defeating Aging: When Physics Meets Biology
Insights into biology of aging and age-related diseases, primarily, around stability and stress resistance of certain gene regulatory networks.
Publish Date: 2015/08/29 - Updated: 2021/08/06

Skin Looks Old on the Outside? You're Probably Old on the Inside
Factors that determine whether people are aging faster or slower than their peers, and to quantify their biological age and how quickly they are aging.
Publish Date: 2015/07/09 - Updated: 2021/08/10

Can Treadmill Performance Predict Mortality
Formula estimates risk of dying over a decade based on ability to exercise on a treadmill at increasing speed and incline.
Publish Date: 2015/03/09

DNA Telomeres Predict Our Life Expectancy
DNA end caps called telomeres are great predictors of life expectancy the shorter your telomeres, the shorter your lifespan.
Publish Date: 2015/02/09 - Updated: 2020/10/11

Human DNA Clock Measures Lifespans
Scientists identify biological clock that provides vital clues about how long a person is likely to live.
Publish Date: 2015/01/30 - Updated: 2020/10/16

Doctor of Korean Medicine Vision on Banning Chemical Medicines
Doctor of Korean medicine has been asserting banning of chemical medicines, and dreaming of extending the lifespan of humankind by 30 years, recently disclosed his specific visions for the realization of this dream..
Publish Date: 2014/12/05 - Updated: 2021/10/04

Workplace Health Programs Improve Life Expectancy and Health
Steps to encourage adoption of evidence-based disease prevention and health promotion programs in the workplace.
Publish Date: 2014/11/13 - Updated: 2020/11/26

Modulating Age-related Decline in Musculoskeletal System
Being physically active may significantly improve musculoskeletal and overall health, and minimize or delay the effects of aging.
Publish Date: 2014/09/01 - Updated: 2021/05/29

Drug May Slow Aging and Related Disease
New research helps explain the action of rapamycin a drug that appears to mimic dietary restriction.
Publish Date: 2014/05/23

Sense of Purpose Can Add Years to Your Life
According to new research feeling you have a sense of purpose in life may help you live longer no matter what your age.
Publish Date: 2014/05/14 - Updated: 2021/07/23

Biological Age Calculator: Find Your True Health Age
Real age calculator provides longevity information and calculates your approximate health age or biological age as well as your estimated life expectancy.
Publish Date: 2014/03/30 - Updated: 2022/08/10

Numbers of Centenarians Rising : Women Continue to Outlive Males
Study highlights findings that people are living longer and women make up a significant proportion of centenarians.
Publish Date: 2014/01/11 - Updated: 2021/09/18

Slowing the Aging Process by Turning Off Human Aging Genes
Computer algorithm developed by researchers identifies genes that could be transformed to stop the aging process.
Publish Date: 2014/01/03 - Updated: 2021/09/21

New Definition for Defining Old Age
Age is not just the number of years one has lived and a new study provides a set of tools for measuring age in all its dimensions.
Publish Date: 2013/12/12 - Updated: 2021/09/26

Breakthrough for New Anti Aging Drug
A single anti-aging enzyme in the body can be targeted with the potential to prevent age-related diseases and extend lifespans.
Publish Date: 2013/03/11 - Updated: 2019/03/13

Paradox of Aging: Older We Get the Better We Feel
Higher self-rating of successful aging associated with higher education, better cognitive function, better perceived physical and mental health, less depression, and greater optimism and resilience.
Publish Date: 2012/12/11 - Updated: 2021/06/20

Gene Predicts Sleep Times and Likely Time of Death
Biological clock regulates preferred sleep times, peak cognitive performance and timing of physiological processes and medical events like stroke and heart attack.
Publish Date: 2012/11/17 - Updated: 2022/03/15

United States Life Span Expectancy Lags Behind Many Countries
Despite modest longevity gains in lifespan over the past 100 years, the United States still trails many countries when it comes to life expectancy.
Publish Date: 2012/06/22 - Updated: 2022/09/03

By Ridding Senescent Cells Age-related Disability May be Delayed or Prevented
Onset of age related disorders and disabilities could be delayed or prevented by eliminating senescent cells that are no longer dividing.
Publish Date: 2011/12/24 - Updated: 2021/11/08

Erasing Signs of Aging in Cells a Step Forward for Regenerative Medicine
Rejuvenating cells from elderly donors were re-programmed in vitro to induced pluripotent stem cells and to rejuvenated and human embryonic stem cells.
Publish Date: 2011/11/03 - Updated: 2021/08/11

Longevity Clinics or Anti Aging Centers
Information and list of Longevity Clinics also known as Anti Aging Centers or Life Extension Institutes.
Publish Date: 2011/08/26 - Updated: 2022/01/05

Longevity Insurance - Income Supplement for Old Age
Information on longevity insurance a type of policy for seniors that issues payments when you hit an advanced age generally 85.
Publish Date: 2011/08/24

How to Age Successfully
Information and tips on successful aging and how to age and stay healthy in your senior years.
Publish Date: 2011/08/22 - Updated: 2022/01/10

Temporarily Reversing Aging in Immune System
Research opens up possibility of temporarily reversing effects of aging on immunity and could allow for short-term boosting of the immune systems of seniors.
Publish Date: 2011/08/19 - Updated: 2022/01/11

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