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Nutrition and Healthy Food Publications
Document TitlePeer ReviewedPublishedUpdated
Nutritional Epigenetics Education Improves Diet and Attitude in Parents of Children with Autism and ADHDYes2024/02/09
Healthy Roselle Muffins Containing Hibiscus ExtractYes2023/03/07
Reducing Sodium in Australian Packaged FoodYes2023/01/10
FDA Effort to Advance Implementation of New Consumer Nutrition Facts Label for FoodsN/A2018/03/012019/04/30
Protein 3 Times Daily May Make Seniors StrongerYes2017/09/212023/09/21
$16.8 Million to Help SNAP Participants Purchase Healthy FoodsN/A2017/08/082020/03/24
American Food and Health Survey ResultsN/A2016/05/122021/05/29
Clinical Trial Shows Watercress Extract Detoxifies Carcinogens in SmokersN/A2016/04/19
Health Consequences of MalnutritionN/A2016/01/222020/11/19
Eggs and Cholesterol Good for You or Not?N/A2016/01/122020/04/15
Picky or Fussy Eating Habits in ChildrenN/A2015/08/122021/08/06
Ellagic Acid May Slow Growth of Some Cancer TumorsN/A2015/02/102021/09/06
Health Benefits of Beet Juice for MusclesN/A2015/01/212020/10/24
Making a Healthier Homemade PizzaN/A2015/01/202020/10/22
Fruit, Vegetables, Grains and Nuts Help Lower Stroke RiskN/A2014/10/312020/12/03
Health Benefits of Whole Grain OatsN/A2014/10/302021/04/17
Are Artificial Sweeteners SafeN/A2014/10/152022/08/19
Children Need Proper Nutrition at School and at HomeN/A2014/10/112021/05/01
How Much Does One Serving Size EqualN/A2014/09/122023/05/31
Malnutrition and Seniors: Ensuring the Elderly are Not MalnourishedN/A2014/05/292021/08/29
Diet Soda and Artificial Sweeteners Bad for HealthN/A2014/04/082022/08/19
Foods and Moods: Future Thoughts May Impact Eating HabitsN/A2014/02/182021/09/01
What Causes Us to Feel HungryN/A2014/02/092021/02/07
MyPlate: What a Healthy Meal Looks LikeN/A2013/12/292022/01/14
Quality of Protein Consumed MattersN/A2013/11/192021/10/03
Impact of Fiber on Health IndicesN/A2013/04/232021/05/02
Assessing the Benefits of Specific Nutritional SupplementsN/A2012/06/20
How the Chaga Mushroom Can Help Fight Against CancerN/A2012/03/162023/10/09
Eating More Dietary Fiber Decreases Risk of DiseaseN/A2012/01/112014/03/13
Health Impact of Poor Eating ChoicesN/A2011/11/222021/11/25
Eating Chocolate Is Good for the HeartN/A2011/08/30
Fast Food Eaters Cut Calories After Food Labeling System IntroductionN/A2011/07/302022/01/27
Adding Poultry to the Breakfast MenuN/A2011/05/26
U.S. Immigrants Eat American Junk Food to Fit InN/A2011/05/032022/04/10
Health Effects of Wine and Sea SaltN/A2011/04/252022/04/16
Pink Slime: Ammonia Infused Meat AdditiveN/A2011/04/172022/04/20
Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution LAN/A2011/04/162022/04/20
How to Cut Sugar From Your DietN/A2011/04/162022/04/20
Health Benefits of Maple SyrupN/A2011/04/012016/04/18
Have Your Candy and Eat It TooN/A2011/03/31
Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Season 2N/A2011/03/302022/04/20
Fighting Cancer with Turmeric at Indian RestaurantsN/A2011/03/022022/05/20
Eating Right With Colored Food GroupsN/A2011/02/262022/05/22
Food Calorie Labeling Has No Effect on PurchasesN/A2011/02/202022/06/15
Lithium from Water and Vegetables Improves LifespanN/A2011/02/182022/05/30
Diet Drinks May Raise Odds of Vascular EventsN/A2011/02/092022/06/08
Lower Cholesterol Level in EggsN/A2011/02/082015/04/19
Calorie Information Labels on BeveragesN/A2011/02/082022/06/15
Guidelines on Eating Seafood - Especially During PregnancyN/A2011/01/312022/06/17
Eating Badly Can Cause DepressionN/A2011/01/27
Making Healthy Food and Healthier Food More Affordable - WalmartN/A2011/01/20
Milk: 90% of Americans Fall Short of Key NutrientsN/A2011/01/112021/03/26
Reducing Calorie in Restaurant FoodsN/A2010/11/07
The Harmful Effects of Sugar ConsumptionN/A2010/11/032022/08/20
Major Nutrition Labelling Initiative - CanadaN/A2010/10/24
List of Healthy Food You Should be EatingN/A2010/06/092021/01/21
Chili Pepper Ingredient Capsaicin Fights ObesityN/A2010/06/02
Pistachios May Keep the Cardiologist AwayN/A2010/05/172014/07/15
Phytonutrients Associated with Bone Health - Americans Missing OutN/A2010/05/062021/05/17
Sodium Reduction InitiativesN/A2010/04/20
Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Huntington AmericaN/A2010/04/182022/04/20
Calorie Restriction Slows Aging and Improves HealthN/A2010/04/16
Canadian Families Want More Real FoodN/A2010/04/07
Eggs for Breakfast Reduces Daily Calorie ConsumptionN/A2010/04/06
Chocolate Reduces Blood Pressure and Risk of Heart DiseaseN/A2010/03/30
Calories on Menus - Health Care BillN/A2010/03/29
Cutting Calories from Cakes and FrostingsN/A2010/03/29
Curry and Spices May Delay Liver DamageN/A2010/03/24
Ancient Cooking Techniques May Solve Obama's Healthcare ProblemN/A2010/03/22
Maple Syrup Provides Beneficial Health CompoundsN/A2010/03/212016/04/18
Nutrition Services for Seniors in Communities and at HomeN/A2010/03/08
BeneVia Adult Nutrition DrinkN/A2010/03/04
Lose Weight and Lower Blood Pressure - Drink Vegetable JuiceN/A2009/10/20
Making Healthy Food ChoicesN/A2009/07/232014/02/18
Breakfast Choices Impact Hunger and Calorie ConsumptionN/A2009/04/202014/01/09
Food Groups for Good NutritionN/A2009/02/222015/06/04
Cancer Prevention Through Good NutritionN/A2009/02/22
Nutrition Issues and Dietary Problems Faced by SeniorsN/A2009/02/222012/03/14
Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables and Healthy FoodN/A2009/02/222023/04/19
Protein in Eggs Contributes to Strength and EnergyN/A2009/02/172016/01/12

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