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Nutritious Berries: Superfoods for Health & Fitness Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Berries category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Nutritious Berries: Superfoods for Health & Fitness Publications

2016-03-14 : Blueberries May Help Fight Alzheimer's Disease : The blueberry fruit is loaded with healthful antioxidants that could help prevent devastating effects of Alzheimer's disease dementia.

2014-02-27 : Lowering Cholesterol Levels by Eating Strawberries : Study supports protective role of bioactive compounds in strawberries in tackling recognized markers and risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

2014-01-24 : Chocolate, Tea and Berry Ingredients May Guard Against Diabetes : Eating high levels of flavonoids including anthocyanins and other compounds found in berries, tea, and chocolate could offer protection from type 2 diabetes.

2011-10-03 : Blueberries Reduce Growth and Spread of Breast Cancer Tumors : Study finds feeding blueberry powder to mice significantly reduced growth and spread of triple negative breast cancer cells a very aggressive form of cancer.

2011-04-11 : Strawberries May Slow Precancerous Growth in Esophagus : Freeze-dried strawberries may be an alternative to drugs for the prevention of esophageal cancer.

2011-02-14 : Eating Berries May Lower Risk of Parkinson's Disease : New research shows men and women who regularly eat berries may have a lower risk of developing Parkinsons disease.

2011-01-14 : Bioactive Compounds in Berries Can Reduce High Blood Pressure : Eating blueberries can guard against high blood pressure according to new research by the University of East Anglia and Harvard University.

2010-11-03 : Black Raspberries May Prevent Colon Cancer : Black raspberries are highly effective in preventing colorectal tumors in two mouse models of the disease.

2010-10-23 : Blueberries Help Fight Artery Hardening : Blueberries may help fight atherosclerosis also known as hardening of the arteries according to results of a study.

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