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How Chaga Can Help In The Fight Against Cancer

  • Published: 2012-03-16 (Revised/Updated 2018-05-02) : Author: Katie Li : Contact:
  • Synopsis: Much research has been conducted on ability of Chaga to fight cancer and numerous studies and experiments have proved its effectiveness.

If only Chaga was given the proper recognition in the field of mainstream medicine, cancer may not be the incurable disease it now is. There are many forms of cancer treatment available today but this disease still claims the lives of thousands of people all over the world every year.

(Inonotus Obliquus) A fungus in Hymenochaetaceae family.

Chaga is reported to be one of nature's oldest documented and most revered herbs. Touted for centuries throughout Asia as "The King of Herbs", "A Gift from God," and "The Mushroom of Immortality".

Chaga is traditionally grated into a fine powder and used to brew a beverage resembling coffee or tea.

For medicinal use, an extraction process is needed to make at least some of the bio-active components bioavailable.

Much research has been conducted on Chaga's ability to fight cancer, and numerous studies and experiments have proved its effectiveness. It was the book "The Cancer Ward" by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, that gave the world a glimpse of what this mushroom can do to cancer patients.

Because of this book, many medical researchers went to Siberia to check out the validity of its cancer claims. A medical team found out that although there was a lot of talk about cancer in this place, not even a single cancer patient was admitted in any of its hospitals. They also found out that the Russian peasants, in order to save money on coffee, were brewing Chaga mushrooms instead. Unwittingly, they were able to treat themselves for cancer by drinking this Chaga tea regularly.

Chaga (inonotus obliquus) growing on trunk of Birch treeAbout This Image: Chaga (inonotus obliquus) growing on trunk of Birch treeConsidering that this mushroom normally take 20 years to mature before it is harvested, it is not surprising that it contains many potent chemical substances that can be used in killing cancer cells. Chaga actually gets these substances from the trunk and bark of its birch tree hosts.

A medical research team has found that the total pathogens present in birch tree forests in Siberia are significantly less than the pathogens present in a modern operating room. The anti-microbial substances in the trunk and bark of birch trees are so potent that even if they are completely rotten, their color is still white. These are the substances that are completely consumed by Chaga mushrooms by the time of their harvest at the end of 20 years. Shortly after harvesting the mushrooms, the birch tree host usually dies off - because all of its life-giving nutrients were consumed by the mushrooms.

There are several chemical analyses of Chaga that have determined the composition that make it a very effective agent against cancer. These chemical substances are as follows:

These powerful substances are the reasons why Chaga is an effective cancer treatment.

Studies have shown how these substances work with each other to suppress the growth of cancer cells. These studies were able to ascertain two anti-cancer qualities of this mushroom:

Here is one specific case study that showed how Chaga was able to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

A study done by Professor Jordan K. Ziawiony of the Department of Pharmacognosy, University of Mississippi, was published by the American Chemical Society and American Society of Pharmacognosy on January 22, 2004. The study showed that the chemical substances in Chaga showed strong anti-microbial activity making them a good source of new antibiotics.

Furthermore the study also stated that there are many compounds that displayed anti-viral, cytotoxic and anti-neopolastic activities. With respect to its anti-cancer properties, the study also showed that these compounds act as biological response modifiers, or BRMs, which function as immuno-potentiators that prevent carcinogenesis. Chaga therefore has shown direct anti-cancer affects and can also prevent metastasis.

From all the positive results of these experiments, there is no doubt that Chaga can be used effectively for treating cancer. Here is how Chaga can be used in the fight against cancer: For those who are still not confident about using Chaga, they can use it as an adjunct to their regular cancer treatment. This substance was found to mitigate the negative effects of chemotherapy. It also was found to enhance the effectiveness of standard cancer treatments Those who are already convinced of Chaga's effectiveness against cancer can use it as their only form of treatment. As recounted on the book "The Cancer Ward" Chaga can really be used to heal cancer patients even if it is the only form of cancer treatment used.

However, you still need to seek professional medical advice on how Chaga can be properly included in your cancer treatment. Don't use Chaga without the guidance and supervision of your medical provider. This will ensure the safety and success of whatever course of cancer treatment that you undertake.

Undoubtedly there are many advantages of Chaga over standard cancer treatments. The most notable advantage is that Chaga can kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

Chaga can definitely kill cancer cells. It will not just prolong the lives of cancer patients but can ensure they live a cancer-free life. People should not be afraid of using this product because it is safe and does not leave negative side effects like chemotherapy and radiation treatments. It is a perfectly safe cancer treatment that can help with the healing of cancer patients.

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