Ancient Cooking Techniques May Solve Obama's Healthcare Problem

Author: Raphael Gamon
Published: 2010/03/22
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Synopsis: Food we eat can make a major difference to our long-term health if we learn to eat properly.


Treating the symptoms, not finding the cure, it's the oldest trick in town and hits the biggest issue in Healthcare. Now imagine that one can literally cook their way to healthier living... fewer ailments, less doctor's visits, cheaper medical bills.

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While politicians haggle over what's best, they are ignoring the easiest solution that is right in the kitchen of their homes.

"The food that we eat can make a major difference to our long-term health... if we learn to eat properly. Don't worry - this isn't going to bore on about cutting out meat and eating your veggies... this is about cooking for taste, for health and for enjoyment," says renowned chef Raphael Gamon.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has been around for 3000 years. It is a well-studied method of integrating traditional herbs into cooking, which supports a healthy diet and can significantly aid the way we feel.

"This is not hocus-pocus potions and remedies. It is an accepted form of cuisine that they have been enjoying tastefully in Asia since, well before the USA was discovered! And now, you can learn what is involved too," continues Gamon.

TCM chef Raphael Gamon teaches a fascinating three-day seminar on how one can grasp the basics of preparing menus that are tasty, that will boost the immune system and fill you up. A masterfully designed three-day course for any age!

He shows how to cook with flair using Chinese yams, which balance hormones and strengthen the stomach. Discover how red dates and wolfberries will increase blood circulation - and when feeling tired, learn about infusing Western ginseng that'll help revitalize one's energy.

Best of all - Chef Raphael wraps it into traditional French culinary techniques.

"We have lost touch with old wisdom; little cures passed down through generations."

"Better food will lead to fewer doctor's office visits. And ultimately will benefit us all. Take control of your own diet using Traditional Chinese Medicine," adds Gamon.

About Chef Gamon

Raphael Gamon was born in 1963 in cosmopolitan San Francisco. This multi-lingual Swiss Culinary Academy graduate was hired in 1985 by Palais Royal as the Private Chef to the Culture Minister, which kick-started his long list of dignitaries and celebrated clients. Gamon has cooked for kings, politicians and Hollywood celebrities like Cher and Madonna, as well as CEOs who are learning to eat better.

He studied TCM in Singapore, opening the first French cuisine/TCM fusion restaurant. Gamon is the author of the first TCM study book for anyone interested in learning the simple applications that can prevent future illness.

"If only First Lady Michelle Obama would give me 15 minutes of her time... I could teach America not just how to plant vegetables, but share the more important knowledge of what specific organs these colorful fruits and vegetables nourish in your body," says Gamon.

TCM chef Raphael has been featured in TIME magazine and many cooking-related articles. He now encourages others to join his monthly classes in Long Beach, CA.

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