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Mangosteen a Natural Pain Relief for Fibromyalgia

  • Date: 2010/11/03 (Rev. 2013/06/12)
  • Sally Aponte
  • Synopsis : Mangosteen is thought to be able to provide fibromyalgia pain relief including nerve pain relief.

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Mangosteen is thought to be able to provide fibromyalgia pain relief including nerve pain relief.

Using a good quality mangosteen supplement is a great way to become acquainted with the wonders of natural pain relief.

Mangosteen is thought to be able to provide fibromyalgia pain relief including nerve pain relief as well as helping with fibromyalgia tender points or points which become inflamed due to the condition.

Mangosteen has powerful compounds called xanthones that work to do a couple of amazing things in the body.

First off, they are a world class anti-inflammatory. Most chronic illness is caused by low-level inflammation within the body. In the case of fibromyalgia, this inflammation isn't so minor and can be especially severe in the myofascia which is the thin connective tissue that helps hold our muscles in place. This tissue is what is thought to be the cause of the pain associated with fibromyalgia (once it goes through a thickening and tightening). It stands to reason that decreasing inflammation in the body, including the myofascia, will decrease pain in anyone suffering from the thickening and tightening mentioned above.

Mangosteen also has COX-2 inhibitors in high concentrations. COX-2 is an enzyme thought to be responsible for pain and inflammation in the body.

So you can see how using mangosteen as a dietary supplement has the potential to help a person deal with their chronic pain. Alternative pain relief isn't just a pipe dream. It is out there, it does really exist but a steady dietary intake of a good quality supplement is required to feel any benefits. Only buy mangosteen products sold in solid form as all the beneficial compounds are found in the rind of the fruit. Companies that sell you juiced mangosteen products don't want to include much rind because it doesn't taste very good and you can't get any juice out of it. To be honest, mangosteen juice doesn't taste that great either so a lot of companies will add other fruit juices to cover up the mangosteen taste. In other words, don't waste your money on mangosteen juice. When you buy a supplement you're buying it for its benefits, not its taste, so make sure you invest in a mangosteen product that is made from the rind to get your Fibromyalgia under control .

By Sally Aponte - www.naturalhomecures.net/mangosteen

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