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What are Revive Mints and Why are They So Popular

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-11-18 - Each Revive mint contains the same kick as a boost of coffee or a energy drink and is packed with antioxidants. For further information pertaining to this article contact: RyLo Products.

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What are Revive Mints and Why is Everyone Talking About Them- From California to New York City it seems like the word about Revive Healthy Energy Mints is spreading like wild fire, so just what are these mints

Revive energy mints are a healthy energy confectionery that was developed by RyLo Products in late 2008.

Each Revive mint contains the same kick as a boost of coffee or a energy drink and is packed with antioxidants from exotic fruits like Acai, Mangosteen, and Goji Berry.

Revive is recognized for the healthy energy boost it provides consumers, but what really makes Revive mints special and what has people talking about these mints

Recently, Revive came out and told us what their secret is. The Revive team is using a special proprietary micro-encapsulated caffeine blend that gives users a long-term, sustained energy boost. Each caffeine molecule is floated into the air then coated in an organic polymer that slowly dissolves giving users a time released, yet strong energy boost.

The energy market is exploding right now and everyone is saying their product will provide the boost without the crash, but little if any of these products have the science behind them that Revive does. Revive will give you controlled energy that will last throughout the day and keep you feeling good; whereas the other products will leave you crashing within an hour or so.

Who takes Revive

Revive mints have quickly become popular with college students who are looking to stay focused and alert without feeling the jitters or nervousness that goes along with other energy products. Athletes who need long term energy to get them through their extensive workouts. Every day people who are just looking for an overall healthier alternative to the sugar loaded energy products also have fallen in love with the cheaper alternative to energy drinks and shots.

Revive has found distribution through franchising and retail outlets across the United States and Canada. "Distribution has gone through the roof," says Logan Chierotti, CMO of the company. "We just didn't expect things to grow so fast." Chierotti and his partner Ryan Russo started Revive energy mints in early 2008 after seeing the need and demand for a healthier energy product.

Revive mints can be found in retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada and online retailers all across the Internet.

RyLo Products is a food and candy company focusing on the health needs of consumers -

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