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Battle the Bulge This Holiday Season - TurboSonic

Published: 2010-11-30
Author: TurboSonic

Synopsis: With the new TurboSonic sound vibration system adults can experience a 60 minute aerobic and anaerobic workout in just 10 minutes.

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Battle the Bulge in as Little as 10 Minutes This Holiday Season - The holiday season is synonymous with many things, including holiday shopping, Santa Claus and gatherings with family and friends.


Unfortunately, the holiday season is also synonymous with weight gain. Thanks to all those big holiday meals and extra cookies and cakes around the office come the holiday season, many people find themselves packing on the pounds as the season progresses.

Though some people can handle adding a few extra pounds during the holidays, for others it's not so easy. Seniors, for instance, might find that even the slightest holiday indulgence is tough to overcome. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, only 32 percent American senior citizens exercise daily, making it difficult to ward off the nearly inevitable winter weight gain that begins with the holiday season. What's more, many seniors are perfectly capable of exercising but are just fearful of potential injury or unsure where to begin.

"We have found a lot of individuals who want to start an exercise program, but the idea of starting a fitness routine is too daunting," says TurboSonic® USA President Jim Cole. And it's not just seniors who aren't getting enough exercise. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that 7 in 10 adults aren't getting the recommended amount of physical activity for optimal health. In many cases, adults cite lack of time as the primary reason for not getting enough exercise.

This holiday season, holiday shoppers or adults simply looking to ward off winter weight gain can battle the holiday bulge in as little as 10 minutes. With the new TurboSonic® sound vibration system, adults can experience a 60-minute aerobic and anaerobic workout in just 10 minutes. Approved by the FDA and used by professional fitness trainers and professional as well as Olympic athletes, the TurboSonic vertically moves a plate within its platform to stimulate the body's natural "stretch reflex," causing spontaneous muscle contraction to instinctively stretch and contract.

In addition to promoting bone density and muscle tone, the TurboSonic helps reduce weight, cellulite, cortisol, stress, fluid retention, and fatigue.

Designed for all around physical performance enhancement and physical therapy, the TurboSonic accelerates the body's natural healing response, making it ideal for individuals overwhelmed by all the added stresses synonymous with the holiday season, not to mention any pre-existing conditions.

"I suffer from arthritis and migraines," says Kristen P. "And I just feel better overall after a brief 10-minute session on the TurboSonic."

With four models to choose from, including the Ovation, Professional, X5, and X7, holiday shoppers can find the right fit for anyone on their holiday shopping list, be it sedentary seniors or active adults looking to supplement their existing workout routine.

For more information about TurboSonic USA or to peruse the online catalog, visit

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