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Health and Disability Publications
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Plumbing Seals and Gaskets Can Leak Additives Into Drinking WaterInformative2023/09/072023/11/02
Alarming Antibiotic Resistance Levels Found in Ukrainian WoundedObservational Study2023/06/29
Waist-to-height Ratio Better Indicator Than BMI of Patients with Heart Failure OutcomeResearch / Study Analysis2023/03/222024/03/05
Hand Sanitizer vs Soap for Washing Hands Properly2020/03/212023/04/19
Ideas to Improve Women and Children's Health and Rights in the Developing World2018/06/022021/10/03
Potential Spread of Yellow Fever Virus to World Cities Mapped by Researchers2018/04/27
Health Literacy Benefits Equate to Improved Care for Everyone2017/11/282020/03/15
Getting Ahead of the Next Pandemic: Is the World Ready?2017/10/28
Nearly 20 Million Americans Live Near Oil, Gas and Fracking Wells2017/08/232020/03/21
Overcoming Last Line of Antibiotic Resistance Against Bacterial InfectionsStudy2017/08/212023/06/29
Global Study Finds Massive Health Care Inequity2017/05/19
Mercury in Fish and Seafood Possibly Linked to Higher Risk of ALSStudy2017/02/202023/09/19
Zika Virus Risk Map for Cities in the U.S. 2016/03/162020/06/29
Zika Virus Congenital Syndrome2016/03/072021/06/19
El Nino May Be Spreading Diseases to New PlacesStudy2016/03/042023/09/01
Yellow Fever Virus, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention2016/02/242021/06/22
Zika Virus: Increase in Neurological Disorders and Neonatal Malformations2016/02/022021/06/30
Gulf War Illness: A General OverviewInformative Article2016/01/202023/06/30
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2): Respiratory and Health ProblemsInformative2016/01/202024/05/03
Dracunculiasis or Guinea Worm Disease2016/01/182021/07/03
Zika Virus: Transmission, Prevention, Symptoms, Treatment2015/12/072021/08/24
Groundwater Pollution and Radiation Contamination in Cemeteries and Local CommunitiesInformative2015/10/082023/09/22
Microbial Diseases: Transmission and General Overview2015/09/302018/04/01
Cystinuria: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments2015/09/302021/07/27
Alcoholic Liver Disease: Types, Symptoms, Treatment2015/09/272021/07/27
Dysautonomia: General Overview and Information2015/09/042020/09/04
Hyper IgM Syndromes: Definitions and Information2015/08/202021/08/04
Renal Failure: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment2015/07/172020/09/15
Cryptosporidiosis: Facts, Treatment and Prevention2015/06/282017/06/25
Seafood Poisoning: Ciguatera and Scombroid2015/06/242020/09/17
Plague: Types, Transmission, Symptoms, Prevention2015/06/242021/08/12
Vibrio Vulnificus: Risk Factors, Diagnosing and Treatment2015/06/242019/05/08
Fracking: Health Risks of Hydraulic Fracturing Gas Well Drilling2015/06/232021/08/13
Rickettsia Felis: General Facts and Information2015/06/222020/09/17
Water-borne Diseases: Types and InformationInformative2015/06/152023/09/01
Rat Bite Fever: General Overview and Information2015/06/102021/08/16
Anthrax Infection: Signs, Symptoms, Treatment2015/06/032021/08/14
Lassa Fever: Signs, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention2015/06/022021/08/16
Electronic Waste: Medical and Health Issues2015/05/212021/08/15
H58 Antibiotic Resistant Typhoid Information2015/05/192021/08/15
Organ Transplantation: Eligibility, Cost and Information2015/05/042020/12/24
Toxic Shock Syndrome: Symptoms, Treatment, Outlook2015/04/232021/08/19
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning: Information, Symptoms, PreventionInformative2015/04/202024/05/03
Trigeminal Neuralgia: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment2015/04/152021/08/19
Everyday Bacteria on Verge of Becoming Antibiotic Resistant SuperbugsMedical Research2015/03/282023/06/29
Chikungunya Virus Spreading to the U.S.2015/03/272021/08/24
Creatine Phosphokinase (CPK) Test Information2015/03/172019/01/14
Ataxia: Types, Causes, Symptoms, Treatments2015/03/052023/06/23
Health Equity and Disparities Include People with DisabilitiesAnnouncement2015/03/012024/06/17
Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE), Bacteria and Infection2015/02/232023/06/29
Measles: Signs, Symptoms, Treatment2015/02/052021/09/08
Screwworms and the Spread of Disease2015/01/042021/09/23
Combating Infection Caused by Enterovirus D682015/01/022021/09/24
Bourbon Virus: Information, Treatment, Prevention2014/12/282021/09/25
Uses of Antimicrobial Metals in the Health Field2014/12/192021/10/01
Weight Loss Surgery May Lessen Urinary Problems2014/12/082020/11/11
How Weather Can Affect Your Health2014/11/242020/11/19
Adrenal Fatigue: Causes, Symptoms, and Susceptibility2014/11/222020/11/19
Gene Therapy for Patients with Severe Hemophilia B2014/11/202020/11/22
Chagas Disease: Diagnosing, Treating, Prevention, Control2014/11/192021/10/14
Hemophilia: Causes, Issues and Treatment2014/11/142020/11/24
Hypothyroidism: Symptoms, Examination, Causes, Treatment2014/11/092021/10/20
Urinary Tract Infections: Signs, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment2014/10/262020/12/05
Hantavirus: Symptoms, Precautions and Prevention2014/10/162020/12/10
Tularemia: Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Treatment2014/09/122020/12/20
Clostridium Difficile : Infection Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment2014/09/122020/03/21
High Caffeine Energy Drinks Can Cause Cardiac Problems2014/08/31
Leishmaniasis Parasitic Disease: Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment2014/07/272021/08/30
Health Issues Most Stressful Event in American Lives2014/07/112021/06/21
King-Denborough Syndrome (KDS): Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment2014/07/092021/08/30
Schistosomiasis: Snail Fever a Common Type of Parasitic Disease2014/06/302021/08/29
Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever: Symptoms, Transmission, Treatment2014/04/172021/08/30
Trimethylaminuria (TMAU): Fishy Smelling Body Odor2014/03/252020/05/12
Enteroviruses: Polio and Non-Polio2014/02/262021/08/30
Chikungunya Virus: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment2014/01/172021/08/29
Dengue Fever: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment2013/11/012021/08/30
Dangers and Health Effects of Depleted Uranium2013/09/042021/08/30
What Are Body Electrolytes and How do They WorkInformative2013/08/222024/05/25
Human Parvovirus B19 (Fifth Disease)2013/06/212021/11/06
How Your Body Knows When You Have to PeeInformative2013/02/102024/01/03
Connection Between Well-being, Giving, Getting, Gratitude2013/01/202022/02/24
Behcet's Disease - Interesting Information Unfolds Along the Ancient Silk Road2013/01/072019/10/30
Toxoplasma Gondii Disease Information2012/12/142021/06/19
Essential Thrombocythemia: Causes, Complications, Treatments2012/08/062021/08/12
Chronic Diseases Threaten Health and Economies in Poor and Middle-Income Countries2011/10/03
Healthy Living During the Summer Months2011/07/25
Q Fever: Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment, Risk Factors2011/05/232022/03/28
Test Could Give SLE Patients a Tolerable Life2011/05/09
Obese People Suffer Avoidable Disease and Disability2011/04/152022/04/21
Increasing Height in Turner Syndrome Patients2011/04/012022/04/28
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Treatment of Disabilities2011/03/012022/05/21
Dwarfism Gene Linked to Protection from Cancer and DiabetesResearch Study Analysis2011/02/162024/01/08
Is Kissing Dangerous to Your Health?2011/01/182021/06/12
Progress and Challenges in Achieving Health Equity2011/01/17
Effects of Lead in Drinking Water2010/11/032018/11/15
Black Lung Disease2010/10/18
Climate Change May Affect Plague Distribution and Incidence2010/09/072018/10/10
Rabies Symptoms, Information and Treatment2010/07/27
Higher Risk of Death with More Time Spent Sitting2010/07/222016/11/05
Alzheimer's disease, Down syndrome and Atherosclerosis Linked2010/01/152010/07/11
Tuberculosis: Facts, Causes, Prevention2009/07/202022/05/31
Listeriosis: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention2009/04/272018/04/01
Patients Being Discharged Against Medical Advice2009/03/152012/07/11
Chronic Disease Management - The Expert Patient2009/03/122014/03/14
How to Take Charge of Your Health2009/01/182022/03/27

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