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Researchers Reveal HIV and Aids Health Scandal

  • Published: 2009-01-20 (Revised/Updated 2010-06-27) : Author: NoR
  • Synopsis: Researchers reveal a surprising Aids and HIV virus health scandal and lack of public awareness.

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As part of our continuing research into the nature of reality, and in particular "consciousness as the ground of all being" and the psychosomatic origin of "illness", we have found some astounding information concerning the HIV/AIDS hypothesis.

As many people are aware, for the past 20 years 1st December has been designated as World AIDS Day. However, how many people were aware that on 1st December 2008 a letter signed by 37 renowned scientists was sent to the prestigious American magazine, Science, requesting that the original 1984 paper, on which all subsequent work concerning HIV/AIDS has been based, be withdrawn from the scientific record as it contains seriously flawed information.

These scientists are actually stating that the virus called HIV has not been scientifically proven to exist at all. In fact, Dr Roberto Giraldo has gone as far as to say that HIV was invented not discovered. These scientists also claim that there is, as of December 2008, no known cause for AIDS, which is really a definition for 29 already known illnesses and not a separately identifiable 'syndrome'. This is particularly surprising as the 2008 Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded to Dr Luc Montagnier and Dr Francoise Barre-Sinoussi for the discovery of the AIDS virus.

The situation surrounding the award of the 2008 Nobel prize for medicine gets even more surprising, because a number of eminent scientists wrote to the Nobel prize committee in October 2008 asking for the award to Barre-Sinoussi and Montagnier to be revoked.

As the implications of this information are devastatingly important and far-reaching it is alarming that no aspect of this story was featured as a headline by any of the main news networks or national newspapers.

Therefore, what is urgently required is for the true situation surrounding the HIV/AIDS debate to be presented professionally and impartially to the general public, something that is not happening at present due to the vested interests of certain pharmaceutical companies and others, some of which are AIDS agencies themselves.

The people suffering from illnesses that are currently grouped under the umbrella label of 'AIDS' obviously need to be treated effectively, but it appears that whilst they are labeled as AIDS patients they may not be receiving the most appropriate health advice and medication.

This is particularly tragic with regard to the situation in Africa because many of the illnesses that currently come under the umbrella label of AIDS are actually caused by malnutrition, poor sanitation and lack of clean water and therefore do not require treatment with expensive and toxic drugs.

The lack of public awareness about the true situation concerning AIDS is allowing hundreds of millions of dollars to continually be misspent on drugs that do not help the sick, and in many cases make them worse. Whilst attention is being diverted away from the facts about AIDS and how it can be effectively treated without the use of new, expensive and toxic drugs, it allows thousands of people to suffer and even die needlessly. This is also a demonstration of the closed mindedness of some areas of science and the media to valid scientific challenges to the mainstream view.

We have also discovered during our research that there are a large number of people alive today, who had been diagnosed as 'HIV-positive' and put on a prescribed drug regime, but who subsequently became aware of the erroneous nature of the mainstream view. As a result of this new information, they stopped taking the drugs and became even healthier than they were previously.

There is a wealth of scientific evidence questioning the validity of the mainstream HIV/AIDS hypothesis but the majority of people are not aware of it and so they form erroneous beliefs.

As we have stated in other articles, there are many beliefs that people hold, and upon which they conduct their entire lives, without ever realizing that those beliefs are untrue. It begs the question as to how differently they may have conducted their lives had they known the truth.

What beliefs might you unwittingly hold that are based on something that is actually untrue

How might your life change if you knew the truth

The nature of reality is far stranger than you can imagine.

Reference: NoR set out to use their lifelong studies in philosophy, metaphysics and science to create the Nature of Reality Course, bringing together ancient wisdom and contemporary science in a way that provides new and exciting insight.

To find out more about the Nature of Reality Course, which is acclaimed in over 25 countries worldwide,

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