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Arthritis: Research News & Information Document List

  • Synopsis: This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Arthritis category.

Publication List:

NOTE: Though articles may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

  1. Post-Traumatic Arthritis: Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment
    Information regarding Post-traumatic arthritis, a condition caused by the wearing out of a joint that has had physical injury - Published: 2015-12-01
  2. List of Different Types of Arthritis
    General information and list of over 150 various types of arthritis that can occur in humans - Published: 2015-06-23
  3. Younger Veterans Develop Arthritis at Higher Rates and Younger Age
    Study finds members of the military developed arthritis at higher rates and younger ages compared to the civilian population - Published: 2013-11-20
  4. Obesity and Knee Arthritis
    Understanding the role that obesity plays in knee arthritis and recovery from knee surgery - Published: 2011-02-14
  5. Etanercept Helps Restore Normal Growth in Children with Juvenile Arthritis
    Etanercept helps restore normal growth in children with juvenile arthritis - Published: 2010-11-04
  6. Migratory Arthritis Information Symptoms and Treatment
    Migratory arthritis is an arthritis that appears to migrate from one body joint to the next - Published: 2010-10-23
  7. Helpful Hints To Prevent Arthritis Pain
    Florida pain physicians offer helpful hints to prevent arthritis pain as arthritis day is recognized around the world - Published: 2010-10-11
  8. Arthritis Impacts African-Americans and Hispanics More than Whites
    Arthritis causes more pain and limitations for African-Americans and Hispanics than for whites - Published: 2010-08-28
  9. Arthritis Turning America Into a Disabled Nation
    Inaugural MOVEMENT IS LIFE National Summit to Raise Awareness of Musculoskeletal Health Disparities among Women and Minorities - Published: 2010-08-03
  10. Announcements to Hasten Arthritis Diagnosis
    Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is a crippling form of arthritis that usually affects people in their teens and twenties - Published: 2010-07-17
  11. Osteonecrosis Information and Treatment Options
    Osteonecrosis is a form of arthritis in which the bone loses its access to the body's blood supply and can occur in joints such as the hips - Published: 2010-06-22
  12. Link Between Minerals and Arthritis Pain
    Mineral deficiency is often associated with accelerating arthritic conditions - Published: 2010-06-22
  13. Tai Chi Exercises for Arthritis
    Physical therapists have discovered Tai Chi exercise is an excellent alternative for arthritis sufferers - Published: 2010-06-22
  14. Arthritis and Playing Musical Instruments
    Playing a musical instrument can provide immense health and well being benefits to those people suffering from arthritis - Published: 2010-06-22
  15. Osteoarthritis Hip Replacement Physiotherapy
    Osteoarthritis of the hip is a common joint degeneration condition resulting in huge amounts of pain and suffering work loss expense and disability - Published: 2010-06-22
  16. Options for Treating Arthritis
    Article examines a number of treatment methods for arthritis and arthritic pain - Published: 2010-06-21
  17. Learning to Live with Arthritis
    Managing arthritis symptoms like pain and stiffness by utilizing a variety of techniques at home - Published: 2010-06-21
  18. Painkillers and Medicines Used to Treat Arthritis
    Information on medicines and painkillers currently available to treat arthritis pain at home - Published: 2010-06-21
  19. Obesity and Being inactive Poses Arthritis Risk for Women
    Study shows arthritis rates are higher in US compared with Canada - Published: 2010-02-25
  20. Arthritis Ankle Treatments Help Seniors Stay Active
    Foot and ankle surgeons discuss arthritis surgical advances - Published: 2010-02-24


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