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Multiple Sclerosis: Subtypes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Multiple Sclerosis category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-03-31$7M MS Progression Cohort to Research Multiple Sclerosis in Canada
2017-03-20How Can We Predict Whose Multiple Sclerosis Will Worsen?
2017-02-13Cladribine Significantly Reduces Brain Atrophy in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
2016-11-07Multiple Sclerosis Onset Age Linked to Geographic Latitude
2016-04-15Stem Cells Show Reversal of Disability in Multiple Sclerosis
2015-12-29Multiple Sclerosis Research Progress & Initiatives
2015-02-18Multiple Sclerosis: New MS Drug Target Discovered
2015-01-11Multiple Sclerosis - HPV Vaccination No Increased Risk
2014-07-24A Step Closer to Cell Therapy for MS Patients
2013-01-03Dental Mercury Fillings and Multiple Sclerosis Link Examined
2012-04-12FAMPYR Now Available in Canada for Improvement of Walking in MS
2012-03-27Significant Symptom Relief in MS Patients Seen by Interventional Radiologists
2011-10-06Major Breakthrough in Multiple Sclerosis Found Using Upright MRI
2011-06-30Breakthrough in Search for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
2011-06-23Minimally Invasive Treatment for MS Patients
2011-06-12Shingles May Be Related to Elevated Risk of Multiple Sclerosis
2011-05-19Viagra May Reduce MS Symptoms
2011-04-18Compound Effectively Halts Progression of Multiple Sclerosis
2011-04-15Disability Timeline for Progressive MS
2011-04-11Novartis Therapy Gilenya Reduced Risk of MS Disability Progression
2011-03-31Treatment of MS - Damage to Nerve Cells Can be Reversed
2011-03-30Monitoring System for Multiple Sclerosis - Canada
2011-03-14MS - How Do You Put a Face on a Disease that Affects Each Person Differently
2011-03-10Multiple Sclerosis Oral Treatment Approved in Canada
2011-03-07Fumaric Acid Salts for Psoriasis May Help Multiple Sclerosis
2011-02-13Reduced Levels of Neurotransmitter in MS
2011-01-31Histamine May be Possible Drug Target for Multiple Sclerosis
2010-12-20Significant Progress in Multiple Sclerosis Research
2010-12-05New Possibility of Reversing Damage Caused by MS
2010-10-28Multiple Sclerosis Will Become a Controlled Disease
2010-10-17Ocrelizumab Shows Significant Reduction in Multiple Sclerosis Disease Activity
2010-09-13Asthma Medication May Benefit Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
2010-09-01CIHR Makes Recommendations on Canadian MS Research Priorities
2010-08-28Bone Marrow Stem Cells in MS Show Promise
2010-08-26SIR Supports Research for New MS Treatments
2010-06-03Encouraging Results for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
2010-03-08Join the Movement to End Multiple Sclerosis
2010-01-24Ampyra for Adults with Multiple Sclerosis
2010-01-20New Drug Cladribine for Multiple Sclerosis Shows Promise
2009-12-23National MS Society Continues to Propel Research Forward to End MS
2009-11-05Multiple Sclerosis Relapses and Severe Disability
2009-10-25Possible New Underlying Cause of Multiple Sclerosis
2009-09-11Genes Identified as Potential Therapeutic Targets for Multiple Sclerosis
2009-09-10Brain Disease Virus Found in Natalizumab Treated MS Patients
2009-08-11Researchers Successfully Reverse Multiple Sclerosis
2009-02-27Antegren Drug for Relapsing MS
2009-02-27Naltrexone Treats Multiple Sclerosis - But Sufferers Can't Get it
2009-02-27Drug Improves Mobility For Some Multiple Sclerosis Patients

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