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Cancer: Types, Symptoms and Treatments Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Cancer and Tumors category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-03-07Early Deaths From Childhood Cancer 400% More Common Than Previously Reported
2016-11-24Genetic Explanation For Higher Cancer Rates in Males Than Females
2016-11-13Tobacco Use Accounts For 40% of All Cancers Diagnosed in US
2016-06-24How Cancer spreads in the Body - Unexpected Findings Reveal Insight
2015-12-13Meat Products: Carcinogens & Cancer Risks
2015-11-29Carcinomatosis: General Information & Treatment Methods
2015-10-10Major Cancer Research Questions
2015-10-09Tumor-Tracer Computer Program Diagnoses Cancer in 48 Hours
2015-06-09Atrial & Other Myxomas: Symptoms, Tests & Treatment
2015-06-03Cancer-Linked BPA's: Paper Receits, Plastics and Cans
2015-02-09Cancer: Signs Associated with Impending Death
2015-01-05Liposarcoma Information: Symptoms and Treatment
2014-10-11Cancer Causing Agents: List of Currently Known Human Carcinogens
2014-03-23Risk of Uterine Cancer Decreased with Bariatric Surgery
2014-02-08Why the Risk of Cancer Increases with Age
2014-02-01Childhood Cancer - Progress and Challenges
2014-01-06Newly Discovered Compounds Hundreds of Times More Mutagenic
2012-11-11Bladder Cancer and Painkillers Connection
2012-03-29Over Half of All Cancer Cases Are Preventable
2012-01-23Smoking After being Diagnosed with Cancer
2011-09-16Fluoride Can Cause Cancer
2011-08-05Potential New Eye Tumor Treatment for Retinoblastoma
2011-07-09Cancer in Seniors - As We Age the Risk Increases
2011-06-14Cancer Survivors Expenditure on Health Care
2011-06-11New Substances Added to List of Carcinogens
2011-05-25Improved Prognosis for Esophageal Cancer
2011-04-26Sugar and its Role in the Spread of Cancer
2011-04-13Recognizing the Symptoms of Oral Cancer
2011-04-11Late Diagnosis Major Factor in Hospital Cancer Deaths - Ireland
2011-03-10Nearly 12 Million U.S. Cancer Survivors
2011-02-25Radiation Places Dialysis Patients at Increased Risk of Cancer
2011-01-17New Treatment for Breakthrough Cancer Pain Accepted for Use in Scotland
2011-01-15Cancer Pain Common Among Survivors
2010-12-21Smoking May Worsen Pain for Cancer Patients
2010-12-20Outcomes after Recurrence of Oral Cancer Vary
2010-12-19Major Initiative to Address Cancer in the Workplace
2010-12-15How HPV Virus Triggers Cervical and Mouth Cancer
2010-10-11Cancer Symptoms Prevalent at All Stages Including Remission
2010-10-05Ground Breaking Findings on Understanding Cancer
2010-09-26Racial Disparities in Head and Neck Cancer
2010-09-07Fetal Exposure to Radiation and Risk of Childhood Cancer
2010-08-18Drug Screening to Treat Common Childhood Cancer
2010-07-15Suspected Cancer Carcinogens - Report Outlines Knowledge Gaps
2010-07-15Cancer Survival Rate Statistics by Type of Cancer
2010-07-07Cancer Death Rate Dropping
2010-05-30Genes Associated with Throat Cancer Found
2010-05-16Mobile Cell Phones and Brain Cancer Study
2010-04-09Building a Healthy Immune System to Fight Cancer Disease and Illness
2010-02-04Administering Chemotherapy to Seniors with Cancer Medicare Covers Only Half the Cost
2009-12-14Worse Outcomes in Cancer Patients with Cognitive Impairment
2009-09-22Heat Therapy Offers New Treatment for Soft Tissue Sarcoma
2009-08-17Does Sugar Feed Cancer
2009-08-15Compound that Kills Cancer Stem Cells Found
2009-08-13Declining Cancer Mortality Rates
2009-07-28Forecasting Cancer Recurrence
2009-07-02Boosting Immune System of Cancer Patients
2009-04-05Thyroid Cancer Information
2009-04-05Ureter Cancer Information
2009-04-05Small Intestine Cancer
2009-04-05Malignant Salivary Tumors - Rare Cancer
2009-04-02Head, Neck & Throat Cancer Symptoms
2009-04-01Gallbladder Cancers
2009-04-01Esophageal Cancer Information
2009-04-01Osteosarcoma: Common Form of Bone Cancer
2009-04-01Bladder Carcinoma: Bladder Cancer Stages and Information
2009-04-01Anaplastic Adrenal Cancer
2009-04-01Adrenal Cancer Information
2009-03-29New Cancer Gene Identified
2009-02-23Calcium Intake Lowers Cancer Risk in Women
2009-01-03Dormant Cancer Cells rely on Cellular Cannibalization to Survive
2008-11-15How to Help Someone With Cancer
2008-07-20What is Metastatic or Advanced Cancer
2008-07-20Are All Cancers Hereditary?
2008-02-20Cervical Cancer Information

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