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Breast Cancer Publications
Title of
21 Gene Assay - Are Oncologists Jumping the Gun?Findings2017/04/172023/10/08
Prophylactic Mastectomy Tripled Despite No Survival Benefit2016/03/142020/11/05
Mastectomy: Types and Postoperative Surgery Information2015/10/142021/07/25
Breast Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise2014/12/042021/10/05
Breast Thermography Not a Substitute for Mammography Says FDA2011/06/03
Link Between Obesity Gene and Breast Cancer2011/05/242013/06/04
Mammogram Screenings Catch Second Breast Cancers Early2011/02/23
Breast Cancer Screening for Women With Physical Disabilities2011/02/23
Estrogen Reduces Aggression in Breast Cancer2011/02/152022/06/02
Allsup Encourages Women with Disabilities to Get Mammograms2011/02/132013/06/17
Breast Biopsies and Micro-bubble Ultrasound2011/02/01
High Dietary Fat, Cholesterol Linked to Increased Risk of Breast Cancer2011/01/06
Most Women Do Not Get Recommended Mammograms2010/12/092017/11/05
Discovery Halts Breast Cancer Stem Cells2010/11/24
Radiation Fears Should not Deter Women from Mammography Screening2010/11/16
New Risk Factor for Developing Breast Cancer2010/11/10
Tips for Breast Cancer Survivors2010/10/27
Tips for Breast Cancer Patients During Treatment2010/10/272019/02/05
Portable Breast Scanner Provides Fast Cancer Detection2010/10/27
Women with Family History Can Control Breast Cancer Risk2010/10/12
Tips for Breast Cancer Screening and Early Detection2010/10/092010/10/27
Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention2010/10/012010/10/27
Mammography Screening Threshold at 50 Proven Unfounded2010/10/01
Breast Cancer Patient Partners at Risk of Developing Mood Disorders2010/09/27
Physical Limitations of Breast Cancer Survivors2010/09/23
Watercress Can Help Prevent Breast Cancer2010/09/21
Better Marker for Breast Cancer May Reduce Need for Second Surgeries2010/09/20
Inadequate Support for Women with Secondary Breast Cancer2010/09/15
Garbage Bins Go Pink to Help Curb Breast Cancer2010/09/14
Preventive Mastectomies Pay Off for Some Women2010/09/042016/03/14
Key Mechanism Identified in Metastatic Breast Cancer2010/05/04
Martina Navratilova Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis2010/04/07
Freezing Out Breast Cancer2010/03/16
Genomic Test Result Discussions2010/03/08
Osteoporosis Drugs Associated with Decreased Risk of Breast Cancer2010/03/03
Accessibility for Women with Disabilities at Mammogram Facilities in the DC Metro Area2010/02/23
Standard of Care for Breast Cancer Survivors with Lymphedema2010/02/172023/05/01
Breast Cancer Test Helps Patients Avoid Chemotherapy2010/01/11
Breast Cancer Survival Improves if Herceptin Used with Chemotherapy2009/12/13
Breast Cancer Treatments Improve2009/10/19
More Women Removing Healthy Breast After Cancer Diagnosis2009/09/282016/03/14
Medications for Breast Cancer Risk can Cause Serious Side Effects2009/09/18
Chemobrain - The Flip Side of Surviving Breast Cancer2009/09/182011/06/07
Treating Bone Loss in Breast Cancer Survivors2009/09/16
Removing Breasts and Ovaries to Reduce Cancer Risk2009/08/06
Metabolic Factors in Risk of Breast Cancer2009/06/302010/11/10
Teenage Girls and Breast Lumps2009/06/222010/10/09
High PEA-15 Levels Shrink Breast Cancer Tumors2009/04/20
Pregnancy Hormone Protects Against Breast Cancer2009/04/20
Women with Early Breast Cancer Choosing Double Mastectomies2009/04/092016/03/14
New Test May Predict Breast Cancer Metastasis2009/03/272010/10/09
Super Micro-surgery Hope for Breast Cancer Patients with Lymphedema2009/03/232019/02/26
Waiting for Breast Cancer Biopsy Results can Affect Health2009/02/242010/10/01
Researchers Identify Protein Trigger of Breast Cancer2009/01/142009/01/21
High Insulin Levels Raise Risk of Breast Cancer in Postmenopausal Women2009/01/092009/08/31
Breast Cancer Remission2009/01/092013/06/16
Inflammatory Breast Cancer: Facts and Information2009/01/092023/01/29

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