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Breast Cancer: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Breast category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-04-1721-Gene Assay - Are Oncologists Jumping the Gun?
2016-03-14Prophylactic Mastectomy Tripled Over Past Decade - Despite No Survival Benefit
2015-10-14Mastectomy: Types & Postoperative Surgery Information
2014-12-04Clinical Trial of Breast Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise
2011-06-03Breast Thermography Not a Substitute for Mammography Says FDA
2011-05-24Link Between Obesity Gene and Breast Cancer
2011-02-23Mammogram Screenings Catch Second Breast Cancers Early
2011-02-23Breast Cancer Screening for Women With Physical Disabilities
2011-02-15Oestrogen Reduces Aggression in Breast Cancer
2011-02-13Allsup Encourages Women with Disabilities to Get Mammograms
2011-02-01Breast Biopsies and Micro-bubble Ultrasound
2011-01-06High Dietary Fat, Cholesterol Linked to Increased Risk of Breast Cancer
2010-12-09Most Women Do Not Get Recommended Mammograms
2010-11-24Discovery Halts Breast Cancer Stem Cells
2010-11-16Radiation Fears Should not Deter Women from Mammography Screening
2010-11-10New Risk Factor for Developing Breast Cancer
2010-10-27Tips for Breast Cancer Survivors
2010-10-27Tips for Breast Cancer Patients During Treatment
2010-10-27Portable Breast Scanner Provides Fast Cancer Detection
2010-10-12Women with Family History Can Control Breast Cancer Risk
2010-10-09Tips for Breast Cancer Screening and Early Detection
2010-10-01Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention
2010-10-01Mammography Screening Threshold at 50 Proven Unfounded
2010-09-27Breast Cancer Patient Partners at Risk of Developing Mood Disorders
2010-09-23Physical Limitations of Breast Cancer Survivors
2010-09-21Watercress Can Help Prevent Breast Cancer
2010-09-20Better Marker for Breast Cancer May Reduce Need for Second Surgeries
2010-09-15Inadequate Support for Women with Secondary Breast Cancer
2010-09-14Garbage Bins Go Pink to Help Curb Breast Cancer
2010-09-04Preventive Mastectomies Pay Off for Some Women
2010-05-04Key Mechanism Identified in Metastatic Breast Cancer
2010-04-07Martina Navratilova Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis
2010-03-16Freezing Out Breast Cancer
2010-03-08Genomic Test Result Discussions
2010-03-03Osteoporosis Drugs Associated with Decreased Risk of Breast Cancer
2010-02-23Accessibility for Women with Disabilities at Mammogram Facilities in the DC Metro Area
2010-02-17Standard of Care for Breast Cancer Survivors with Lymphedema
2010-01-11Breast Cancer Test Helps Patients Avoid Chemotherapy
2009-12-13Breast Cancer Survival Improves if Herceptin Used with Chemotherapy
2009-10-19Breast Cancer Treatments Improve
2009-09-28More Women Removing Healthy Breast After Cancer Diagnosis
2009-09-18Medications for Breast Cancer Risk can Cause Serious Side Effects
2009-09-18Chemobrain - The Flip Side of Surviving Breast Cancer
2009-09-16Treating Bone Loss in Breast Cancer Survivors
2009-08-06Removing Breasts and Ovaries to Reduce Cancer Risk
2009-06-30Metabolic Factors in Risk of Breast Cancer
2009-06-22Teenage Girls and Breast Lumps
2009-04-20High PEA-15 Levels Shrink Breast Cancer Tumors
2009-04-20Pregnancy Hormone Protects Against Breast Cancer
2009-04-09Women with Early Breast Cancer Choosing Double Mastectomies
2009-03-27New Test May Predict Breast Cancer Metastasis
2009-03-23Super Micro-surgery Hope for Breast Cancer Patients with Lymphedema
2009-02-24Waiting for Breast Cancer Biopsy Results can Affect Health
2009-01-14Researchers Identify Protein Trigger of Breast Cancer
2009-01-09High Insulin Levels Raise Risk of Breast Cancer in Postmenopausal Women
2009-01-09Breast Cancer Remission
2009-01-09Inflammatory Breast Cancer: Facts and Information

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