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Breast Cancer: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Breast category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

  1. 21-Gene Assay - Are Oncologists Jumping the Gun?
    Study uncovers discrepant decision making for use of 21-gene assay in women with cancer - Published: 2017-04-17
  2. Prophylactic Mastectomy Tripled Over Past Decade - Despite No Survival Benefit
    New research finds many women choosing to remove a healthy breast are at low risk for developing cancer in that breast - Published: 2016-03-14
  3. Mastectomy: Types & Postoperative Surgery Information
    Information regarding mastectomy, a surgery to remove the breast, includes types and postoperative surgery care - Published: 2015-10-14
  4. Clinical Trial of Breast Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise
    Preliminary evidence suggests the vaccine primed the immune systems to attack tumor cells and helped slow the cancer progression - Published: 2014-12-04
  5. Breast Thermography Not a Substitute for Mammography Says FDA
    U.S. FDA warns women not to substitute breast thermography for mammography to screen for breast cancer - Published: 2011-06-03
  6. Link Between Obesity Gene and Breast Cancer
    New research has uncovered a link between the fat mass and obesity associated gene (FTO) and a higher incidence of breast cancer - Published: 2011-05-24
  7. Mammogram Screenings Catch Second Breast Cancers Early
    Comprehensive study shows yearly mammograms detect second breast cancers early - Published: 2011-02-23
  8. Breast Cancer Screening for Women With Physical Disabilities
    Inaccessible facilities, equipment and attitudes surrounding breast cancer screening for women who use wheelchairs or other mobility aides - Published: 2011-02-23
  9. Oestrogen Reduces Aggression in Breast Cancer
    The greater the percentage of breast cancer stem cells, the greater the aggressiveness - Published: 2011-02-15
  10. Allsup Encourages Women with Disabilities to Get Mammograms
    For some women with breast cancer Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is an important benefit that can help provide financial stability - Published: 2011-02-13
  11. Breast Biopsies and Micro-bubble Ultrasound
    Patients with early breast cancer undergo a sentinel lymph node biopsy to determine if their cancer has spread - Published: 2011-02-01
  12. High Dietary Fat, Cholesterol Linked to Increased Risk of Breast Cancer
    Examines the role of fat and cholesterol in breast cancer development - Published: 2011-01-06
  13. Most Women Do Not Get Recommended Mammograms
    Only half of eligible women in the United States are getting their annual mammograms - Published: 2010-12-09
  14. Discovery Halts Breast Cancer Stem Cells
    Breast cancer stem cells are stimulated by estrogen via a pathway that mirrors normal stem cell development - Published: 2010-11-24
  15. Radiation Fears Should not Deter Women from Mammography Screening
    The risk of radiation-induced breast cancer from mammography screening is slight in comparison to the benefit of expected lives saved - Published: 2010-11-16
  16. New Risk Factor for Developing Breast Cancer
    BRCA1 gene is known for its involvement in breast and ovarian cancer - Published: 2010-11-10
  17. Tips for Breast Cancer Survivors
    There are lots of options in the community and online for cancer survivors and especially breast cancer survivors - Published: 2010-10-27
  18. Tips for Breast Cancer Patients During Treatment
    Fact sheets related to breast cancer including breast cancer prevention screening and early detection treatment and survivorship - Published: 2010-10-27
  19. Portable Breast Scanner Provides Fast Cancer Detection
    Portable scanner based on radio frequency technology shows in a second the presence of malignant and benign tumors in the breast on a computer - Published: 2010-10-27
  20. Women with Family History Can Control Breast Cancer Risk
    Having a family history of breast cancer can lead some women to wonder if the risk is out of their control - Published: 2010-10-12
  21. Tips for Breast Cancer Screening and Early Detection
    Topics related to breast cancer including breast cancer prevention screening and early detection treatment and survivorship - Published: 2010-10-09
  22. Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention
    Tip sheets related to breast cancer including breast cancer prevention screening and early detection treatment and survivorship - Published: 2010-10-01
  23. Mammography Screening Threshold at 50 Proven Unfounded
    Annual mammography screening of women in their 40s reduces the breast cancer death rate in women by nearly 30 percent - Published: 2010-10-01
  24. Breast Cancer Patient Partners at Risk of Developing Mood Disorders
    Partners of breast cancer patients are at risk of developing mood disorders - Published: 2010-09-27
  25. Physical Limitations of Breast Cancer Survivors
    Women who survive breast cancer often suffer from functional limitations that affect motion strength and dexterity - Published: 2010-09-23
  26. Watercress Can Help Prevent Breast Cancer
    Consumption of watercress by healthy participants who had previously been treated for breast cancer reduced the presence of a key tumor growth factor six and eight hours after eating the watercress - Published: 2010-09-21
  27. Better Marker for Breast Cancer May Reduce Need for Second Surgeries
    New material could help surgeons more accurately locate breast cancers and reduce need for second surgeries - Published: 2010-09-20
  28. Inadequate Support for Women with Secondary Breast Cancer
    Support provided for women with secondary breast cancer is inadequate and urgent steps are needed to provide better services for patients - Published: 2010-09-15
  29. Garbage Bins Go Pink to Help Curb Breast Cancer
    Pink garbage bins for a visible demonstration of support for breast cancer awareness - Published: 2010-09-14
  30. Preventive Mastectomies Pay Off for Some Women
    Women with BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic mutations significantly reduce their risk of breast and ovarian cancer with preventive surgeries - Published: 2010-09-04
  31. Key Mechanism Identified in Metastatic Breast Cancer
    Researchers zero in on how breast tumor cells break free and start to spread - Published: 2010-05-04
  32. Martina Navratilova Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis
    Martina Navratilova reveals she was diagnosed with grade three DCIS breast cancer - Published: 2010-04-07
  33. Freezing Out Breast Cancer
    Encouraging potential future treatment for women diagnosed with breast cancer - Published: 2010-03-16
  34. Genomic Test Result Discussions
    Genomic testing an important part of care for patients after being diagnosed with early stage breast cancer - Published: 2010-03-08
  35. Osteoporosis Drugs Associated with Decreased Risk of Breast Cancer
    Common osteoporosis drugs are associated with a decrease in risk of breast cancer - Published: 2010-03-03
  36. Accessibility for Women with Disabilities at Mammogram Facilities in the DC Metro Area
    Accessibility for Women with Disabilities at Mammogram Facilities in the DC Metro Area - Published: 2010-02-23
  37. Standard of Care for Breast Cancer Survivors with Lymphedema
    Researchers develop standard of care for breast cancer survivors with lymphedema - Published: 2010-02-17
  38. Breast Cancer Test Helps Patients Avoid Chemotherapy
    Test predicts whether early stage breast cancer patients will benefit from chemotherapy treatment - Published: 2010-01-11
  39. Breast Cancer Survival Improves if Herceptin Used with Chemotherapy
    Using Herceptin with chemotherapy improves treatment of women with HER2+ breast cancer - Published: 2009-12-13
  40. Breast Cancer Treatments Improve
    Patients with a family history of breast cancer are at a higher risk and should begin mammogram screening at age 35 - Published: 2009-10-19
  41. More Women Removing Healthy Breast After Cancer Diagnosis
    Number of women opting for surgery to remove healthy breast after cancer diagnosis in breast is rising - Published: 2009-09-28
  42. Medications for Breast Cancer Risk can Cause Serious Side Effects
    Drugs that reduce the chance of getting breast cancer have been shown to cause adverse effects - Published: 2009-09-18
  43. Chemobrain - The Flip Side of Surviving Breast Cancer
    Deterioration in brain function Chemobrain following breast cancer therapy has negative effects on quality of life - Published: 2009-09-18
  44. Treating Bone Loss in Breast Cancer Survivors
    Osteoporosis is a growing concern among breast cancer survivors and their doctors, because certain cancer drugs can cause bone loss - Published: 2009-09-16
  45. Removing Breasts and Ovaries to Reduce Cancer Risk
    Women at high risk for breast or ovarian cancer are choosing to undergo surgery as a precautionary measure to decrease their cancer risk - Published: 2009-08-06
  46. Metabolic Factors in Risk of Breast Cancer
    Physiological changes associated with the metabolic syndrome may play a role in the risk of postmenopausal breast cancer - Published: 2009-06-30
  47. Teenage Girls and Breast Lumps
    breast cancer is rare in adolescents, and the vast majority of teenage breast lumps turn out to be benign masses that are related to hormones - Published: 2009-06-22
  48. High PEA-15 Levels Shrink Breast Cancer Tumors
    Overexpression of PEA-15 steeply reduced breast cancer tumors in a preclinical experiment - Published: 2009-04-20
  49. Pregnancy Hormone Protects Against Breast Cancer
    Pregnancy hormone hCG protects against breast cancer even in short-term treatments - Published: 2009-04-20
  50. Women with Early Breast Cancer Choosing Double Mastectomies
    Women diagnosed with the earliest stage of breast cancer choosing to have both breasts surgically removed - Published: 2009-04-09
  51. New Test May Predict Breast Cancer Metastasis
    New marker for breast cancer metastasis called TMEM Tumor Micro-environment of Metastasis - Published: 2009-03-27
  52. Super Micro-surgery Hope for Breast Cancer Patients with Lymphedema
    Breast cancer patients with lymphedema in the upper arm are undergoing super-micro surgical technique lymphaticovenular bypass - Published: 2009-03-23
  53. Waiting for Breast Cancer Biopsy Results can Affect Health
    Women experience considerable anxiety while waiting to undergo breast biopsy and while waiting for the results - Published: 2009-02-24
  54. Researchers Identify Protein Trigger of Breast Cancer
    New protein trigger in the progression of breast cancer discovered by Canadian researchers at Universite de Montreal and University of Alberta - Published: 2009-01-14
  55. High Insulin Levels Raise Risk of Breast Cancer in Postmenopausal Women
    Research shows higher than normal levels of insulin place postmenopausal women at increased risk of breast cancer - Published: 2009-01-09
  56. Breast Cancer Remission
    A study of mammography screening for breast cancer found invasive cancers might spontaneously regress over time - Published: 2009-01-09
  57. Inflammatory Breast Cancer: Facts & Information
    Inflammatory Breast Cancer is a form of cancer that requires immediate and very aggressive forms of treatment with chemotherapy - Published: 2009-01-09


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