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What is Metastatic or Advanced Cancer

  • Synopsis: Published: 2008-07-20 (Rev. 2016-10-29) - When it comes to the prevention advanced and metastatic cancer, the only way to control its spread is to detect it at the earliest stage and destroy it. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Frank Ward.

Metastasis - (meh-TAS-tuh-sis) - Metastatic cancer is defined as cancer that has spread from the place where it first started to another place in the body. The plural form of metastasis is metastases (meh-TAS-tuh-SEEZ). A tumor formed by metastatic cancer cells is called a metastatic tumor or a metastasis. The process by which cancer cells spread to other parts of the body is also called metastasis. In metastasis, cancer cells break away from the original (primary) tumor, travel through the blood or lymph system, and form a new tumor in other organs or tissues of the body. The new, metastatic tumor is the same type of cancer as the primary tumor.

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Quote: "A normal way to detect advanced cancer is to compare how closely the cancer cells resemble normal cells."

Advanced cancer is a term used for cancer that has grown beyond an organ were it initiated from usually, such a cancer is spread widely throughout the body and the stage is also known as metastatic cancer. However, an advanced cancer cannot be categorized into a stage of metastatic cancer always. Most of the time metastatic cancer is categorized into an advanced stage if it affects a vital organ of body and is impossible to remove.

The term advanced cancer also indicates that the cancer cannot be removed or cured.

However, this doesn't mean that the cancer does not require any sort of treatment. Treatment given to this type of a cancer can shrink it and also relieve symptoms, in turn, facilitate you live a longer life. Studies say that some people can live for many years even after suffering from advanced cancer.

The cancer of every person is unique. It is likely that the cancer of a particular person may respond differently to treatments and often grow at a different pace as compared to the same cancer of the some other person. It is surprising but true that there are people who come to know about cancer when it has already reached the advanced stage.

Some people tend to develop advanced cancer after undertaking years of treatment.

Usually, advanced cancer occur once someone suffers from this disease for a good amount of time and the treatment is no longer effective when it comes to retarding the growth of cancer. However, the control of symptoms associated to advanced cancer including pain and depression continue to respond to the treatment.

When it comes to the prevention advanced and metastatic cancer, the only way to control its spread is to detect it at the earliest stage and destroy it. As per the recommendation of the America Cancer Society, the early detection tests of this disease related to prostate, cervix, breast and colon prevents its spread. However, most people are not aware of the symptoms, hence, they do not follow the recommendations. This results in the spread of cancer. Usually cancer tests are not accurate and hence cannot be found early.

Many researches and studies are being undertaken in order to find out effective measures to prevent cancer from spreading. Some drugs are being studied that may block the enzymes that support the cancer growth via blood vessels walls. Some of the drugs are invented to block the formation of new blood vessels. Doctors believe in providing drugs after surgery to patients suffering from breast or colorectal cancer so that the cancer cells that might have erupted from the primary tumor are killed.

Finding out advanced cancer is very difficult.

A normal way to detect advanced cancer is to compare how closely the cancer cells resemble normal cells. If the cells appear normal, then the chances of the spread of cancer are very less. In case, the cancer is detected in the lymph nodes nearby, it is quite possible that the cancer has already spread to far off areas.

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