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Prostate Cancer Publications
Document TitlePeer ReviewedPublishedUpdated
187 New Genetic Variants Linked to Prostate Cancer FoundYes2023/11/09
FDA Approves Enzalutamide Combined with Talazoparib for Prostate Cancer TherapyYes2023/06/232023/06/27
Prostate Cancer Patients Choosing Active SurveillanceYes2023/04/03
Prostate MRI Reveals More Treatable Cancers and Reduces OverdiagnosisYes2018/03/192023/09/17
A More Complete Mediterranean Diet May Protect Against Aggressive Prostate CancerN/A2018/01/21
Digital Rectal Exam Vs. PSA Test For Prostate CancerN/A2016/09/272020/04/30
First Prostate Cancer Patients Treated with HIFU TechnologyN/A2016/05/25
Male Prostate Exam: PSA, DRE and PVR TestsN/A2015/10/302020/04/30
Prostate Specific Antigen Levels and PSA ChartN/A2015/02/142023/09/29
Genetic Testing Identifies Males at Risk of Prostate CancerN/A2014/09/152020/04/30
Prostate Cancer Tissue Shows Change With Low Fat Fish Oil DietN/A2013/11/202021/10/03
Resveratrol Reduces Prostate Cancer Metastasis and GrowthN/A2012/11/122022/03/17
Reducing Deaths from Prostate CancerN/A2012/01/23
Soy Products May Help When Conventional Prostate Cancer Treatment FailsN/A2011/12/12
Urine Test for Prostate CancerN/A2011/08/142022/01/16
Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment OptionsN/A2011/08/12
Prostate Prescriptions May Increase Prostate Cancer RiskN/A2011/07/152022/02/11
Congress Move to Drastically Cut Funding for Prostate Cancer ResearchN/A2011/06/152016/11/05
Survival Rate for Advanced-stage Prostate Cancer Patients with SurgeryYes2011/05/152023/11/09
High Omega-3s in Blood May Increase Risk of Aggressive Prostate CancerN/A2011/04/25
Digoxin Possible Treatment for Prostate CancerN/A2011/04/03
PSA Level Change Not a Predictor for Prostate CancerN/A2011/02/252023/03/16
Finger Length Points to Prostate Cancer RiskN/A2010/12/02
Key to Successful Treatment of Aggressive Prostate CancerN/A2010/11/22
Cholesterol Drug May Have Role in Treating Prostate CancerN/A2010/09/21
Early Detection and Treatment of Prostate CancerN/A2010/09/17
CyberKnife Treatment for Prostate CancerN/A2010/09/03
Prostate Enlargement: Symptoms, Exams, TreatmentN/A2010/07/212022/12/11
Targeted Treatment for Prostate CancerN/A2010/04/17
Noscapine for Prostate CancerN/A2010/03/192018/01/26
66% of Prostate Cancer Patients do not need TreatmentN/A2009/09/23
Prostate Cancer Patients Disease Free After 5 years Likely to be Disease Free After 10 YearsN/A2009/07/022009/07/20
Green Tea May Affect Prostate Cancer ProgressionYes2009/06/202023/11/09
Dramatic Outcomes in Prostate Cancer Study - Mayo ClinicN/A2009/06/202009/07/20
MRI Effective for Determining Pathologic Stage of Prostate CancerN/A2009/04/232015/10/30
Discovery May Lead to Improved Prostate Cancer TestN/A2009/04/09
Drug Shows Activity in Men with Advanced Prostate CancerN/A2009/04/08
Early Stage Prostate Cancer Results Favorable for Radiation TreatmentN/A2009/03/172016/05/25

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