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Prostate Cancer: Symptoms & Treatment Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Prostate Cancer category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Prostate Cancer: Symptoms & Treatment Publications

2018-03-19 : Prostate MRI Reveals More Treatable Cancers and Reduces Overdiagnosis : PRECISION trial reveals using MRI to target prostate biopsies leads to more of the harmful prostate cancers, and fewer harmless cancers being diagnosed.

2018-01-21 : A More Complete Mediterranean Diet May Protect Against Aggressive Prostate Cancer : New study finds that a high intake of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains might not be enough.

2016-09-27 : Digital Rectal Exam Vs. PSA Test For Prostate Cancer : Is the digital rectal exam (DRE) as a screening tool for prostate cancer as good as the prostate specific antigen (PSA) test.

2016-05-25 : First Prostate Cancer Patients Treated with HIFU Technology : Cordell Nwokeji, MD and Don Berardinucci, MD perform first Sonablate HIFU treatments in Houston, Texas at Houston Metro Urology in partnership with HIFU Prostate Services.

2015-10-30 : Male Prostate Exam: PSA, DRE and PVR Tests : Information regarding types of male prostate examination including PSA, DRE and PVR tests.

2015-02-14 : Male Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Levels and Chart : Information regarding the male PSA test performed for checking for prostate gland enlargement and/or cancer.

2014-09-15 : Genetic Testing Identifies Males at Risk of Prostate Cancer : Major international study identifies 23 new genetic variants associated with increased risk of prostate cancer.

2013-11-20 : Prostate Cancer Patients Show Changes in Cancer Tissue when on Low Fat Fish Oil Diet : Study shows males with prostate cancer who ate a low-fat fish oil diet showed changes in their cancer tissue.

2012-11-12 : Resveratrol and Prostate Cancer : Resveratrol can make prostate tumor cells more susceptible to radiation treatment increasing chance of full recovery from all types of prostate cancer including aggressive tumors.

2012-01-23 : Reducing Deaths from Prostate Cancer : Dr. David Samadi a top robotic prostatectomy surgeon redirects prostate cancer emphasis to treatment decisions following diagnosis.

2011-12-12 : Soy Products May Help When Conventional Prostate Cancer Treatment Fails : New research points to soy as potential solution for men with prostate cancer unresponsive to conventional treatment of surgery and radiation.

2011-08-14 : Urine Test for Prostate Cancer : The research surrounding the new urine test is designed to determine its ability to stratify men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

2011-08-12 : Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment Options : Prostate cancer that has become resistant to hormone treatment and does not respond to radiation or chemotherapy requires new methods of treatment.

2011-07-15 : Prostate Prescriptions May Increase Risk of Prostate Cancer : Trials show an increased incidence of high grade prostate cancer with finasteride and dutasteride treatment.

2011-06-15 : Congress Move to Drastically Cut Funding for Prostate Cancer Research : Veterans who have been exposed to chemical agents are twice as likely to develop prostate cancer as their civilian counterparts.

2011-05-15 : Survival Rate for Advanced-stage Prostate Cancer Patients with Surgery : Long-term survival rates for patients with advanced prostate cancer suggest they can be good candidates for surgery.

2011-04-25 : High Omega-3s in Blood May Increase Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer : Association of dietary fats and prostate cancer risk has found what is good for the heart may not be good for the prostate.

2011-04-03 : Digoxin Possible Treatment for Prostate Cancer : Scientists have identified digoxin as a possible therapy for prostate cancer.

2011-02-25 : PSA Level Change Not a Predictor for Prostate Cancer : Change in PSA velocity levels over time is a poor predictor of prostate cancer and may lead to unnecessary biopsies.

2010-12-02 : Finger Length Points to Prostate Cancer Risk : Men who have long index fingers are at lower risk of prostate cancer.

2010-11-22 : Key to Successful Treatment of Aggressive Prostate Cancer : Multidisciplinary clinic approach to aggressive prostate cancer can improve survival in patients.

2010-09-21 : Cholesterol Drug May Have Role in Treating Prostate Cancer : Drug commonly prescribed for people with high cholesterol may also be effective in treating prostate cancer.

2010-09-17 : Early Detection and Treatment of Prostate Cancer : Prostate Cancer Community Calls for Better Early Detection and Treatment.

2010-09-03 : CyberKnife Treatment for Prostate Cancer : CyberKnife radiosurgery treatment for prostate cancer is fast effective has no side effects and is non-invasive.

2010-07-21 : Prostate Gland: Enlarged Symptoms, Cancer & Treatments : Information on the male prostate gland including enlargement and prostate cancer.

2010-04-17 : Targeted Treatment for Prostate Cancer : Interesting concept for drug delivery and a novel strategy for prostate cancer treatment.

2010-03-19 : Noscapine for Prostate Cancer : Study outlines the benefits of drug noscapine used for for prostate cancer treatment.

2009-09-23 : 66% of Prostate Cancer Patients do not need Treatment : Studies show men with non-aggressive prostate cancer can live with the disease untreated for many years.

2009-07-02 : Prostate Cancer Patients Disease Free After 5 years Likely to be Disease Free After 10 Years : Prostate cancer patients who receive brachytherapy and remain free of disease for five years or greater are unlikely to have a recurrence at 10 years.

2009-06-20 : Green Tea May Affect Prostate Cancer Progression : Men with prostate cancer who consumed green tea demonstrated a reduction in serum markers predictive of prostate cancer progression.

2009-06-20 : Dramatic Outcomes in Prostate Cancer Study - Mayo Clinic : Patients with inoperable prostate cancer now cancer free with experimental drug therapy in combination with standardized hormone treatment and radiation therapy.

2009-04-23 : MRI Effective for Determining Pathologic Stage of Prostate Cancer : MR imaging plays an important role in determining if the cancer is restricted to the prostate gland or if it has spread beyond the capsule.

2009-04-09 : Discovery May Lead to Improved Prostate Cancer Test : Cancer research findings may lead to more accurate tests for prostate cancer in future.

2009-04-08 : Drug Shows Activity in Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer : Experimental drug lowers prostate specific antigen levels a marker for tumor growth in men with advanced prostate cancer.

2009-03-17 : Early Stage Prostate Cancer Results Favorable for Radiation Treatment : Results show a shortened course of radiation therapy for prostate cancer provides good PSA response for early-stage prostate cancer.

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