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Cancer Treatment: Methods & Research News Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Treatments category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2016-12-08Minimally Invasive Device to Treat Cancer and Other Illnesses
2016-11-12Pancreatic Cancer Treatment - New Discovery Paves Way
2016-10-29Multi-Million-Dollar Research to Stop Cancer Ability to Spread
2016-08-26New Approach to Control Cancer Not Eliminate It
2016-05-12Stopping Cancer In Its Tracks By Inhibiting Autophagy
2016-03-15Turning Plant Virus Shells Against Human Cancers
2016-02-18T Cell Therapy: Fighting Cancer & Infections
2015-12-23UACC Cancer Information, Prognosis & Survival Statistics
2015-12-22Plant Virus Shell Triggers Immune Response Against Cancer
2015-11-30New Vaccines for Head and Neck Cancer Therapy
2015-05-06Chemobrain: A Chemotherapy Side Effect
2014-12-31Cancer Statistics: 22% Drop in Mortality Rate over Past 20 Years
2014-11-27Studies Find Detectable Pre-cancerous State in the Blood
2014-10-29Preventing Hair Loss During Chemotherapy Treatment
2014-09-23Immune System Key in Fight Against Cancer
2014-09-21Evolved Protein that May Stop Cancer from Spreading Discovered
2014-07-13Antibody Stops Cachexia a Cancer-related Wasting Condition
2014-06-02Possible 19M Cancer Survivors in U.S. by 2024
2014-05-30Fighting Cancer with Diet Changes
2014-05-18Huge Step Forward in Early Cancer Detection
2014-03-25New Drug a Revolution in Cancer Treatment
2014-03-03Fighting Cancer on the Nanoscale: Nanoparticles Carry Chemotherapy Drugs Directly to Tumor Cells
2014-01-08Potassium Iodide, Radiation and Thyroid Risks
2013-08-20Using Nanoparticles to Battle Cancer
2013-03-23Cancer Drug Shortage Taking Toll on Patients
2013-02-06Matching Tumors with Cancer Drugs
2012-08-29New Cancer Drug 10 Times More Potent
2012-08-11Daily Aspirin Linked to Lower Cancer Mortality
2011-12-17Doubling Efficacy of Radiation Therapy for Cancer Tumors
2011-12-06Cancer Tumor Destruction Method Also Creates Immunity
2011-10-16Cure for Cancer - Can Double Suicide Virus be the Answer
2011-10-13Lung Cancer Inhaler Treatment Using Nebuliser
2011-09-27Public Still Ignorant Regarding Diet and Cancer
2011-09-26Unequal Access to Cancer Care Can Not Be Tolerated
2011-09-15Speeding Drug Development for Rare Cancers Including Ependymoma
2011-08-18Development of Cancer Treatment Device
2011-06-13Urine Test for Diagnosis of Cancer
2011-06-09Breakthrough in Understanding Common Cancer
2011-06-07Pain, Fatigue, Insomnia and Confusion in Cancer Survivors
2011-04-02Good Cholesterol Nanoparticles Seek and Destroy Cancer Cells
2011-03-04Patients Willing to Undergo Multiple Tests for New Cancer Treatments
2011-02-27Erlotinib Cancer Treatment Drug
2011-02-23Genetic Differences Between Cancer and Non-Cancer Patients
2011-02-19Wiping Out Cancer - Cancer Stem Cell Targeting
2011-02-15Genetic Evidence Antioxidants Can Help Treat Cancer
2011-02-10Cancer Breakthrough May Prevent Heart Failure and Increase Survival Rates
2011-02-09Childhood Cancer Research in Danger
2011-02-08New Treatment for Childhood Cancer - Protein May be Key
2011-02-04Lifestyle Factors Key to Saving Lives - Millions of Preventable Cancer Cases
2011-02-03Fight Against Cancer - Blue Cross
2011-01-28Antibiotic Offers Potential for Anti-Cancer Activity
2011-01-28Light Therapy for Early Stage Laryngeal Cancer is Voice Saver
2011-01-24Does Chocolate Hold the Key to Curing HPV
2010-11-06Treating Head and Neck Cancer
2010-11-05Breakthrough in Cancer Vaccine Research
2010-10-20Women Fight Effects of Chemotherapy Long After Treatment Ends
2010-10-14Soft Drink Could Enhance Effects of an Anti-cancer Drug
2010-10-09Surgical Technique Relieves Painful Spine Fractures in Patients with Metastatic Cancer
2010-09-30Less Chemotherapy Works Well for Some Childhood Cancer
2010-09-29New Therapy Boosts Cure Rate for Neuroblastoma Childhood Cancer
2010-08-30Researchers to Activate Anti Cancer Gene
2010-08-27Revolutionary Way to Treat Eye Cancer
2010-08-21Palliative Care Prolongs Life for Cancer Patients
2010-08-19US Oncology Helps Deliver Latest Cancer Therapies
2010-08-06SonoPhotoDynamic Therapy for Cancer Treatment
2010-07-13Reducing Cancer Pain and Depression
2010-07-09Cancer Care Guidelines Updated
2010-05-27Proton Therapy for Cancer Patients
2010-05-10Medical Costs of Cancer have Nearly Doubled over Last 20 Years
2010-04-12Radiation Therapy for Terminal Cancer Patients
2010-04-12Variations in How Women with Early Breast Cancer are Treated
2010-03-22Radiotherapy can Cause Lasting Vascular Disease
2010-03-16Cryotherapy Radiology Freeze Treatment for Cancer Tumors
2010-02-26New Cancer Treatment for Leukemia and Lymphoma Patients
2010-02-04Celastrol Plant Extract Could Help Refine Cancer Treatment
2010-01-29Radiation Therapy AAPM
2010-01-25Benefits from Radiation Therapy Outweigh Risks for Cancer Patients
2010-01-05Researching Treatment for Rare Cancers - Scott & White Healthcare
2009-12-23Mushroom Derived Drug Promising for Cancer Treatment
2009-12-14Tracking Cancer Killing Particles with MRI
2009-12-09Why Cancer Cells Will Not Die
2009-11-03Radiation Therapy Treats Pain in Patients with Advanced Cancer
2009-09-22New Cancer Research Priorities Needed
2009-07-20Oncology Radiation Therapy Methods to Treat Cancer
2009-07-01Cancer and Trojan Horse Therapy
2009-06-12MicroRNA Replacement Therapy may Stop Cancer
2009-05-31New Treatment Safe for Head and Neck Cancer Patients
2009-05-17Personalized Cancer Treatment: New Direction for RNAi Delivery
2009-04-15Gel Studied as Treatment for Esophageal Cancer
2009-04-08Acupressure Wristbands Ease Nausea with Cancer Treatment
2009-03-29Researchers Discover Molecular Interplay that Moves Cancer Cells
2009-03-27High Dosage Brachytherapy for Head and Neck Cancer Tumors
2009-03-24Radiation Therapy: Side Effects & Information
2009-03-23Chemotherapy: Side Effects & Information
2009-02-11Starve Cancer Tumors of Blood
2009-01-15Cancer Fighting Foods
2009-01-15Radiation Treatments - Preparing for and Having Radiation Treatments
2009-01-11New Genes that Fuse in Cancer
2009-01-09Research Shows Cell Inactive State Critical for Cancer Treatment
2008-11-15Should We Treat or Prevent Cancer
2008-07-20Is There a Cure for Cancer
2008-07-20Ways to Prevent or Fight Cancer

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