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Cure for Cancer - Can Double Suicide Virus be the Answer

  • Published: 2011-10-16 : Author: Dr. Jae-Ho Kim
  • Synopsis: Surgery free cancer treatment uses adenovirus to destroy and reduce cancer cells within the specific part of the body.

Amidst the ongoing strive to improve radiation treatment technology and promoting early diagnosis programs, researchers believe that there may be an effective, groundbreaking way to cure cancer.

Chairman of the Department of Radiation Oncology, Dr. Jae-Ho Kim of Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI has been researching a new cancer treatment, the "Double-Suicide Gene Therapy" called "Theragene."

This surgery-free treatment uses an adenovirus that proliferates within the carrier to destroy and reduce cancer cells within the specific part of the body. The virus, Ad-tk/cd, can only disseminate within cancer cells and is programmed to destroy itself after the death of its carrier cancer cell, greatly reducing the risk of any possible side-effects.

Theragene is currently undergoing numerous clinical tests to assure safety and effectiveness as well as application for various cancers including pancreatic, prostate, colorectal and brain. Phase-2 clinical testing has been completed for Prostate Cancer treatment through Theragene and has entered a 280 patient Phase-3 trial expected to finish in 2013. Pancreatic cancer treatment is currently completing a Phase-1 clinical trial and looking into further tests. Researchers are very optimistic with this revolutionary discovery that is hopeful in changing the lives of thousands of patients suffering from cancer(s).

With the projection provided by Medical eTrack Globaldata predicting the global cost for prostate cancer treatment in 2015 to reach 7.7 billion dollars, Dr. Kim's research may provide a new economical and side effect free way to treat cancer. Dr. Kim's astounding credentials include an M.D. from Kyungpook University School of Medicine in Korea, a Ph.D. in Biophysics and Radiology from University of Iowa, and has been active both in research and education as a Professor at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH in Radiation Oncology. Dr. Kim has also served as a Professor at Wayne State University School of Medicine.

Dr. Kim, himself is a cancer survivor, "I was very fortunate to be alive after my surgery. Unlike other suicide genes where only one gene is used, our team has successfully created a double suicide gene, which does not affect other healthy cells in the body. It feels as if it is my destiny to dedicate my time that was given to me to research and develop this treatment method to contribute to human society." Quote from a recent interview.

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