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Dermatology: Hair, Nails and Skin Conditions Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Dermatology category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Dermatology: Hair, Nails and Skin Conditions Publications

2017-12-19 : Tips to Cure a Yeast Infection : Article provides information regarding mouth, rectum and vagina yeast infections and includes possible remedies and temporary relief.

2016-07-20 : Does Smoking Make You Look Older : Research shows smokers more susceptible to non-melanoma skin cancers, wrinkles, skin aging, psoriasis, dental problems and hair loss.

2015-12-17 : Candidiasis Fungal Infection Must be Treated Early : Candidiasis, a serious life-threatening fungal infection, needs to be treated early and aggressively.

2015-02-12 : Hospital Hand Washing Leads to Rise in Dermatitis : Incidence of dermatitis increased in health care workers following hand hygiene drive to reduce infections such as MRSA.

2015-01-05 : Hand Injuries from Human and Animal Teeth Bites : Outlines the potential medical complications of human and animal bites to the hand.

2014-05-22 : Allergic Reactions From Cell Phones by Nickel and Chromium Metals : Studies identified mobile phones and related devices as sources of metal sensitization and potential causes of allergic contact dermatitis.

2012-05-06 : Color of Eyes May Indicate Risk for Serious Skin Conditions : Eye color may be an indicator of whether a person is high-risk for certain serious skin conditions.

2010-11-13 : Nickel Allergy Information : An allergy to nickel is a reaction that can develop after even brief contact with the metal.

2010-10-01 : Chiggers - Facts, Bites, Treatment and Prevention : Chigger larvae pierce the skin and inject a person with a salivary secretion that contains powerful digestive enzymes.

2010-09-13 : Removing Warts with Liquid Nitrogen : Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen is the most effective method to remove common warts.

2010-09-07 : Does Washing Hands Stop Disease Spreading : Not drying your hands thoroughly after washing them, could increase the spread of bacteria.

2010-03-12 : Upload Photo of Skin Condition for Melanoma Analysis : Upload photos of moles or other skin concerns and have them analyzed them for signs of melanoma.

2010-03-06 : Cosmetic Skincare Concerns : Advances in skin and body contouring including treatment of fat and cellulite.

2010-02-25 : Should Botox Users Switch to Dysport and Save Money : Dysport is a botulinum toxin Type A injection for eliminating fine lines and wrinkles.

2009-12-29 : Osteopontin Contributes to Allergic Contact Dermatitis : Allergic contact dermatitis is a hyper-reaction of the immune system to either allergens or irritants on the skin.

2009-12-13 : Ichthyosis: Facts, Symptoms and Treatment : Ichthyosis is severe and persistent problems with dry skin that often begins in either infancy or childhood.

2009-07-03 : Dermatitis Herpetiformis Information : Dermatitis Herpetiformis has many symptoms with the most common being an extremely itchy skin rash.

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