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Human Hair: Facts & Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Hair and Scalp category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

  1. Trichotillomania (Hair-Pulling Disorder): Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
    Information regarding Trichotillomania, a disorder in which a person has irresistible and recurrent urges to pull out body and scalp hair - Published: 2015-07-28
  2. How to Make Your Hair Look Shiny & Healthy
    Hints and tips to make your hair light, healthy and shiny looking, includes information on what not to do - Published: 2015-03-28
  3. Robotic Hair Transplant - Automated Graft Selection
    The robot can harvest the number of donor hairs needed to achieve the greatest cosmetic benefit in the transplant - Published: 2015-02-25
  4. ROGAINE - First FDA Approved Product for Female Hair Loss
    Clinically proven to regrow hair in 81%1 of women experiencing thinning hair associated with hereditary hair loss - Published: 2014-11-04
  5. Cure for Gray hair and Vitiligo Coming
    Loss of skin or hair color can be corrected by a new compound, a pseudocatalase, that reverses oxidative stress - Published: 2013-05-03
  6. How Much Hair Loss Is Normal
    Excessive hair loss is usually brought on by issues with hormones that happen post-partum and in the course of perimenopause and menopause and also by heredity - Published: 2012-09-28
  7. Alopecia: Types of Hair Loss & How to Identify Them
    Facts regarding different types of hair loss experienced by men and women - Published: 2012-09-26
  8. Recognizing Thyroid Hair Loss
    Change in function of the thyroid gland will affect the chemical balance in the body which can result in changes in quality of your hair - Published: 2012-03-15
  9. Why Hair Turns Gray - New Research
    A new study shows Wnt signaling between hair follicles and melanocyte stem cells can dictate hair pigmentation and turn hair gray - Published: 2011-06-14
  10. Regrowing Hair - Researchers May Have Found a Solution
    Researchers may have found a chemical compound that induces hair growth by blocking a stress related hormone associated with hair loss - Published: 2011-02-16
  11. Melancor - Gray Hair Treatment for Men and Women
    Information on Melancor a gray hair compound designed to help overcome genetic and natural aging gray hair and baldness in men and women - Published: 2011-02-03
  12. Is Laser Hair Removal a Permanent Solution
    Laser hair removal results in long-term removal of target hairs on the body including arms legs and facial hair - Published: 2010-10-31
  13. Hair Provides Proof of Link Between Chronic Stress and Heart Attack
    Evidence using biological marker to show chronic stress plays an important role in heart attacks - Published: 2010-09-04
  14. New Treatment for Head Lice
    New FDA approved head lice treatment is safe and effective in children as young as 6 months old - Published: 2010-02-25
  15. ROGAINE - Hair Loss Fact and Fiction
    Myths and Truths Behind Hair Loss conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of ROGAINE - Published: 2010-02-01
  16. Stress Can Make Your Hair Turn Gray
    Gray hair the most obvious aging phenotype can be caused by the genomic damage response through stem cell differentiation and stress - Published: 2009-06-12
  17. How to Control and Get Rid of Head Lice
    How to get rid of head lice from your or childrens hair and controlling future outbreaks of louse in the home or at school - Published: 2009-03-29
  18. Great Hair Days - Tips for Keeping Hair Under Control
    Collection of hints and hair care tips for getting your hair under control and achieving great hair days - Published: 2009-03-22
  19. Dry and Brittle Hair Care Tips
    Hair care tips for those who suffer with dry brittle or frizzy hair because the scalp hair is deficient of moisture - Published: 2009-03-22
  20. What Causes Gray Hair
    Causes of gray hair is not always related to ones age as hair can turn gray as young as teens and range into our late 50s - Published: 2009-03-22
  21. Interesting Hair Care Myths and Tips
    Hair care tips and facts including some common hair myths and why they are not true - Published: 2009-03-22


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