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Can You Get Shingles Again

  • Published: 2014-03-23 (Revised/Updated 2017-08-25) : Author: PolyDNA : Contact: Mike Davis
  • Synopsis: Article looks at whether people that have had Shingles or herpes zoster in the past could have another outbreak.

In its latest March 2014 survey, polyDNA found that up to 78% of respondents who had a herpes zoster outbreak wanted to know if it was possible to have another. polyDNA reviews the literature on this topic, and recommends Gene-Eden-VIR to target the latent VZV.

A viral infection that causes a painful rash. Although shingles can occur anywhere on your body, it most often appears as a single stripe of blisters that wraps around either the left or the right side of your torso. Throughout the world, the incidence rate of herpes zoster every year ranges from 1.2 to 3.4 cases per 1,000 healthy individuals, increasing to 3.9 to 11.8 per year per 1,000 individuals among those older than 65 years. Shingles is caused by the varicella-zoster virus - the same virus that causes chickenpox. After you've had chickenpox, the virus lies inactive in nerve tissue near your spinal cord and brain. Years later, the virus may reactivate as shingles. While it isn't a life-threatening condition, shingles can be very painful. Vaccines can help reduce the risk of shingles, while early treatment can help shorten a shingles infection and lessen the chance of complications. Shingles is most common in older adults and people who have weak immune systems because of stress, injury, certain medicines, or other reasons. Most people who get shingles will get better and will not get it again.

Individuals that have had an outbreak of Shingles (herpes zoster), a condition caused by the varicella zoster virus, often fear that they could have another outbreak. That fear is justified. polyDNA's March 2014 survey found that up to 78% of respondents did not know that "People with shingles are more likely to suffer a recurrence than previously thought, especially if their attack is accompanied by lasting pain." (See WebMD, from November 9, 2009) (1). polyDNA recommends Gene-Eden-VIR to those infected with the latent VZV. Gene-Eden-VIR is a natural antiviral designed to help the immune system target latent viruses.

Dr. Yawn, M.D. said "The risk of getting shingles again, once you already have it, is about one in three. That's about the same chance of getting shingles once in your lifetime (1)." Researchers "studied the medical records of nearly 1,700 people with a confirmed shingles attack from 1996 to 2001. Only 8% had compromised immune systems (1)." Clearly most recurrent attacks are occurring in people with healthy immune systems.

"The time between attacks ranged from 96 days to 10 years. Recurrences were: 2.8 times more likely in people with shingles-associated pain for 30 or more days during the initial episode. 4.8 times more likely in people with shingles-associated pain for 60 or more days during the initial episode, 60% more likely in women than men, (and) 40% more likely in people who were 50 or older when they had their initial attack (1)."

Dr. Aaron Glatt, M.D. said "We knew you could get another episode, but we didn't know the risk was so great (1)."

polyDNA recommends that individuals concerned about a shingles outbreak speak with their doctors about Gene-Eden-VIR. This natural antiviral was proven to reduce viral symptoms in a post-marketing clinical study that followed FDA guidelines.

In a post marketing clinical study published on August 12, 2013 in the medical journal Pharmacology & Pharmacy in a special edition on Advances in Antiviral Drugs, researchers showed that Gene-Eden-VIR is safe and effective (2). Additionally, up to 70% of those studied reported a decrease in viral symptoms, and users experienced an increase in overall health (2).

Each ingredient of Gene-Eden-VIR was chosen through a scientific approach.

Scientists scanned thousands of scientific and medical papers published in various medical and scientific journals around the world to identify the safest, most effective natural ingredients that target latent viruses. (2)

To learn more about Gene-Eden-VIR, visit:


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