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Diabetes: Types, Symptoms and Treatments Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Diabetes category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-08-11Prediabetes: The Best Bad News You Can Get
2017-04-26Diabetes Type 1 and 2 On The Rise Among Children and Teens
2017-01-30Dairy Proteins May Help Control Insulin and Blood Glucose Levels
2016-11-01Diabetic Foot Care During Winter Months
2016-01-07Diabetes: Dementia & Aging
2016-01-04Diabetes & Heart Disease: General Overview
2015-11-02Determining if a Person Has Pre-diabetes
2015-02-20Stem Cell Therapy May Avert Amputation in Diabetics
2014-12-23Guidelines for Statin Use for People with Diabetes
2014-12-19American Diabetes Association Legislative and Regulatory Priorities 2015
2014-11-30Diabetes and Health Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery
2014-11-25Risk of Diabetes and City Neighborhoods Map
2014-11-1750% of Diabetics in India Prone to Develop Heart Disease
2014-03-27Blood Sugar Level Chart and Information
2014-01-10New Genetic Causes of Neonatal Diabetes
2013-10-30Effective Ways to Improve and Control Diabetes
2013-10-28Diabetes Prevalence Increases with Napping Frequency
2013-10-22Diabetes and Alcohol Consumption Guidelines
2013-07-27Diabetes Can Affect Ability to Drive Safely
2013-03-2125% of Diabetics Think Their Families Resent Them
2013-03-08Information Regarding Children and Diabetes
2012-07-08Diabetes Levels in Children Higher in China than U.S.
2011-11-12Diabetes Drugs for Diabetics with Kidney Disease
2011-11-09Testing Blood Sugar in Diabetes from Tear Drops
2011-08-15How a High Fat Diet Causes Diabetes
2011-06-13Alternative Approach to Treating Diabetes
2011-06-1120% of People with Diabetes Miss Work Due to Low Blood Sugar
2011-03-31Smoking Main Cause of Complications in Diabetes
2011-03-21NIH Strategic Plan to Combat Diabetes
2011-02-14Treating Diabetes Without Insulin
2011-01-21Why Some Diabetics Escape Complications
2011-01-14Taking More Steps Every Day Can Help Ward off Diabetes
2011-01-10Does Diabetes Mellitus Affect Men and Women Differently
2011-01-10What is the Glycemic Index
2010-12-24New Hope for Saving Diabetic Foot From Amputation
2010-11-29New Mechanism for Controlling Blood Sugar Level Discovered
2010-11-23Diabetics Struggle to Pay for Diabetes Medical Supplies
2010-10-25Orthopaedic Guide to Diabetic Foot Care
2010-10-07Study Links Large Waist Size to Higher Diabetes Rates Among Americans
2010-10-01Why do Some Dialysis Centers Have Higher Survival Rates
2010-09-29Strong Link Between Diabetes and Air Pollution
2010-09-24More Diabetics Likely to Develop Diabetic Retinopathy Today
2010-08-16Diabetes Risk in Children Increases Risk for Weak Bones
2010-08-02The Psychology of Healing - All in the Mind
2010-07-14Successful Treatment of Charcot Foot Diabetes Complication
2010-07-08Warning for Women with Gestational Diabetes
2010-06-14New Game on Facebook Helps People with Diabetes
2010-05-13Computers Detect Diabetic Eye Conditions
2010-05-08Agents That Keep Insulin Working Longer
2010-04-17Wound Healing Discovery May Help Diabetics
2010-03-24New Insulin for Diabetes can be Inhaled Instead of Injected
2010-03-11Diabetes Link to Eating Disorders
2010-03-03Insulin Therapy and Cancer Relationship
2010-02-05Pancreas Trials Show Benefits for Kids and Teenagers with Diabetes
2010-01-17Newly Discovered Genes Influence Insulin and Glucose Regulation
2009-12-28Steroid Injections for Diabetes-related Eye Disease
2009-11-27Diabetes Cases will Double and Costs Triple
2009-11-12New Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes - Health Canada
2009-08-10Diabetes Pill Instead of Injection
2009-07-02Natural Compound Stops Diabetic Retinopathy
2009-06-26Diabetic Foot Ulcers - New Hope
2009-06-18Diabetes in Middle age Outlook for Unfit Young Adults
2009-06-07Routine Diabetes Screenings Could Cut Health-care Costs
2009-03-02Insulin Study Shows Improvements in Diabetic Patients
2009-02-19Hyperglycemia: Symptoms and Information
2009-02-19Hypoglycemia and Diabetes

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