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Pregnancy: Symptoms, Trimesters & Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Pregnancy category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-11-10Vitamin D May be Key for Pregnant Women with PCOS
2017-06-28Aspirin Reduces Risk of Pre-Eclampsia in Pregnant Women
2017-04-03Controversial 3 Parent Baby IVF Genetic Details Revealed
2017-02-03Study Reveals Pregnant Women Should Avoid Liquorice
2016-10-12Antidepressants During Pregnancy Associated with Childhood Language Disorders
2016-04-28Acne Drug Isotretinoin (Accutane) Use During Pregnancy
2016-03-17Zika in Pregnancy Clinic - North Shore University Hospital
2016-02-23Eating Fish While Pregnant is Safe
2016-02-23Alcohol Use During Pregnancy Affects Future Generations
2016-01-29Rh Disease: Causes, Prevention and Treatment
2015-12-30Risks of Home Versus Hospital Births
2015-12-03Abortion: General Overview and Statistics
2015-10-06Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy
2015-04-04Preconception & Prenatal Care Information
2014-12-20Taking Antidepressants When Pregnant - Effect on Unborn Child
2014-12-11Prenatal Exposure to Household chemicals Linked to Drop in Child IQ Level
2014-07-25Preeclampsia, HELLP Syndrome and Eclampsia Information
2014-05-01Thalidomide: Mechanism Causing Rare and Severe Congenital Syndrome
2014-01-30Baby Making Science Still a Mystery for Many Women
2014-01-24Home-births Can Result in Future Disability to the Child
2013-12-12Pregnancy Discrimination: Information for Female Workers
2013-11-29PREEMIE Reauthorization Act Signed by Obama
2013-10-12Postpartum Depression and Psychosis Information
2013-03-12Taking Folic Acid Early in Pregnancy Lowers Risk of Autism
2013-02-09Early Pregnancy Complications Linked to Exposure to Smog
2012-03-31Women Spending Longer in Labor Now Than 50 Years Ago
2012-02-27Pregnancy Disability Leave Law - Women's Rights
2012-02-10Cesarean Delivery Not Always Best for Baby
2012-01-0416% of Pregnant Women Test Positive for Hypothyroidism
2011-11-06Pregnancy Safe for 80% of Women with Lupus
2011-08-20Study Finds Mother's BMI Linked to Obese Babies
2011-08-11Benefits of DHA Taken During Pregnancy
2011-07-15Smoking When Pregnant Causes Serious Birth Defects
2011-07-05Gum Disease Increases Time to Become Pregnant
2011-07-01Screening Pregnant Women for Eating Disorders
2011-06-21Newborns Risk of Hearing Loss and Intellectual Disability
2011-06-21Ways to Bring on Labor Include Walking, Sex and Eating Spicy Foods
2011-06-07Preventing Excess Weight Gain During Pregnancy
2011-05-28Birth Injuries During Prolonged Labor
2011-04-25Widespread Use of Medications Among Pregnant Women
2011-03-28Environmental Toxins and Fertility Rates
2011-03-26Weight Training Safe for Pregnant Women
2011-03-23Pre-Conception and Early Pregnancy Iron Deficiency Harms Brain
2011-01-18Taking Food Supplements During Pregnancy
2011-01-14Is Breast Feeding Only for First 6 Months Best
2010-11-22Late-preterm Babies at Greater Risk for Problems Later in Childhood
2010-10-28Even the Sickest Babies Benefit from Breast-feeding
2010-10-19Study Rejects Benefits of Fish Oil Capsules in Pregnancy
2010-09-23High Rate of C-sections After Pelvic Fractures
2010-09-23Smoking When Pregnant May Harm Child's Motor Control and Coordination
2010-09-20Americans call on President Obama to Prioritize Maternal Health in Low-Income Nations
2010-09-17Women with Diabetes Having More C-sections and Fetal Complications
2010-09-15Pregnant Women Need Flu Vaccine
2010-09-11Travel During Pregnancy - Tips and Advice
2010-09-11Weight Gain Level for Heavier Pregnant Women

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