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Hepatitis: Types, Symptoms & Treatment Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Hepatitis category.

Though some documents may have since been updated or revised they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2014-11-08 : Diabetes and Hepatitis B Risk : For people living with diabetes there is a higher risk of contracting hepatitis B compared to the general population.
2011-10-31 : Hepatitis Transmission Risk in Nail Salons and Barbershops : The risk of hepatitis transmission through non-single use instruments during nail salon and barbershop visits cannot be excluded.
2011-06-09 : Drinking Coffee Improves Hepatitis C Treatment Response : Advanced hepatitis C patients with chronic liver disease may benefit from drinking coffee during treatment.
2011-05-14 : FDA Approves Victrelis for Hepatitis C : The safety and effectiveness of Victrelis was evaluated in two phase 3 clinical trials with 1500 adult patients.
2010-09-27 : Millions of Americans Are Living with Hidden Epidemics of Hepatitis B and C : Top Experts Warn Millions of Americans Are Currently Living with Hidden Epidemics of Hepatitis B and C.
2010-09-14 : Awareness of Hepatitis B a Leading Cause of Liver Cancer : Campaign to raise awareness of the epidemic of chronic hepatitis B among Americans of Asian and Pacific Islander heritage.
2010-05-07 : The Hepatitis Epidemic in America : An estimated 5 million Americans are infected with Hepatitis C and most of them do not know it.
2010-02-02 : 5 Million Americans Afflicted with Chronic Viral Hepatitis - Budget Proposal Shortchanges : Budget proposal ultimately shortchanges more than 5 million Americans afflicted with chronic viral hepatitis.
2010-01-11 : Steps Required to Tackle Hepatitis B and C : Although hepatitis B and C are preventable, the rates of infection have not declined over the past several years.
2009-09-17 : Ridding the Body of Hepatitis C - Genetic Hint : 70% of people with Hepatitis C will live with it the rest of their lives some will develop serious liver disease including cancer.
2009-09-16 : Hepatitis A and B in Canada : It is a common misconception among the public that hepatitis A and B are just travelers diseases.
2009-08-06 : First Human Receives New Antibody Aimed at Hepatitis C Virus : Phase 1 clinical trial testing the safety and activity of human monoclonal antibody developed that can neutralize the Hepatitis C virus.
2009-05-07 : Hepatitis C: Transmission, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment : Currently there are no medications available for use in treating acute hepatitis C infection.
2009-05-05 : Hepatitis B - Transmission, Symptoms and Diagnosis : The acute phase of hepatitis B is short-term and happens soon after a person has been exposed to the HBV virus.
2009-05-03 : Hepatitis A: Definition Causes Symptoms and Prevention : Hepatitis A is a highly contagious form of liver infection that is caused by the Hepatitis A virus.
2009-04-22 : Autoimmune Hepatitis and the Liver : The overall outlook for persons with autoimmune hepatitis is generally very favorable.

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