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Influenza & Colds: Strains, Treatment & Symptoms Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Influenza Colds and Flu category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Influenza & Colds: Strains, Treatment & Symptoms Publications

2018-04-04 : Resurgence of Whooping Cough (Pertussis) in America : Number of people susceptible to contracting pertussis is slowly rising setting the stage for an increase in number of new cases, especially in seniors.

2018-02-26 : FDA Statement Regarding Efforts to Improve Effectiveness of Influenza Vaccines : Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., on FDAs ongoing efforts to help improve effectiveness of influenza vaccines.

2016-03-15 : New SARS-like Virus WIV1-CoV May Cause Outbreak in Humans : New virus WIV1-CoV directly binds to the same human receptor as the 2002 SARS strain.

2015-01-14 : Influenza: Symptoms of Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock : Sepsis symptoms and risk factors, difference between severe sepsis and septic shock, and how sepsis is typically treated.

2014-12-29 : Seasonal Flu: H3N2 Influenza : H3N2 influenza is currently the most common strain of flu circulating in North America.

2014-05-02 : First Case of Coronavirus (MERS) Reaches United States : Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) confirmed in traveler to the United States.

2013-10-31 : SARS-like Coronavirus Found in Chinese Horseshoe Bats : EcoHealth Alliance announce the discovery of a new SARS like coronavirus (CoV) in Chinese horseshoe bats.

2013-05-11 : Potential for H3N2 Flu Pandemic : MIT study reveals there are many strains of H3N2 circulating in birds and pigs that have the potential to generate a pandemic if they leap to humans.

2013-01-25 : Respiratory Infections: Get a Flu shot and Vitamin D : To help prevention of flu and other upper respiratory infections after a flu shot make sure you have adequate levels of vitamin D.

2013-01-02 : Infectious Mononucleosis (Mono) : Mono often referred to as the kissing disease is transmitted through saliva, a sneeze or cough or by sharing a food utensil or a glass with someone who has the virus.

2012-12-30 : Dealing with Strep Throat : Information symptoms and treatment information for Strep Throat a disease that causes a sore throat.

2012-01-27 : Adenoviruses: Viruses That Affect Children and Adults : There are over 50 types of adenoviruses that are all immunologically distinct from each other and have the potential to cause infections in people.

2011-04-22 : New Flu Cure Shows Promise : Each year flu infects 3 to 5 million people worldwide and is responsible for 250-500,000 deaths according to the World Health Organization.

2011-01-03 : Pandemic Flu Planning Guide for Nursing Homes : Toolkit for Nursing Facilities provides nursing homes with a detailed assessment and flu planning tool.

2010-12-05 : Over-reactive Immune System Kills Young Adults During Pandemic Flu : Study findings suggest people are made critically ill or even killed by their own immune response.

2010-11-08 : Vapor Rub Treats Children with Cough and Congestion and Helps them Sleep Better : Applying a vapor rub is effective for treating children with night-time cough and congestion and improves sleep for children with cold symptoms.

2010-10-14 : Course of Action to Prepare for Colds and Influenza : Simple steps for households to take to help break the chain of germ transmission for colds and flu.

2010-10-04 : Tips to Keep Seniors Healthy During Flu Season : While the flu vaccination is now recommended for everyone adults age 65 and older are among the hardest hit by influenza.

2010-09-30 : Say Boo to the Flu - Americans Casting the Wrong Spells to Scare Away Seasonal Flu : Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expanded its seasonal flu vaccine recommendations to include everyone 6 months and older.

2010-09-20 : Free Flu Shot Vouchers for Uninsured Patients : Nearly 350 Community Clinics and Health Centers to Receive Free Flu Shot Vouchers For Their Uninsured Patients.

2010-09-08 : Free Flu Shots to Uninsured Patients of Community Clinics and Health Centers : Flu vaccinations are now available at all CVS pharmacy and MinuteClinic locations nationwide.

2010-09-01 : Flu Vaccinations Begin On October 1 : Influenza immunizations are the best way to prevent illness and subsequent medical problems caused by influenza in people of all ages.

2010-08-27 : Target to Serve as Prevention HQ this Flu Season : Nationwide retailer offers expert advice over-the-counter solutions and flu vaccines at the same low price.

2010-08-23 : Government Urges Flu Vaccinations this Year : After the H1N1 outbreak the government says everyone over the age of 6 months needs a flu shot in 2010.

2010-05-19 : Developing a Universal Flu Vaccine : Influenza vaccine could represent step towards universal influenza vaccine eliminating need for seasonal immunizations.

2010-04-09 : H5N1 Bird Flu and H1N1 Swine Flu Replikin Counts Increasing : Recent BioRadar analysis of both H5N1 and H1N1 indicates that the Replikin Count of both strains are rising.

2010-02-23 : Seasonal Outbreaks of Flu Linked to Dry Winters : Seasonal changes of absolute humidity are apparent underlying cause of winter influenza peaks.

2010-01-23 : Bacterial Super-infection after Influenza : Influenza may predispose to bacterial infections which account for significant proportion of mortality during flu pandemics.

2009-10-19 : Flu Risks for People with Arthritis and/or Rheumatic Disease : People with certain types of arthritis or autoimmune rheumatic disease have a higher risk of getting flu-related complications.

2009-10-02 : Influenza Vaccine Allergy Clinic : Mayo Clinic will offer an influenza vaccine allergy clinic beginning Monday Oct. 5.

2009-09-23 : Women Who are Pregnant Should Get Flu Shots : Pregnant women should get flu shots this year to protect them against seasonal flu and H1N1 Swine flu.

2009-09-15 : When Should I Receive a Flu Shot - Influenza Vaccine : Information on who and when you should get a influenza vaccine or flu shot including side effects and risks.

2009-07-24 : 1 in 6 Public Health Workers Unlikely to Respond in Pandemic Flu Emergency : Public health employees said they were unlikely to report to work during a pandemic emergency.

2009-07-07 : Influenza Monitoring by the US Military : Emerging infectious diseases led to the creation of the Department of Defense Global Emerging Infections Surveillance and Response System.

2009-04-26 : Cold and Flu Remedies or Get a Flu Shot? : Whether to take natural herbal cold and flu remedies or risk an adverse reaction to flu shots.

2009-04-26 : Flu Shot Reactions: Types & Precautions : Common flu shot reactions include swelling soreness and redness at the point of injection body aches and low grade fever.

2009-03-17 : Engineering Flu Vaccines : Tests of data from bird flu and seasonal flu outbreaks suggest their method can better gauge the efficacy of proposed vaccines than can tests used today.

2009-03-02 : Drug Resistant Influenza A Virus High Risk to Patients : Mutation of influenza A virus resistant to drug oseltamivir may pose a serious health threat to hospitalized patients with weakened immune system.

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