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Influenza and Colds Publications
Title of
Updated / Revised
Common Cold and Influenza Symptoms and Difference2019/12/132019/12/23
2018-2019 Flu Season and Vaccination PreparationAnnouncement2018/09/282024/05/31
Resurgence of Whooping Cough (Pertussis) in AmericaStudy2018/04/042023/09/19
FDA Statement Regarding Efforts to Improve Effectiveness of Influenza Vaccines2018/02/262019/12/13
Influenza: Symptoms of Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock2015/01/14
Seasonal Flu: H3N2 Influenza2014/12/292020/11/04
H3N2 Flu Pandemic Potential2013/05/112021/04/27
Respiratory Infections: Get a Flu shot and Vitamin D2013/01/25
Infectious Mononucleosis (Mono) Information2013/01/022021/06/12
Dealing with Strep Throat2012/12/302018/03/16
Adenoviruses: Viruses That Affect Children and Adults2012/01/272018/03/16
New Flu Cure Shows Promise2011/04/22
Pandemic Flu Planning Guide for Nursing Homes2011/01/03
Over-reactive Immune System Kills Young Adults During Pandemic Flu2010/12/05
Vapor Rub Treats Children with Cough and Congestion and Helps them Sleep Better2010/11/08
Course of Action to Prepare for Colds and Influenza2010/10/14
Tips to Keep Seniors Healthy During Flu Season2010/10/04
Say Boo to the Flu: Americans Casting Wrong Spells to Scare Away Seasonal Flu2010/09/302019/12/13
Free Flu Shot Vouchers for Uninsured Patients2010/09/20
Free Flu Shots to Uninsured Patients of Community Clinics and Health Centers2010/09/08
Flu Vaccinations Begin On October 12010/09/01
Target to Serve as Prevention HQ this Flu Season2010/08/27
Government Urges Flu Vaccinations this Year2010/08/232010/10/05
Developing a Universal Flu Vaccine2010/05/192016/06/13
H5N1 Bird Flu and H1N1 Swine Flu Replikin Counts Increasing2010/04/09
Seasonal Outbreaks of Flu Linked to Dry Winters2010/02/232010/06/26
Bacterial Super-infection after Influenza2010/01/232018/03/16
Flu Risks for People with Arthritis and/or Rheumatic Disease2009/10/192018/03/16
Influenza Vaccine Allergy Clinic2009/10/022010/10/05
Women Who are Pregnant Should Get Flu Shots2009/09/232010/06/26
When Should I Receive a Flu Shot (Influenza Vaccine)2009/09/152019/12/13
1 in 6 Public Health Workers Unlikely to Respond in Pandemic Flu Emergency2009/07/242017/10/27
Influenza Monitoring by the US Military2009/07/07
Cold and Flu Remedies or Get a Flu Shot?2009/04/262018/03/16
Flu Shot Reactions: Types and Precautions2009/04/262019/12/13
Engineering Flu Vaccines2009/03/17
Drug Resistant Influenza A Virus High Risk to Patients2009/03/02

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