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Flu Vaccinations Begin On October 1

Published: 2010-09-01
Author: Maxim Health Systems
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Synopsis: Influenza immunizations are the best way to prevent illness and subsequent medical problems caused by influenza in people of all ages. Maxim Health Systems to Provide More Than 30,000 Flu Shot Clinics Nationwide.

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Maxim Health Systems to Provide More Than 30,000 Flu Shot Clinics Nationwide.


Maxim Health Systems (MHS) today announced it will launch its annual influenza vaccination program on October 1 and will offer flu shots nationwide through more than 30,000 clinics.

"Influenza immunizations are the best way to prevent illness and subsequent medical problems caused by influenza in people of all ages," said Dr. W. John Langley, M.D., FAAP, Chief Medical Officer for Maxim Healthcare Services. "We believe that everyone who can, should get a flu shot, and we especially encourage those in high-risk categories to be immunized along with their family members."

Each year as many as 65 million Americans fall victim to influenza and flu-related complications, such as pneumonia. This results in approximately 200,000 hospitalizations and 36,000 deaths annually - more than the number of Americans who die from breast cancer and two to three times more than the amount of annual deaths from HIV/AIDS.(1)

This year, for the first time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is recommending everyone over six months of age receive a seasonal flu shot. The flu shot provides protection that lasts through the flu season and is updated annually to include current viruses. This year's vaccine combines seasonal flu and H1N1, which means everyone over the age of nine-years, will only require one dose of seasonal influenza vaccine.

However, children aged six months through eight years of age will need two doses of the vaccine if:

They are getting the vaccine for the first time, or

They have not received two doses of the seasonal flu vaccine in a previous year, or

They did not receive at least one dose of the 2009 H1N1 vaccine last year.

Even those who received H1N1 vaccine in 2009 need a 2010 seasonal influenza vaccine to ensure protection against other influenza strains expected to circulate this fall and winter.

"Influenza is a very serious illness that claims an estimated 36,000 lives each year," said Steve Pellito, National Director of Wellness Services for Maxim Health Systems. "It is not too early to think about flu prevention, and Maxim's web site will provide consumers with a wealth of resources including a flu shot locator."

Maxim Health System's Web site,, offers an online clinic locator tool to help users quickly locate nearby flu shot clinics based on their local zip code. The site will provide the address, driving directions, dates, and times for flu shots at local clinics. The clinic locator is also available on mobile devices at Through both the Web site and mobile devices, consumers can receive flu updates, schedule a flu shot reminder, and read a blog to follow flu news and trends as they happen. Consumers can also find a convenient clinic location over the phone at 877-962-9358.

Any participant with Medicare Part B coverage as their primary medical insurance will receive their shot with no co-pay. Some insurances are also accepted, in addition to cash or check. Maxim provides flu vaccines to children ages four and older, unless restricted by state regulation or law.

About Maxim Health Systems -Maxim Health Systems is a division of Maxim Healthcare Services, Inc. Established in 1996, Maxim Health Systems offers a full line of comprehensive wellness services to Corporate and retail clients, in addition to schools, senior living facilities, and physician offices. We provide a variety of services including immunization programs, health screenings and health fairs. Our flu vaccine program has administered more than 12 million immunizations in the last four years alone. Together with Maxim Healthcare Services, we have branch locations in most metropolitan areas across the nation. For more information contact us at Follow Maxim Healthcare Services on Twitter at @findaflushot.

(1) Poland, GA. 2007. New Approaches to Influenza Vaccine Production, 2007; 4-6.

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