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New Kyle Dine CD - Food Allergies Rock

Author: Kyle Dine(i)

Published: 2010-10-27 : (Rev. 2019-05-20)

Synopsis and Key Points:

Kyle Dine has released a new CD titled Food Allergies Rock for children with life-threatening food allergies.

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Food Allergies Rock! Musician Releases New CD for Children Affected by Allergies - Kyle Dine has released a new CD titled "Food Allergies Rock!" for children with life-threatening food allergies. The songs are meant to educate, support, and empower children with this condition.

Canadian performer and educator Kyle Dine is the world's first "Allergy Musician".

Dine's new CD, "Food Allergies Rock!", contains 14 sing-along songs that put a positive spin on food allergies.

The album will be released Wednesday, October 27th, with the U.S. launch being held at a food-allergy-friendly Halloween party in the New York City metro area on Sunday, October 31.

"Food Allergies Rock!" is the follow-up to Dine's breakthrough CD, "You Must Be Nuts!", which stayed near the top of the Galaxie children's radio charts for months in 2008.

Since releasing his first album, Dine has played at hundreds of schools across Canada and the U.S.

This past May, his performance in Texas was broadcast to 25,000 students across the state in a program which featured fellow allergy advocate and country music star Trace Adkins.

Having managed his own food allergies for over two decades, Dine is a firm believer that a positive outlook drastically reduces the risk of having an allergic reaction.

"The diagnosis of life-threatening food allergies can be quite daunting for a family, but the key is to understand the facts about staying safe and to empower the child to manage his or her own allergies." Through songs like "My Epineph-Friend" and "Able to Read a Label", Dine's music instills this confidence in a fun and engaging way.

"When children hear that having allergies is more common than they think, they feel self-assured and are less likely to engage in risk-taking behavior," says Dine. This attitude is evident in "I've Got Allergies Under Control", a cheerful, fiddle-laced stomp-along, where Dine sings: "So there's a few things I can't eat, no road's too tough for these two feet." The empowerment theme is even prominent on the CD cover, which features a cartoon cast of kids dressed as what they want to be when they grow up. It's only when you look closely you notice they're toting auto-injector pouches and wearing medical I.D. bracelets.

"Food Allergies Rock!" features special guest performances from several prominent children's musicians, including Mikel Gehl and Lisa Mathews of the Grammy-nominated band Milkshake. "My own son has several food allergies, and to hear Kyle rock out and sing with great specificity, humor and friendliness is a real comfort to our family," says Gehl.

With its music, message and artwork, Kyle Dine's "Food Allergies Rock!" is more than just a CD - it's proof that food allergies are manageable and can't stop children from achieving their dreams. On his last CD, Dine sang about "Epi-Man", a superhero who would swoop in to save the day. But to allergic fans everywhere, the real superhero isn't a fictional character, it's Dine himself.

"Food Allergies Rock! is a great holiday gift for any allergic child.

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